QEG and the Hopegirl Saga Update

    This idea really appeals to me having spent a lot of time in polluted Asian cities. Even places like Salt Lake City in Utah which suffers from temperature inversions locking in the smog and dust could benefit. In all these cities there is no shortage of billboards. The following has been translated with some edits an notes attached.


    panel aire 2Scientists at the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) in Peru have developed an advertising panel that combines creativity, innovation and caring environment. The panel that purifies the air  is able to purify  500,000 m3 of urban air per day , the equivalent of 1,200 trees.

    The panel, which is located between the Bajada Armendáriz with Paseo de la República in Barranco, a purifying system has developed technology that Peru is capable of cleaning large volumes of air making it suitable for human respiration, taking into account international standards and for national air quality. The area that purifies the panel reaches a radius of 5 blocks benefiting both residents of the same building as the construction workers.

    Jessica Rúas, Director of Promotion UTEC states: ” This panel seeks to awaken vocations in young people and their interest in engineering and is closely aligned to the mission that the university which is to form creative, sensitive engineers to social needs and a broad scientific knowledge that allows them to become researchers and finding solutions to problems in society “ .

    ” In addition, we seek to demonstrate that engineering is behind everything and what better way to prove also through our advertising that changes the world, help the community and cares for the environment , “ he concluded.

    Moreover, Mayo DraftFCB was again responsible for giving life to the billboard UTEC. The agency sought this new advertising, continue to spread the message of genius in action, as it did with the “Panel generating water.”

    “Bringing our own ingenuity to action is very satisfying, because in addition to the challenge of doing so, not only a creative level, it allows us to raise awareness, inspire and innovate our job as advertisers , “says Juan Donalisio, creative director May DraftFCB . ” UTEC is a client that constantly challenges us because his proposal is not traditional, college represents a change, so their advertising too, and that makes us think that it is almost impossible to do, to do it. “

    Operation of purifying system

    This  technology works through thermodynamic processes that occur freely in nature as pressure, vacuum and low temperature. In the machine two fluid air and water which converge, at one point manage internal heat balance, causing contaminants fixing one of the fluids (air) in the other (water), in a process continuous and highly efficient with very low energy expenditure. 

    The function of this machine is to collect urban air pollution and relieve accompanying him as dust, germs and bacteria. All cleaning machine uses 2.5Kw per hour. (that could be solar powered easilyThe water used is 100% recyclable. And further, some samples of the residues will be taken to use in the analysis of materials found in the air of Barranco.


    [youtube -HaC5PQXrho]

    Source: UTEC via Time


    QEG and the Hopegirl Saga Update
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