Waste to energy market size over $33bn by 2023: Global Market Insights Inc.
    Solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong again

    Yes, dear readers, although the title of this odd – yet well-intentioned – missive perhaps doesn’t make it clear immediately, it is time for another confession of mine. I have been wrong. Horribly wrong. Yes, once again. In fact, to speak with certain investigative journalists of great fame and integrity, my reputation is now “in tatters”.

    What am I talking about, you ask?

    Well, have we not, so I ask you, in the recent past lectured our readers and commenters repeatedly that wishing, in science – or anywhere else for that matter – doesn’t make things become reality? That science isn’t magic-driven and that wishing that “things” work doesn’t make it so, no matter how hard and determined one wishes for it?

    Like I said, I was wrong. But hey, always being wrong is also a consistent lifestyle.

    Ah, those were the days…

    You see, when I was young – listen carefully, Grandpa speaks – television series like Star Trek were all the rage. We all relished, in those days, in the successes and progress of science, technology, and mankind in general. The future looked bright. Space nutters like me were nearly in heaven. NASA proved to us that – even without magic thinking, even without using wands – that almost anything is possible.

    Then the eighties happened and nineties and, in terms of space exploration, clearly the speed and some of the excitement was out of the process. The resulting slow pace and obviously low priority was very frustrating for many, certainly also for me, especially after the spectacular progress and monumental achievements or years past.

    Thankfully, in the years since we have seen, through science, many things materialize that were only distant dreams in those pioneering days. Only idiots and the type of shortsighted museum-grade criminals and deceivers we call politicians actually believe (!) that Teflon was the only tangible by-product of the space programs of the sixties and seventies.

    Artifacts for nerds and geeks

    And now then here’s an artifact from the future, from Star Trek to be more precise, and it works! When one is a certified nerd, or a merely irritating geek, like me, then these things have magical attraction and charm, especially when they are realistic, well-made and even quite functional. StarTrekFEATURE

    Check out the communicator: http://www.thewandcompany.com/communicator/

    Interesting to know, perhaps, is the fact that the first flip-cellphones Motorola designed (Star Tac series if I am not mistaken) were inspired by the Star Trek communicators.

    Here is a nice review video showing the functionality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw1KU_ubixI

    Cheap? No, not really. But very, very, very nice indeed! Sometimes, wishes do come true.

    Waste to energy market size over $33bn by 2023: Global Market Insights Inc.
    Solar cell captures carbon dioxide and sunlight, produces burnable fuel
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