Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs): A self-charging paper device
    Old Coal Mines Are Being Considered for Pumped Hydro Storage

    About a month ago a good friend alerted Ken and I about the upcoming release of this new Free Energy Device. This device is called the “QT Pie.” This was demonstrated to the world at the closing ceremony of the Ancient Futures : New Earth Festival. (see video) I left the rest of the video for those who wanted more insights behind the people supporting this project.

    In my humble opinion, the big failing of this of course is it can not be closed looped at present.  Furthermore “They can only use their own meter to measure it. Normal instruments does not indicate any energy increase (funny about that) They are claiming a 300% or 400% energy gain

    Their intentions are good.  I have met Sacha a few years ago. However some of the characters on stage like Michael-Tellinger have interesting pasts, go google him. Here is one link

    Johan Engelbrecht EXPOSES Michael Tellinger live on CCN

    They also claim to be in high level talks with government around the world for the uptake of the technology.

    One interesting note was the claim in the video “that many past Free Energy Devices were never taken to market”. This was not because they did not work but people went crazy in the process. (my observations were most were crazy before they started)

    I will leave it up to the expertise of the forum to pass judgement and comment on what is presented (It took me years to file my horns down from the Darth Dansie Days)


    Comments on the video

    On the youtube site some interesting comments have been made. I have posted a few here

    If your QTPi makes four times the power out as you put in, can’t you run another identical unit off the output of the first unit, and a third unit off the output of the second unit, and so on, getting Free Energy at each stage that you can then use to run your lights, computers, big display screen, PA system and so on? Think of how impressive that would be, to have your whole, very traditional technology dependent presentation, running off of the outputs of daisy-chained QTPis. Of course there must be some reason why you don’t do that. I think I know the reason… and so do you.
    He doesn’t know to measure current ONE wire at a time?
    POE coil in the center, and the box is an audio amplifier+tone generator is my guess….. its not free energy, its using sound as energy…there is no “free energy”. everything requires work (one can work hard/smart or both, better both). harvesting energy and accumulating and then inverting it…
    this is just a new flavour of irresponsibility… creating a new delusional thought form of externalized authority… no one needs new ways to gain more power…you need to live in harmony with the land and natural world, stop feeding what is destroying you, and plant healthy seeds of natural connection and community
    Triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs): A self-charging paper device
    Old Coal Mines Are Being Considered for Pumped Hydro Storage
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