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Global news on the progress of LENR/Cold Fusion research.

Andrea Rossi Interview

The following was sent to me by John Maguire who I have the greatest respect for.  I thought it was worthwhile to hear from the horses mouth. Given the misleading statements made in past interviews (like the robot  factory in Florida) I have my own opinion. However here at Revolution-Green we like you to come …

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Lugano Report – Summary, Success, and Critics

After several days, an atmosphere of mixed opinions surrounds the Elforsk E-Cat test and subsequent Lugano Report. Some heated arguments will ensue and temperatures will rise as the validity of the procedure and methods of testing will come under scrutiny in the months to come. This is a positive and healthy thing however. After all, …

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LENR, Defkalion And Bad Measurements

 Last year Defkalion publicly demonstrated what they thought was evidence of overunity with their LENR device. What did not get publicized was when the experiment was run again with the LENR device switched of, the same results were observed. The reoccurring problem I see when it comes to free energy claims are methodology, inadequate instrumentation …

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Dr. Edmund Storms: Explaining LENR

The following is an excellent interview with Dr Edmund Storms.   Dr. Storms is a nuclear chemist who spent thirty-four years working at Los Alamos National Labs. There he conducted research into materials for use in nuclear power and propulsion reactors, including studies of cold fusion. He is also the author of The Science of …

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  The 2014 Cold Fusion/Lattice-Assisted Nuclear Reactions Colloquium was held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from March 21-23, appropriately on the 25th anniversary of the cold fusion announcement by Pons and Fleischmann. Mitchell Swartz, Gayle Verner and their team at JET Energy  organized a  conference, filled with excellent presentations. Nearly 100 people were in attendance. The three-day meeting featured 28 …

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NASA – Clean Nuclear Fuel – Is It LENR?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about a recent video that was released from the NASA’s Langley Research Center. In the video, they claim to have discovered a process where by they create clean nuclear fuel. By adding neutrons to existing elements such as Nickel(Ni), Carbon(C), and Hydrogen(H); researchers are able to produce …

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H-Cat Revisited

  I found Sunday to be a good day to review articles and developments we covered over the week. I noticed this comment from Justin Church and thought it was worthy to be elevated up into an update of the H- Cat. The comment was in response to the article we ran on LENR “Replicable …

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Replicable Model for Controlled Nuclear Reaction using Metal Nanoparticles

  This according to Jim Dunn one of the worlds leading authorities on energy technology,  was the most promising presentation at the MIT LENR Symposium, held a week ago (for the 25th anniversary of P/F announcement).   Although they only produced 75W of excess heat (from a 75-80W  input), it is very promising for the …

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LENR: An Impossible Invention

  I highly recommend this new book from Mats Lewan for people following Rossi and Free Energy From his blogg site: Cold fusion is an energy source that could provide clean water to Planet Earth, zero-emission vehicles with unlimited mileage, a solution to the climate crisis and much more. It is clean, compact, simple, inexhaustible and …

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H-Cat and the Real Justin Update

  It appears that the original concept for this technology came out of Germany. It is a great experiment, but still no data to date to support any overunity claims. embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube   Update. I have had a request to remove this article. However I decided to  included his video response.  embedded by Embedded …

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Hagelstein – ‘Is Cold Fusion Science?’ or Magic?

    Dr. Peter Hagelstein, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT spoke recently on a Serious Science episode on the history of Cold Fusion from the scientific community’s standpoint.    Hagelstein addresses the history of cold fusion and what occurred in the scientific community that caused them to reject the idea and label it junk science …

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‘Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft’ Presentation at NASA

NASA will be presenting ideas for LENR aircraft in their upcoming ‘Seedling Seminar’ on Feb 25th, 2014. This announcement removes all doubt on whether NASA sees legitimacy in the LENR phenomenon.      ‘Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Aircraft’ Presentation at NASA — Feb 25, 2014 (via Another great find by Mr Moho: The NASA Aeronautics Research Institute …

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