Weed Provides Cheap Solar Solution

Before all the people from California and Colorado get excited this is a different type of weed namely one found in Africa called  Mimosa Pudica
I have reproduced most of the original text as is as I feel some of the meanings may be lost in …

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Another Questionable Motor Generator Demo Video

Once again we have another motor/gen claim this time out of Romania. One thing in their favor is they have invited people to come and test and inspect the machine for themselves. Having done that a few times in the past I will pass on that th…

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Solar and wind innovation with booming patents

Innovation in solar, wind and other renewable power is booming worldwide, especially in China, and is now eclipsing that in fossil fuels

According to a recent article in USA Today: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/10/12/sol…

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The new oil fields could be solar and wind farms powering refineries producing synthetic fuel from air, water and electricity. Sunfire who has Audi as a partner has demonstration rig in Dresden Germany. It is the only one of its kind worldwide and has produced the first litres of synthetic diesel which do not contain any sulphur or fossil oil 

Synthetic Diesel
Sunfire, is a developer  of high-temperature fuel cells and reversible electrolysers. Recently it announced that the company succeede…

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Optics Breakthrough Demonstrates New Behaviors in Physics.

 This in my opinion is one of the most important stories I have ever come across. Not because  of this application or demonstration but the possibility of broader implications in other fields of science. It also nice to see a theory manifest.
Applying the principles of PT symmetry leads optics to a completely different set of behaviors not predicted by conventional physics with only loss or only gain. The phenomena that occur at the “phase transition” are dramatic and hitherto unexpected,
At S…

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Interactive Magnetic Oscillation

The Claim:

Terawatt Research LLC is developing interactive magnetic oscillation prototypes, with the aim of producing power for the production of electricity. At present, Interactive Magnetic Oscillation (IMO) has been demonstrated and resul…

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Liquid Thorium May Soon Fuel the Planet



Here is a video made by Kirk Sorensen that shows the benefits of using Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors. We’ve posted before on novel nuclear waste reactors that use liquid salt to contain the radioactive fuels and the safety benefits of using super-cooled emergency drain systems that automatically drain nuclear fuel to underground storage tank in the event of a catastrophic power failure such as the one in Fukushima.

In these reactor designs, the fuel is in the form of a …

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First Electric Super Capacitor Vehicle



Yangzhou Yaxing Motor Coach officially launched its super capacitor bus in June. Yaxing’s new model can be charged in eight minutes to run 18 km and is able to dispense 100,000 recharge cycles.

The figures are hardly a breakthr…

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Iraq Oil Industry Looking for Sustainable & Green Applications for Oil

Iraqi Oil and Gas Industry: Searching for a Sustainable Future
For many years, Iraq was one of the most lucrative regions the world had to offer. With oil fields in abundance, its resources were in high demand. However, due to unexpected circumstances including war and national turmoil, these regions were abandoned due to safety issues when jihadist insurgents infiltrated the aforementioned oil fields and many of the world’s major players had to pull out of the region.

However, with …

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Forum Goes Live

We finally launched the forum as a service to our many readers. There are many forums out there such as Overunity.com we also suggest you look at. Many others are listed under our media links. We are happy for a…

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According to Advance Microgrid Solutions: AMS’s Hybrid-Electric BuildingsTM  deploys large networks of battery systems in targeted buildings where electric utilities need grid support. AMS can seamlessly shift an entire fleet of buildings from grid power to... read more

Server Transition

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Go Fly a Kite: Makani Wind Power

Go Fly a Kite: Makani Wind Power

I like this idea of a wind powered turbine in the form of a kite. The only question I have  is how much management is required, like when the wind stops. It also looks a little fragile   Makani Wind Power Power-generating kites are far more sophisticated than toy... read more
The search for dark matter and dark energy

The search for dark matter and dark energy

It is claimed only about 5% of the universe consists of ordinary matter such as protons and electrons, with the rest being filled with mysterious substances known as dark matter and dark energy. So far, scientists have failed to detect these elusive materials, despite... read more


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