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    In a sign of the changing times the Rockefeller family are to sell oil interests to reinvest into clean energy. This kills one of the myths that big oil will suppress clean or free energy.

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    President of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund Stephen Heintz supports moving away from fossil fuels. Photo Credit AFP: Spencer Platt

    I often hear about suppression of free energy or fuel saving devices. Maybe a few years ago this was the case but times are changing. Big oil are just big business and go where the smart investments are. Energy will be the number one currency in the future.


    I also know of tens of millions available for investment into any free energy device  on one condition “it can be demonstrated as a proof of concept’ Wind, Solar and many other renewables now turn over hundreds of billions a year world wide all had humble origins. They achieved investment as the proof of concept existed. Companies like Black Light Power receive on going investment as they believe they can demonstrate a proof of concept (some of us might disagree with that but its up to investors own due diligence.)

    The old stories of Big Oil, Men in Black and  other conspiracy theories no longer hold water and are used by con men or delusional  inventors who fail to produce results or a working proof of concept. Others like Yilditz, the QEG team use emotional rhetoric and a never ending procession of deadlines to continually try and extract funds form “the people” without a proof of concept.

    QEG and Morocco

    I wonder how the good people of Morocco feel about the QEG now. The money spent on flying all these people around could have purchased a solar powered or wind powered system to meet their needs. These now once again become the forgotten people. You may be asking yourself the question; why are these big funds and companies investing in renewables and not in free energy claims. Its simple… They do not work or can not be demonstrated with a proof of concept. Even without a proof of concept, if the science and engineering made sense people would provide some assistance.

    The following story comes from ABC News Australia and really underlines the change in thinking.

    The heirs of the Rockefeller family, who made their vast fortune in oil, have joined in a pledge to divest more than $56 billion of fossil fuel investments to reinvest in clean energy on the eve of a major climate change summit in New York. The Global Divest-Invest coalition has drawn 650 individuals and 180 institutions, which control billions of dollars in fossil fuel assets, to switch to renewables over five years using a variety of approaches.

    One of the signatories is Rockefeller Brothers Fund and heir of Standard Oil tycoon John D Rockefeller, Stephen Heintz, who said the move would be in line with his wishes.



    “We are quite convinced that if he were alive today, as an astute businessman looking out to the future, he would be moving out of fossil fuels and investing in clean, renewable energy,” he said. Another of the higher profile institutional divestments came in May, when Stanford University said it would no longer use any of its $21 billion endowment to invest in coal mining companies.

    New York mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday unveiled a new plan for the city to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 per cent from 2005 levels by 2050.


    World Wide Web of Rubbish!
    Water Based Nuclear Battery
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