A battery inspired by vitamins
    The potential to ultimately double energy densities for all battery chemistries

    We have been following this one for many years, always on the cusp of a commercial release. They were in the past called Black Light Power. My personal opinion has always been they may have an event or possible source of power but have until now never delivered and engineering solution that can put their claims into a practical application.


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    Past Stories

    We have run many stories on this in the past, but I will keep this brief. (click on the following if you want the history)

    Brilliant Light Power SunCell Demonstration



    BlackLight Power, Update

    Latest Claims and Update

    Cranbury, New Jersey-based Brilliant Light Power Inc. (BLP) has announced that the firm has continuously generated over 1 million Watts of power from a new primary source, with enough power to eventually vaporize their test apparatus.

    According to the company, the power is released by the conversion of hydrogen atoms from water molecules by lowering the hydrogen nuclei’s orbiting electron into a lower energy level producing something called a “Hydrino.”

    They have claimed  a phenomenon that electrons in excited energy states emit a photon as they drop to levels closer to the ground state. In this process, the electron emits a photon. In Brilliant Light Power’s device, this is a brilliant plasma with much of the output in the extreme ultraviolet.

    The alternate energy community is intensely interested in energy gain, that is “power out versus power in” and in the case of this technology, Brilliant Light Power’s “SunCell” is reported to generate over 100 times the power required to ignite to the Hydrino reaction. BLP has stated that the megawatt level output, operating at power densities higher than any previously known energy source, has been measured using four independent methodologies with good agreement.

    The company held an invitation-only demonstration on June 28, which included an engineered prototype with no moving parts that the firm believes is capable of producing 125 kW of electricity.

    To prevent the cell from vaporizing, it’s made from refractory materials inside which the unit heats a black body radiator to incandescent temperatures, making it an essence an ultrahot lightbulb. Light is converted to electricity with concentrator photovoltaic cells.

    Field trials are anticipated for 2017.( they have predicted trials for various incarnations of this technology for over a decade)




    For more information, visit brilliantlightpower.com

    Source: http://www.engineering.com/AdvancedManufacturing/ArticleID/12664/VIDEO-One-Million-Watts-in-the-Palm-of-Your-Hand.aspx


    A battery inspired by vitamins
    The potential to ultimately double energy densities for all battery chemistries
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