New big battery in Japan 50MW/300MWh


I am not sure about the equivalent in car batteries but it is a lot. The struggle is to economically accommodate the increasing number of grid connected solar systems. This is one of many steps being taken by utility companies in Japan to assist. Sadly they still intend to build new nuclear power plants as …

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Solar Vortex


This is a simple concept that promises to generate electricity in an economical way using a solar vortex generated wind. It also looks like a fun project to experiment with. Pictured left  is a model of a generator being developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology that  takes advantage of natural air movements in hot areas. …

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New Stanford energy system cuts fossil fuel 65 percent


New Stanford energy system cuts greenhouse gas emissions 68 percent and fossil fuel 65 percent Stanford University has converted to a state-of-the-art energy system that relies on renewable electricity and provides a new transnational energy supply model for large organizations, utilities and governments. The university today announced a new agreement to provide the majority of …

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Rosch KPP Prototype Buoyancy Generator Update

The only question now is not if it is a scam or not, but how long it will take Stuart and Sterling to wake up at PESWIKI. This is one eye witness account (translated from German) As a result I updated my assessment to Scam Alert. A first visit report by: . I was there …

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Revolution-Green Resources and Support Page – Update

After 3 years of running this website, networking, researching, and making new friends every day in the energy research world; I’ve come to realize the difficulty of solving our energy crisis is not always the lack of ideas or desire; but it is most often the lack of resources, education,  time out of everyday life, and/or …

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​NTU and TUM Design Electric Taxi

electric taxi

EVA’s fast-charging battery system is able to give it a range of up to 200 kilometres with just a 15-minute recharge. Despite having to house a large battery pack, EVA is actually 150kg lighter than other comparable-sized taxis due to its lightweight carbon-fibre composites. Named EVA, the electric taxi is built by TUM CREATE, a …

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Antenna Using Insulating Material

  Up to now, no one fully understood why a piece of dielectric material would radiate EM waves when a radio frequency signal was applied at one end. Now researchers have found a way to reduce the size of GHz antennas by modifying an existing technique, the use of antennas made from a dielectric or insulating material instead …

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  PROJECT MOTORBRAIN PRESENTS WORLD’S FIRST HIGHLY-INTEGRATED RARE EARTH-FREE SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR   Researchers from one of Europe’s largest e-mobility projects have successfully realized a fully-integrated electric vehicle drivetrain without the need for costly rare earths in the permanent magnet synchronous motor. A prototype will be presented to the international coil winding and electrical manufacturing community …

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Japanese Maglev Train Hits 603kph


Central Japan Railway Company’s  Maglev (Magnetic Levitation) bullet train broke the world record and reached a speed of 603kph during a test run in Yamanashi. The company already held the previous world record, set in in 2003 with its MLX01 maglev train.  The seven-car maglev train – short for magnetic levitation – hit a top speed …

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nathan pic 1

Revolution-Green would like to encourage all inventors and energy enthusiasts to contribute their ideas and theories to the site. I invited Nathan to do so and he clearly states ” As a disclaimer, I will say that I have not actually built a complete perpetual motion machine.” I may not agree with his analysis and …

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Artificial Photosynthesis

nl-2015-01254c_0003 (1)

  A  game-changing breakthrough in artificial photosynthesis has been achieved with the development of a system that can capture carbon dioxide emissions before they are vented into the atmosphere and then, powered by solar energy, convert that carbon dioxide into valuable chemical products, including biodegradable plastics, pharmaceutical drugs and even liquid fuels. Scientists with the …

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Alternative Traction Drives for Electric Vehicles

KIT RaceIng

The following story is a press release, which I thought was good enough to run as a story Dr. Martin Doppelbauer, chair of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Helmholtz Research Center for hybrid and electric vehicles, will use his seminar at CWIEME Berlin to reveal three alternative electric motor designs together with their test …

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