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The Video is a emotive classic. I was asked by a reader my thoughts. This is a typical campaign using conspiracy ,half truths and plain old BS.  DO NOT BUY ! I am sure the QEG people could be inspired by this. Background (The Claims) The Video is really over the top and I laughed …

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Gravity Powered Light

gravity power

This light powered by gravity uses energy from falling weight to illuminate homes without electricity. Unlike recent gravity/buoyancy energy claims emanating out of Germany recently, this a real technology that will benefit many.   We covered this previously when they raised around 400,000 USD to build prototypes. I had a few reservations regarding the the fact you …

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Magnetism Can Control Heat, Sound

magnetism 4

Ohio State University researchers prove magnetism can control heat, sound,    Phonons–the elemental particles that transmit both heat and sound–have magnetic properties, according to a landmark study supported by Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC) services and recently published by a researcher group from The Ohio State University. In a recent issue of the journal Nature Materials, the …

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The highly touted sodium-oxygen battery

sodium air battery

Chemists at the University of Waterloo have discovered the key reaction that takes place in a sodium-oxygen battery that could pave the way for development of the so-called holy grail of electro-chemical energy storage. Researchers from the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology, led by Professor Linda Nazar who holds the Canada Research Chair in Solid State …

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Wasted cell phone RF energy, feeds back to battery

battery 10

This in many ways sound illogical and I am sure will create a few comments. New technology developed at The Ohio State University makes cell phone batteries last up to 30 percent longer on a  single charge. The patented circuitry converts some of the radio signals (RF Energy) emanating from a phone into direct current (DC) …

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Algenol Could Hold The Answers To Future Fuel

Scientist and engineers at Algenol believe that their patented technology will enable the production of ethanol, gasoline, diesel and jet fuel for just $1.30 per gallon, at annual production levels of 8,000 total gallons of liquid fuel per acre. That is about 10x output of any other bio fuel The recent drop in crude oil prices and …

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Dr Gerald Pollack : A New Form Of Water

I am always delighted to get emails from readers, Water is still a mystery in many ways. Peter K Campbell sent me an email sharing a review of Dr Gerald Pollack’s work. He has kindly allowed me to share this  Anomalous Properties of Water Peter K Campbell I’ve been listening to some podcasts by Dr …

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Low Cost Radio Antenna With Graphene Ink


Scientists have moved graphene a significant step along the path from lab bench novelty to commercially viable material for new electronic applications. Researchers from the University of Manchester, together with BGT Materials Limited, a graphene manufacturer in the United Kingdom, have printed a radio frequency antenna using compressed graphene ink. The antenna performed well enough …

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Living in a Time of Breakthrough Energy Tech

I recently did another interview with Time Monk Radio Network.  “Living in a Time of Breakthrough Energy Tech — The Plane Truth” I would recommend skipping the first 20 minutes where I talk about water technologies, but we have a good conversation about what is happening in the world of energy and its impacts on …

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New Class of Swelling Magnets


Shedding new light on 175-year-old principle: New class of swelling magnets have the potential to energize the world This transformative breakthrough has the potential to not only displace existing technologies but create altogether new applications due to the unusual combination of magnetic properties. “Our findings fundamentally change the way we think about a certain type …

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Thermo-Electric Behavior by ‘Tinkertoy’ Materials

thermo electric 10

Sandia National Laboratories researchers have made the first measurements of thermo-electric behavior by a nanoporous metal-organic framework (MOF), a development that could lead to an entirely new class of materials for such applications as cooling computer chips and cameras and energy harvesting. “These results introduce MOFs as a new class of thermoelectric materials that can …

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Kitchen Table Regulates Apartment Temperature


  Consisting simply of a surface and legs, the kitchen table is one piece of furniture that has remained largely the same for thousands of years. French design duo has come up with a way to turn the humble table into a means of climate control that doesn’t use any electricity. It is really an old …

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