African Solar to Power UK Homes

solar africa

This is one of the most ambitious solar projects of recent times aiming to generate over 2000 Megawatts of power in African deserts and disribute it through the European Grid. According to a recent press release, TuNur project will provide clean energy to more than 2.5 million homes, creating double the energy of UK’s nuclear …

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QEG: It Never was OU, Just Confusion

I decided to post the following video as it was an attempt by the Canadian Group to explain the current situation. We (the skeptics) were just confused as it was never an over unity device even with resonance. The claims we all read were really just a figment of our imagination.  We are also told …

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Coconuts To Store Hydrogen?

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Perhaps I have been in the tropics too long. I might have watched one too many episodes of Gilligan’s island. Researchers from India’s Benaras Hindu University have used coconut kernels (pictured) to store hydrogen. They say the material is plentiful, cheap and easily be converted into carbon. Their experiments found that carbon from coconut kernels have …

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Nanowonders – An Introduction to Nanotechnology


Why Size Indeed Matters Despite the best efforts – and constant “improvement” – of some of us humans to slaughter and kill on a horrible scale for the most idiotic of “reasons”, humanity, perhaps against all odds, has continued to survive, thrive, and (hence) grow rapidly. Not spiritually or in intellect, perhaps, but in mere …

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QEG: When All Hope Fades


It appears that the crowd funding gravy train for Hope Moore and the QEG team is finally slowing up as can be seen by the latest crowd funding efforts. First cab of the rack is the Indiegogo campaign run by Hope’s sister. It has a goal of $150,000 and so far has raised $20 after …

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Free Energy: Vortex Based Mathematics

This is purely for your entertainment. I do buy into the argument or logic. But there again I am no mathematician.  This has been sent to me in various incarnations by many of our readers over the last few months. So I felt it did have some entertainment value. Randy Powell makes a lot of …

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Lockheed Claims breakthrough Fusion Energy

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According to an article on their website, Lockheed Martin Corp claims it had made a technological breakthrough in developing a power source based on nuclear fusion, and the first reactors, small enough to fit on the back of a truck, could be ready for use in a decade. Tom McGuire, who heads the project, said he …

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Electrically Conductive Plastics for Batteries, Solar cells


An emerging class of electrically conductive plastics called “radical polymers” may bring low-cost, transparent solar cells, flexible and lightweight batteries, and ultra thin anti static coatings for consumer electronics and aircraft. Researchers have established the solid-state electrical properties of one such polymer, called PTMA, which is about 10 times more electrically conductive than common semiconducting polymers.”It’s a polymer glass …

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Andrea Rossi Interview

The following was sent to me by John Maguire who I have the greatest respect for.  I thought it was worthwhile to hear from the horses mouth. Given the misleading statements made in past interviews (like the robot  factory in Florida) I have my own opinion. However here at Revolution-Green we like you to come …

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Small Wind – an explanation from Hagen Ruff


Why is there so much confusion about “Small Wind”? Have you ever noticed energy blogs or articles about small wind turbines comparing them directly with big wind technology and solar? I am writing this article to provide a little background on where small wind turbines can be very successful and where they make absolutely no …

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70% Recharged In Just Two Minutes

While the Rossi Circus is about to pack up the tent for another season the real science continues. Why I like this particular battery development is not so much for the fast charging but the potential of a 20 year lifespan. One of the largest failures of battery technology to make an impact on grid storage …

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Capacitive Power Coupler & Capacitive Machine

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I am always looking out for innovation and ways of improving motor and generator technology. C-Motive technologies have developed two technologies that will assist in the efficient operation and cost effectiveness of motors and generators. According to their  website C-Motive’s machines run on the principles of  “Capacitive Power Conversion,” which engineers historically viewed as inferior …

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