Watson – IBM Artificial Intelligence Impacts Science

Elementary, my dear Watson As a big fan of NASA, many wouldn’t be surprised that some are big fans of science fiction as well – yours truly included. Many would instantly recognize the – in earlier times – big hulking computers with many “blinkenlights” depicted in movies, positronic master “brains” with amazing capabilities, capacity, efficiency …

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NASA Research Yields New, Powerful and Green Fuel


Hydrazine has been the fuel of choice for many aeronautics and astronautics applications for many decades. It is immensily powerful and has many other – industrial – applications. Unfortunately, hydrazine is also highly toxic and dangerously unstable unless handled in solution. Hydrazine (N2H4) found early use as a fuel, but it was quickly replaced by …

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Carlos Barrera geared turbine engine

Gearturbine Inside View Conduits and Turbos

For a while now, Carlos Barrera has been sending us here at R-G emails about his geared turbine engine design. He’s had it patented (in Mexico) since 1991 and somehow doesn’t seem to have found someone to buy the idea and use it. Personally, I think that there are good reasons for that unwillingness to …

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Thoughts on the Proell Effect and similar ideas


We’ve been somewhat short on content for a while, but at this moment Mark Goldes and Ken Rauen are coming back to trying to get free work from ambient energy (and of course free money from donations). I don’t particularly want rants on the status of Aesop as replies here – we all know that …

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Ambri – Liquid Metal Battery for Grid Storage Update

Ambri's grid-storage battery uses liquid metals as the anode and cathode.

It’s been a while since we covered this story and I though it would be good to provide a quick update. Ambri has separated from MIT and embarked on their own ventures. Since the split they have made several improvements to their liquid metal battery(LMB). Ambri is now in the market specifically to mitigate the negative effects of …

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Tobacco As Fuel – Not All Smoke


Tobacco: not all is smoke It is no secret that tobacco has not exactly a good reputation anymore. Once, many moons ago, tobacco was seen as a cure for all kinds of illnesses, and even beneficial for health. However since the 1950′s and 1960′s tobacco was delegated to the role of the Darth Vader of …

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Toyota – 10 Fuel Cell Myths Debunked


Many readers have seen the rapid rise of the Tesla Motors company and it’s rising star Elon Musk. His work with SpaceX and Tesla motors has more than proven his genius. He is also quick to speak his mind and does not hold back. This was apparent in an address to a group of enthusiasts …

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Faulty Logic 101


The C%$p detector   I am not sure if it is true, but it has been said that Ernest Hemingway once remarked that everybody should have a sensitive and well-developed c%$p detector. The problem is of course that these days people are subjected to so much c%$p that many have become completely insensitive to it, …

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Solar Cells That Self Cool Boosting Power And Lasting Longer

  Researchers at the Stanford University in California have found a way to cool practically any solar panel on the market by just adding a layer of silica glass to the surface of an existing solar panel.     Stanford’s electrical engineering professor Shanhui Fan is leading a team of researchers that may have solved …

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Three Cheers For Apollo!


Three cheers for Apollo! (and why the ^%$$*@ have we not been back yet?) “On July 20, 1969, at about four minutes before 10:00pm Central Daylight Time, former naval aviator and test pilot Neil Armstrong became the first human being to stand on the surface of the Moon. About 20 minutes later, he was followed …

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Lightning Energy Storage System

download (66)

  Thanks to Zig for this lead. Sometimes I think there is a fine line between sanity and insanity. I am not sure of the economics or practicality of this patent, but I guess it was a matter of time before someone thought it worth while covering.    In the patent it explains that a …

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Ryden Dual Carbon Battery

download (65)

  This is a good story I am visiting for a second time. It represents many new battery technologies that are emerging and could have a huge impact on transport. This is one of the more serious attempts.   The Ryden dual carbon battery, developed by Power Japan Plus, is a new, more sustainable, safer, …

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