QEG is a Scam


Given not one QEG generator has been built that can demonstrate any excess energy or overunity I have no option but to call this for what it is ” FRAUD” Fraud I thought I would let this one digest for a few months. No deadline has been met. Not one independent replication or verification has …

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Hydrogen vs Electric Car


With the promise over a decade ago that the hydrogen car was the future finally, the first available car to the public finally goes on sale. The electric car on the other hand is taking of worldwide. The biggest problem for the new Toyota is finding fuel, unless your making your own at home. If …

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Solar Power Enhanced With “Gold Nanocluster” Technology


Scientists at Western University have discovered that a small molecule created with just 144 atoms of gold can increase solar cell performance by more than 10 per cent. These findings, published recently by the high-impact journal Nanoscale, represent a game-changing innovation that holds the potential to take solar power mainstream and dramatically decrease the world’s …

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World Wide Web of Rubbish!


The End is Neigh! (A missive of wasted time by alpcns) As I was somewhat routinely annoying myself on the internet, as usual amazed and sometime even astounded at the quantity and quality of the monumental rubbish and nonsense, I came past a couple of characters who – of course – immediately accused me of …

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Big Oil To Invest In Renewable Energy

big oil

In a sign of the changing times the Rockefeller family are to sell oil interests to reinvest into clean energy. This kills one of the myths that big oil will suppress clean or free energy. I often hear about suppression of free energy or fuel saving devices. Maybe a few years ago this was the …

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Water Based Nuclear Battery


I am not going to get into a debate about the pros and cons of nuclear energy and its potential dangers. Apart from the Thorium argument I am really unqualified to comment on such issues. I however can see some benefits of a nuclear battery in some applications. The following story was sourced from the …

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Solar Cooker That Runs At Night

solar cooker

I have always like the idea of solar cookers. They have one major drawback.  you need to sun to cook. Adopting the principles from the solar thermal industry where salt is used to store heat a solar cooker can now cook 24 hours per day. Countless people across the developing world still cook their food …

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PolyPlus LiAir and Li-H2O Batteries

download (67)

The billions of dollars a year in battery research is being undertaken as everyone knows the big payoff for transportation and energy storage. If you had an electric car that could run 1000 miles between charges then this would bring about a major paradigm shift in consumer spending habits. The LiAir and Li-H2O battery development …

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$20 Million for QMoGen Demonstration

images (55)

  The good people from the XPRIZE may put up $20 million USD to the first team that can produce ‘substantive energy generation’ from an ‘entirely new method’ twice in two weeks. This should be really easy for the 50 or more QMoGen devices claiming free energy. Unlike what has been announced in other media …

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NET’s Solar Window Update

New Energy Technologies – Columbia, MD has made huge progress on their venture to commercialize the patented Solar Window. Since our last story on NET, they have progressed to models well beyond labratory tests and have had independent testing performed by and a certification issued from the National Renewable Energy Labratory (NREL). The Solar Window tested by …

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Asteroid Mining – Becoming Reality

New Picture

The prospects of a robotic manufacturing base operating off Earth is not as far-fetched an idea as it used to be. Advances in robotics and remote manufacturing in the form of 3-D printing offer some tantalizing prospects for future designers to consider as they map out the ways to explore and use resources in the solar system. Also, private companies are establishing goals and abilities to use resources available near Earth. Rapid progress is being made toward developing a self-sustaining, space-based industry that would use resources from asteroids and other celestial bodies to meet the needs of Earth.

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Hydrogen Production Preakthrough

images (54)

  Whilst we look on with some amusement to nonsensical SHT Hydrogen claims, the real scientists have taken a major step forward in the production of hydrogen from water which will assist in the quest towards cheap, clean and renewable energy. Chemists from the University of Glasgow report in a new paper in Science today  on …

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