Viable storage solutions for wind and solar
    Exxon Predicted the Solar Boom Back in the 1980s

    Thanks to Johnbas5 for finding teh second  video. I thought i would add a few others to it as my video collection of the week of the week. 

    atmospheric electricity

    Photo Credit: NASA

    This is an interesting hobby and research area. This is a collection of video’s explaining electricity from the atmosphere and a couple of  electrostatic motor enthusiast  harvesting energy from the air. Before the video’s I suggest you read up on atmospheric electricity. The first video is a group of scientist describing atmospheric electricity

    The following explanation is from Wikipedia


    Atmospheric electricity is the pattern of electrical charges in the Earth’s atmosphere (or less commonly, that of another planet). The normal movement of electric charges among the Earth’s surface, the various layers of the atmosphere, and especially the ionosphere, taken together, are known as the global atmospheric electrical circuit. Much of the reasoning required to explain these currents lies within the field of electrostatics, but also requires understanding of other disciplines within Earth science.

    Eliminating, for the moment, consideration of the extremely dense charge populations that exist in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, a region called the ionosphere, filled with hot, dense, plasma gas whose ions give the ionosphere its name, we note that there is always some amount of unbound positive and negative, but net positive, electric charge in the atmosphere closest to the surface of the negatively charged Earth on a ‘fine day’. When days are not so ‘fine’, the net unbound charge that exists in the clouds of thunderstorms can be exceedingly negative.

    The ‘fine day’ net positive charge sets up an electric field between the negative Earth and the net positive charge in the air, and this electric field stores electrical energy. The positive charge acts by induction on the earth and electromagnetic devices.

    Video 1: Atmospheric Electricity: Questions & Answers

    Published on Aug 31, 2015

    6 scientists share information about the Electrical Connections and Consequences within the Earth System project. More interviews and questions with scientists can be found at the project’s website:

    A Teacher’s Guide to the Global Electric Circuit is also available on the UCAR Center for Science Education site:


    Video 2: Atmospheric Electricity Powering a Corona Motor/Electrostatic Motor

    Published on Oct 31, 2015

    Using atmospheric electricity to power a corona motor, a type of electrostatic motor. To do this a wire is lifted high into the air by a hexacopter.

    Video 3: Free Atmospheric Electricity Powers Small Motor – Tesla Radiant Energy

    Published on Nov 25, 2013

    I have always wanted to test a radiant energy motor. This little motor is the beginning of my research in that direction. In the near future I will be making larger more powerful motors. The precision required will probably require my 3D printer. Stay tuned for future updates.


    Viable storage solutions for wind and solar
    Exxon Predicted the Solar Boom Back in the 1980s
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