Magnetic Motor? Not quite but maybe Update 2
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    This is an update based on one observers observation of the demonstration. Please check out the full story at :


    Before quoting form this source I will now pass some comment and opinion. My biggest fear to date  regarding this project is the inability to demonstrate or engineer a continuous process. In the past we have seen demonstrated events and I have no doubts the power output vs input may have been improved. However at this stage, until such an engineering feat is accomplished then this really is a no go commercially. I do hope this will happen soon.

    The other interesting note is this is about the only report that has emerged so far, perhaps everyone is awaiting data and the official video to be posted.The following is just a couple of edit highlights. I am curious to see what emerges.

    Quoting form the E-Cat World story:

    1. So, about the demo. There were about 65 to 70 people present. There was no opportunity for a meet and greet. I did not know most of the attendees, but there were representatives from chemical and engineering firms present as well as OEMs and major investment banks. I am not sure of the extent of media present.  There were no TV cameras, but there was a video being taken. Many people were taking notes, but I don’t think there was a lot of mainstream media there. I think the presentation was geared more towards developing interest among potential licensees and partners rather than media. Media will come in time.

    2. The demonstrations were instantaneous bursts with input and output measured by established commercial devices including waterbath calorimetry. Continuous operation was not demonstrated so skeptics will likely be dismissive of the results. Randy spent some time explaining plans for achieving continuous operation. While there are some engineering issues ahead, the energy outputs are so astounding that there should be multiple ways to make useful devices.

    3. My overall impression is that this demo was put together because, after many years of slow but steady progress, Blacklight has made recent, dramatic improvements in the energy densities. I think Randy believes the results are unassailable and irrefutable. My sense is that yesterday was the first step in what will be an evolving, more visible presence for Blacklight as they continue to advance the technology.

    Original Story:

    Generation of Millions of Watts of Power from the Conversion of Water Fuel to a New Form of Hydrogen

    I am posting this news release with some caution as Blacklight Power Inc has made many announcements in the past that have not lived up to expectations. I will wait till more details are released on the 28th of January 2014 before passing an opinion.

    Blacklight CIHTSchematic

    Blacklight CIHT Schematic (Catalyst Induced Hydrino Transition Cell)

    BlackLight Power, Inc. (BLP) today announced that it has produced millions of watts of power with its breakthrough Solid Fuel-Catalyst-Induced-Hydrino-Transition (SF-CIHT) patent pending technology in its laboratories. 

    Using a proprietary water-based solid fuel confined by two electrodes of a SF-CIHT cell, and applying a current of 12,000 amps through the fuel, water ignites into an extraordinary flash of power. The fuel can be continuously fed into the electrodes to continuously output power. BlackLight has produced millions of watts of power in a volume that is one ten thousandths of a liter corresponding to a power density of over an astonishing 10 billion watts per liter. As a comparison, a liter of BlackLight power source can output as much power as a central power generation plant exceeding the entire power of the four former reactors of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history.

    Safe Non Polluting Power

    Our safe, non-polluting power-producing system catalytically converts the hydrogen of the H2O-based solid fuel into a non-polluting product, lower-energy state hydrogen called “Hydrino”, by allowing the electrons to fall to smaller radii around the nucleus. The energy release of H2O fuel, freely available in the humidity in the air, is one hundred times that of an equivalent amount of high-octane gasoline. The power is in the form of plasma, a supersonic expanding gaseous ionized physical state of the fuel comprising essentially positive ions and free electrons that can be converted directly to electricity using highly efficient magnetohydrodynamic converters. Simply replacing the consumed H2O regenerates the fuel. Using readily-available components, BlackLight has developed a system engineering design of an electric generator that is closed except for the addition of H2O fuel and generates ten million watts of electricity, enough to power ten thousand homes. Remarkably, the device is less than a cubic foot in volume. To protect its innovations and inventions, multiple worldwide patent applications have been filed on BlackLight’s proprietary technology.

    This breakthrough transformational power technology can be witnessed in a live demonstration hosted by BlackLight of on January 28th at 11 AM. Details and updates will be posted at the company website ( Those interested in attending can contact BlackLight to preregister for this limited availability event.

    Applications and markets for the SF-CIHT cell extend across the global power spectrum, including thermal, stationary electrical power, motive, and defense. Given the independence from existing infrastructure, grid in the case of electricity and fuels in the case of motive power, the SF-CIHT power source is a further game changer for all forms of transportation: automobile, freight trucks, rail, marine, aviation, and aerospace in that the power density is one million times that of the engine of a Formula One racer, and ten million times that of a jet engine. The SF-CIHT cell uses cheap, abundant, nontoxic, commodity chemicals, with no apparent long-term supply issues that might preclude commercial, high volume manufacturing. The projected cost of the SF-CIHT cell is between $10 and $100/kW compared to over one hundred times that for conventional power sources of electricity.

    Independent Replication and Testing

    BlackLight’s previously reported pioneering solid fuels and CIHT electrochemical cell use the same catalyst as the newly invented SF-CIHT cells, and they served as a model for Dr. Mills to invent the breakthrough plasma producing SF-CIHT cell. These background technologies have been validated by industry. BlackLight’s results of multiples of the maximum theoretical energy release for representative solid fuels was replicated at Perkin Elmer’s Field Application Laboratory at their facility using their commercial instrument. Moreover, our advanced CIHT electrochemical cell was independently replicated offsite as well.

    “We at The ENSER Corporation have performed about thirty tests at our premises using BLP’s CIHT electrochemical cells of the type that were tested and reported by BLP in the Spring of 2012, and achieved the three specified goals,” said Dr. Ethirajulu Dayalan, Engineering Fellow, of The ENSER Corporation. “We independently validated BlackLight’s results offsite by an unrelated highly qualified third party. We confirmed that hydrino was the product of any excess electricity observed by three analytical tests on the cell products, and determined that BlackLight Power had achieved fifty times higher power density with stabilization of the electrodes from corrosion.” Dr. Terry Copeland, who managed product development for several electrochemical and energy companies including DuPont Company and Duracell added, “Dr. James Pugh (then Director of Technology at ENSER) and Dr. Ethirajulu Dayalan participated with me in the independent tests of CIHT cells at The ENSER Corporation’s Pinellas Park facility in Florida starting on November 28, 2012. We fabricated and tested CIHT cells capable of continuously producing net electrical output that confirmed the fifty-fold stable power density increase and hydrino as the product.”

    The disclosure of one of BlackLight’s patent application that was recently-filed worldwide, its 10 MW electric SF-CIHT cell system engineering design and simulation, high-speed video of millions of watts of supersonically expanding SF-CIHT cell plasma, The ENSER Corporation and Dr. Terry Copeland validation reports on the prior generation CIHT electrochemical cells, and the Perkin Elmer report on solid fuels are publicly available on BlackLight’s webpage ( Technical papers by BlackLight providing the experimental tests of plasma to electric conversion, results of excess energy production from solid fuels, results of continuous electricity production at fifty times higher power density than prior generation CIHT electrochemical cells, and the detailed chemistry and identification of Hydrinos by ten analytical methods that laboratories can follow and replicate are given at

    About BlackLight Power

    BlackLight Power, Inc. is the inventor of a new primary energy source applicable to essentially all power applications such as thermal, electrical, automotive, trucking, rail, marine, aviation, aerospace, and defense. The BlackLight Process, the power source, is the process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom by forming Hydrinos. The SF-CIHT cell was invented by Dr. Mills to release this energy directly as electricity from water as the only source of fuel.

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    Magnetic Motor? Not quite but maybe Update 2
    I am back: Mark Dansie
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