Ken Lebrun is located in the USA and is the founder and owner of the site (he’s the boss) Ken loves physics discussions and will moderate, write and keep the crew in line. He has a electronic and technical background and was educated by the US Airforce.

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    Mark Dansie is located in Asia and the USA. He is researcher and spends a lot of time travelling the world evaluating energy devices and claims. He is known as a skeptic but is a great supporter of experimenters and researchers in the break through energy world. Mark will write and act as a moderator.

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    Simon Derricutt of France is a moderator and occasional author. He has worked in engineering, computing and electronics design, and a period in Failure Analysis gave him an appreciation of what can go wrong. He is interested in any way of minimising the pollution involved in energy production, and is researching ideas that could produce work without needing fuel.

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    Fely Julian is located in the Philippines and compiles and posts the Break Through Energy News Each Day. Fely will also contribute with articles especially those concerning the environment. Many of our readers email links to stories to Fely everyday.

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