Hydrogen Production Preakthrough

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  Whilst we look on with some amusement to nonsensical SHT Hydrogen claims, the real scientists have taken a major step forward in the production of hydrogen from water which will assist in the quest towards cheap, clean and renewable energy. Chemists from the University of Glasgow report in a new paper in Science today  on …

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A paradigm change


Thanks to Harry Veeder for a heads-up on this one. Professor Dan Sheehan has been talking for a while about how the Second Law of Thermodynamics isn’t so much a Law as a rule of thumb, and he’s now got some pretty good data to demonstrate that he’s right. Go have a look at http://jointheparadigm.com/ …

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Supersonic Underwater Travel


  China has moved a step closer to creating a supersonic submarine that could travel across the Pacific in less than two hours. I am not sure why anyone would want to do this, and wonder what happens if you hit a big fish (like a 20 ton whale) at 2000 miles per hour. New …

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Cheap Solar – Phillipine’s Economic Impact

Phillipine Solar Sources

Cheap, cheaper, cheapest, Amid news that China’s production output of solar panels is going to double before 2017 (so expect further price reductions) and the news that major corporations such as Apple, Verizon, Google, UPS, Walmart, Kohl’s, IKEA, and GM are investing heavily in solar, here’s some more good news for those enthusiastic about energy …

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Cosmic Friction – why things may not go on forever


Cosmic Friction – why things may not go on forever I like to tweak peoples’ tails now and again. This one comes from thinking about whether some of the things we were taught and take for granted are fully true or have some slight inaccuracies. The ancient Greeks thought that a constant force applied to …

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Energy From Sound


  Charging mobile phones and other small electronic devices  with sound could become a reality, according to a new collaboration between scientists from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) and Microsoft. The team used the key properties of zinc oxide, a material that when squashed or stretched creates a voltage by converting energy from motion into …

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The Great Shooting Gallery

New Picture

The Rumor No, I am not referring to the great c%$p shoot, which is the Internet, but the big cosmic shooting gallery. At least parts of the Internet are at the moment abuzz with a meteorite impact – found, complete with crater, if the rumors are correct – which according to some, may have broken …

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Perpetual Energy LCC “Joule Box”

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  I decided on my recent birthday I would exercise and write everyday. My absence encouraged others to come forward including Ken, Simon and Andre and contribute many informative and entertaining articles. That is a good thing. In regards to other “Free Energy” developments during my absence, I see the good people in Morocco are …

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Unlimited Electricity (not)


OK, after the little bit of real Free Energy, here’s some bunk for you. Thanks to Steven Vincent Johnson (of Vortex-l) for the heads-up. I’ll refer you to someone else’s write-up for this at http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/09/prweb12146947.htm  and quote a bit here: Unlimited Electricity’s Newest Power Generator Will Fit Inside a Duffel Bag Energy innovation company Unlimited …

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Robert Murray-Smith – Painting Energy From the Ambient


This seems to be a somewhat dead time as regards new announcements and comments, but I’ve just come across Robert Murray-Smith who’s been quietly working open-source on getting energy from what’s around us. Whereas most people make claims and never deliver a working device, Robert is testing things out and showing things working. It’s worth …

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Dandelion Rubber – Time to bounce


Time to Bounce This is just a snippet of interesting information. It seems that rubber-trees are now somewhat endangered since we use so much rubber, so people are looking around for other sources in the natural world. I’m sure you’ll have seen the cheaper polyurethane tyres and found that the grip is somewhat minimal – …

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Hemp – The Graphene Contender


  Hemp, the controversial plant. Hemp, commonly referred to as the high growth variants of the Canabis plant and its products. Illegalized in the US for its close relation to the marijuana plant, has often been the focus of many hippy and naturalist movements. While the plant has it’s many uses such as hemp seed …

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