Clean energy financing by the world’s development banks increased 19% last year to break through the $100bn-a-year barrier for the first time. 

The best indication of growth in the renewable energy sector is studying the fiance of new clean energy…

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MFMP Seeks Input on Their "New Fire" Campaign

The MFMP(Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project) team has posted on their blog announcing they intend to start a fundraising campaign to setup demonstration set-ups at internationally respected competent Institutions. MFMP has replic…

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World’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Project In Opperation

 NRG Solar, LLC, today announced that the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is now operational and delivering solar electricity to California customers. At full capacity, the facility’s trio of 450-foot high towers produces a gross tot…

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Spheromaks: Plasma Ball Lightning Generator & Tesla Coils

This is my Easter entertainment treat for you all, especially the videos. I received it as part of an email for a crowd funding campaign to release a book. At least, even if you think this is all pixie dust, he is only seeking $2400 and $10 g…

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QEG and the Hopegirl Saga Update

During my break from Revolution-Green I received a lot of correspondence regarding the QEG Hopegirl saga. I believe its time to call this for what it is “A Scam”. I call on James Robitaille to come forward and clearly state if he has a self r…

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Nano-Cookery DIY Experiment

Nano Cookery Class: Colorful Thermometer DIY Experiment
(By alpcns)

Recently I have been extolling the virtues and wonders of nanotechnology. Noted and highly respected fellow negativist, Simon, suggested that we should do something more nano: wh…

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Motorcycles That Run On Water

This is a brief compilation of videos that claim Motorcycles running on water. The latest from Brazil which runs on hydrogen derived from water, but an external power source to power it.
It is very possible to assist a motorcycle with HHO or hydroge…

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Open Sourced QEG generator: Show Me The Data!

I often wonder what motivates people to make claims of new free energy technologies. This is another example of a lot of claims without any independent data to support those claims.  I admire the effort, but this is 100% BS

Some on…

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Steorn's New Power Cube Demo

As mentioned before I am travelling and just putting up articles of interest. This one will have the interest of many of you who remember te grand failure of the Steorn’s Orbo Public demonstration.

Steorn Orbo ‘Power Cube’ Demo – From Friday at Slat…

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EM field claimed to warp space

The two experiments shown in the video may or may not support the theory being proposed.  I will let the Physicists argue this one out.


 Spacewarp Dynamics LLC have :

  • Proposed a method of stretching space in a wave which would in theory cause the fabric of space ahead of a spacecraft to contract and the space behind it to expand.
  • The ship would ride this wave inside a region known as a warp bubble of flat space.
  • Since the ship is not moving within this bubble, but carried along as the region itself moves, conventional relativistic effects such as time dilation do not apply in the way they would in the case of a ship moving at high velocity through flat space-time.
  • Also, this method of travel does not actually involve moving faster than light in a local sense, since a light beam within the bubble would still always move faster than the ship; it is only “faster than light” in the sense that, thanks to the contraction of the space in front of it, the ship could reach its destination faster than a light beam restricted to travelling outside the warp bubble.
  • Thus, the Alcubierre drive does not contradict the conventional claim that relativity forbids a slower-than-light object to accelerate to faster-than-light speeds.
  • However, there are no known methods to create such a warp bubble in a region that does not already contain one, or to leave the bubble once inside it, so the Alcubierre drive remains a hypothetical concept at this time.
Professor Pares (Nebraska State) shows two experiments to demo the
“compression of space”   caused by 650 watt
EM field  patterned in a certain way at a certain frequency.
4 minute video of two short experiments:
(As the device is powered up,  it supposedly causes target region
to distort so that a laser beam going through the region will have its
path altered.
In second demo,  the target region is compressed and this twists a
torsion bar that is enclosed in glass.)
He is building device #14 at this time with 2000 watts of power output.
Warning:  the physics community does not think much of his work.
He says with device #14  there will be enough Newtons of force
generated to lift a small object, and the physics community will
become more interested.
See facebook page for latest on the results:
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Photonic Sintering

Photonic Sintering

Often a new way of manufacturing or a process opens the doors to dozens of breakthroughs. This is one in particular I think will have a big impact in solar, battery and energy storage technologies. Engineers at Oregon State University have made a fundamental... read more
New thermoelectric material

New thermoelectric material

Adding sodium produces material that is more efficient at converting heat to electricity In the production of power, nearly two-thirds of energy input from fossil fuels is lost as waste heat. Industry is hungry for materials that can convert this heat to useful... read more
Resonance! – We Have it Tesla Style

Resonance! – We Have it Tesla Style

Those who know me are aware that I have a passion for paleolithic electronics: the older the better. I am fascinated by old computers, old radios – you know, the really old stuff. Typical old geezer stuff. Old transistors, old vacuum tubes, big transformers. Just... read more


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