HyperSciences looking to drill for geothermal power using ram accelerator


Washington State based drilling technology company HyperSciences, headed by aeronautical engineer Mark Russell has applied for a patent on a new type of ram accelerator that would be used to blast very deep holes in the ground—to access geothermal resources. I can really relate to this story as my farther and grandfather were well drillers …

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Dedicated to All the Honest Inventors

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I always value readers views even if they are different from mine. I had the following letter sent to me and felt it worthy of publishing Dedicated to all the honest inventors. Truth may be hidden or suppressed by the disbeliever but its validity remains unchanged. It is generally considered to be a fact that …

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The Mexican KPP Buoyancy Machine

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Mexican company generates energy by Archimedes Principle I viewed the following post on our site  and many thanks to Gabriel. It seem like Sterling and Stuart will soon have competition over the border. Post by  GabrielJM : Seems like lot other people around the globe wants to take “advantage($$$$)” of Kinetic Power plant “technology”, in Mexico …

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Brewtroleum lets your car burn beer byproduct


You can now all get actively involved to help save the planet and drink more beer. DB Breweries has just launched a new biofuel that allows motorists in New Zealand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by drinking beer. The brewery has joined  with Gull, the leading producers of biofuels in New Zealand, to make 98-octane …

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Energy harvesting from self-induced flutter of a composite beam


In an attempt to harvest the kinetic energy of airflow, researchers have demonstrated the ability to harvest energy directly from the vibrations of a flexible, piezoelectric beam placed in a wind tunnel.   While the general approach to harvesting energy from these “aeroelastic” vibrations is to attach the beam to a secondary vibrating structure, such …

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Global Population Growth Compared to Energy Use


Ending 400-year trend, global population growth has begun to catch up with energy consumption during past 50 years. Will this restrict population growth? UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-LINCOLN If you’ve lived between the year 1560 and the present day, more power to you. Literally. That’s one of several conclusions reached by University of Nebraska-Lincoln ecologist John DeLong, …

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Magnetic material unnecessary to create spin current

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“What he found–that you don’t need a magnetic material to create spin current from insulators” Sometimes I come across a story out of left field that opens up so many doors. I hope you enjoy this one It doesn’t happen often that a young scientist makes a significant and unexpected discovery, but postdoctoral researcher Stephen …

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SHT’s Hydrogen Generation the Truth Revealed

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I have decided to update this story as it appears PESN has reached the same conclusion that most of the hydrogen came from a aluminium, water reaction. Quoting Sterling Allen: Link: http://pesn.com/2015/07/26/9602642_Constantine-no-longer-with-SHT__reaction-primarily-chemical/ However, I am very upset that all this time they were talking about how many times overunity they are, strictly from the vantage point …

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Smarter Windows Materials Can Control Light and Energy


Researchers in the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin are one step closer to delivering smarter windows with a new level of energy efficiency They are engineering materials that allow windows to reveal light without transferring heat and, conversely, to block light while allowing heat transmission, as described in two …

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Boosting mileage by turning engine heat into electricity

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Automakers are looking for ways to improve their fleets’ average fuel efficiency, and scientists may have a new way to help them. Turning heat into electricity using new thermoelectric materials is prommising,   In a report in the journal ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, one team reports the development of a material that could convert …

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Sticky tape & phosphorus the key to ultrathin solar cells

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AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL UNIVERSITY Scientists studying thin layers of phosphorus have found surprising properties that could open the door to ultrathin and ultralight solar cells and LEDs. The team used sticky tape to create single-atom thick layers, termed phosphorene, in the same simple way as the Nobel-prize winning discovery of graphene. Unlike graphene, phosphorene is a …

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$1 Trillion solar, wind finance to outstrip oil and gas industry

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The RenewEconomy Free Daily News Letter is one of my favorite reads. Giles Parkinson is a well respected writer in the renewable energy Industry. I thought I would grab a couple of articles from their collection as a means of introduction. $1 trillion solar, wind finance to outstrip oil and gas industry By Giles Parkinson on 20 July 2015 Listed …

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