Researchers store computer operating system and short movie on DNA
    Tweaking electrolyte makes better lithium-metal batteries

    After the demise and closure of with the incarceration of it founder. The faithful moderator Stuart Campbell has reemerged and will be looking after PESWIKI :

    PESWIKI is a great historical database of past free energy experiments, claims and scammers. There is a lot of useful information there. So this is a good thing.

    However, Stuart has not lost  his diplomacy skills. He seems to think there is some sort of competition running between all the energy sites. I personally have the view that we are a community all contributing the best we can by sharing information and opinions.  For example has more than double of the daily following we have, but I still post there and many of their followers contribute here.  I have no issue with any site unless that make false and misleading statements. The world would be a better place without the need for winners and losers all the time.

    I am not sure why everything has to be broken down into winners and losers. I however on good advice from my family, Simon and others will no longer poke the stick at the barking dog. I did yesterday, and find no fun in it any more. I will however expose and publish anything that is misleading or unsupported that is published there, as I would from another source.

    So I had my fun and now its time to leave Rover in peace chasing his tail. He closed the echo chamber when he realized no one was listening anymore.  However he is doing a useful service by preserving PESWIKI

    I leave you with some of his notable responses in the last 24 hours .


    • (This is a good thing) We have new software written which is ready now, but we will probably not have time to install this until this coming April, 2017.
      This will enable me to start writing new story’s.Our aim is to have the Peswiki and Pesn sites up and running, and humming again soon. Just like they used to be.We have had to take time-out for months now due to other commitments.
    • Much to my surprise, Rev-G which has been running the whole time we haven’t been, their figures are showing their readership plummeting since Oct 2016. So in the grand scheme of things we are clearly top dog, but need to get back into action to satisfy the demand out there.
    •  A period of free reign when you had no competition from us, and you couldn’t do better than this miserable result ?
      Maybe time to hand over editorship to a pre-school perhaps ?
    • I got to see your site for the first time in 1 whole year to see what you have been doing, I struggle to remember the name, something GREEN, so had to do a Google search to remember, and I arrive to find your site has no pizzazz. Nor can I find many stories considering I never looked at it for a whole year. Guess I spent 20 mins there looking at what took a year of time.
    • Writing what everyday Mark. I looked at your site yesterday and it took me 20 minutes to read everything you had written for the last year. You could have written all those stories in one day, let alone a year.
    • I also need to point out that I won’t be tolerating any nonsense from the Rev-G lot when we get things back underway in April.
      Already Mark Dansie has contacted me with nonsense from his fake news propaganda, which I have been quickly able to re-butt. He also dropped the name “Si” in one of his comments, so I have to make the presumption that Si stands for Simon Derricutt also being involved in the activity of the last few days.
    • The comments have been opened up for all free to comment. But I will not allow this to be abused.
      So be warned, Mark Dansie, Simon Derricutt and Ngepro that I won’t be having you lot making disparaging remarks and acting like you come from pre-school with your tantrums.
      If you cannot make the effort to make a decent reasonable comment then it will simply be deleted. The ball is in your court for “quality” behaviour.
      Please start acting competitively but with a good standard of behaviour (as I would do on your web-site).
    • The only reason I raise the data and graphs is that Rev-G is into this self perpetuating delusion, self aggrandising delusion, that they are doing wonderfully. Whereas the facts and the graphs show they are not. If you are in fact involved with them, since I do not see you listed on their contact page as a cult member, then I do not know why you are even commenting.
    • Once again we have DFN, the media network aka the “Dansie Fake News”.
      Never let the facts get in the way of a good story.
      So lets have a real version of what is happening : doesn’t exist anymore, so I am not surprised. But we still own the domain name rights for possible future use. Right now we are not using it.
    • Its not unlike your brain Mark by the looks of it. A surprise that it works given “its location”.

    PS please don’t mention Sterling or has he received any postcards from him….it will not get posted.

    Researchers store computer operating system and short movie on DNA
    Tweaking electrolyte makes better lithium-metal batteries
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