BlackLight Power, Update
    Hagelstein - 'Is Cold Fusion Science?' or Magic?

    Just when I though all was well, my hard disk crashed on my laptop while I was vacationing. I also had limited or no internet on the beach. It was actually a great opportunity to have a break from the front line  and come back with a refreshed perspective. Lots of good developments regarding renewable energy whereas its groundhog day for free energy devices. Same old news with sensational claims and then no follow through, a trend that will continue for some time. So take this as an apology and I will start posting some catch up stories.

    I have not posted for a week and will only be posting the odd story for the next few days. I have been busy with my “paying work” and preparing for the visit of my daughters who I have not seen in nearly two years.


    images (53)To those who thought their hate mail and other threats finally succeeded in silencing me, you are very wrong. I will no longer be fence sitting and calling technologies for what they are good or bad.

    I also over committed myself so if I was slow responding to emails this last 2 weeks I am sorry, I was overwhelmed with everything.

    As many of you know I am very enthusiastic about renewable energies and have an interest in the more exotic ones. Years of travel and testing claims has not stopped my enthusiasm, but has grounded me in reality. So my stories for the rest of this years will be about the latest developments in energy technology that will assist the environment and enable energy independence for those who want it. I will also comment on policy of various governments. I will finally be honing in to expose false energy claims be it through delusion, bad measurement or s straight scam. 


    I have many technologies  in my sights at the moment, so sit back buckle up and enjoy the ride. Many thanks to the people who emailed me concerned about my disappearance, its nice to know someone noticed. Also a big thank you to Ken and Simon

    Ken with a growing team of assistant is building a virtual lab at the moment for energy developers and experimenters. This has taken a lot of his time (hence why he has not published many stories) This is being developed initially with a small group but expanded to everyone once tested. It will serve many purposes including educating, evaluating and advising on all energy development matters. it will be linked to many sites and organisations especially those developing exotic energy devices. More on that in Feb.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Dansie

    BlackLight Power, Update
    Hagelstein - 'Is Cold Fusion Science?' or Magic?
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