Renewable Propane

Propane in many parts of the world is away of life. Here in the Philippines it is used by most households including mine. Rather than converting to ot…

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The role of Free Energy Devices in an Energy Revolution

After years of hype and no results the impact  of Free Energy Devices in the future energy mix will be minimal given the uptake of and investm…

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Harvesting renewable energy from Earth’s infrared emissions


“Sunlight has energy, so photovoltaics make sense; you’re just collecting the energy. But it’s not really that simple, and capturing energy …

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Water Powered Air Compressor 1890's

Often solutions from the past can be applied in new ways today. Thanks to Ken  Rasmussen who sent me a link to the following. I am sure this will insp…

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Free Energy By Simon Derricutt

Free Energy by Simon Derricutt

I suppose I was around 12 years old when I built my first “free energy” device. An aerial wire, a coil, a variable cap…

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Experimenter Weekly: Zero Fossil Fuel


Every weekend we will feature “The Experimenter Of The Week” as a tribute to the hundreds of enthusiasts around the world that are tryin…

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