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    Miniaturized fuel cell that makes drones fly more than 1 hour

    The following story appeared on the An Impossible Invention Website (see link). The site is for the book published by Mats Lewan which we have reviewed previously (I highly recommend it) Mats Lewan is a technology and science journalist, author and speaker. He works as a staff writer at the Swedish technology magazine Ny Teknik and has worked internationally as a freelance journalist and reporter at CBS Cnet News. Lewan holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering Physics from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

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    Before we get to the story I would like to express my personnel opinion (Mark Dansie)

    Not every one agrees with the claims made by the LENR experimenters. I have no doubt there is a real effect being detected with LENR experiments yet there are some problems including:

    1. Being able to repeat them in a regular and reliable way
    2. Working with readings that often are within the noise
    3. Not using the normal caliometric methods to measure. (in some cases)

    Many scientists, companies and organisations are researching LENR but no one really have figured out what is going on or been able to commercialize the technology. I am excluding the claims of Rossi as I have little or no faith in the claims he has made previously

    I have no expertise in this field but I would question the methods and interpretation of the measurements. I have edited the following story and recommend people interested go to the link to see the full story. I also included some of the comments appearing on the site.

     I can only applaud the efforts of everyone (except Rossi) involved and it shows what real open science is about.The spirit of discovery, community spirit and the real desire to bring about change is worthy of the highest praise. My hat is raised to the good people working on  Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, (MFMP)

    The Story

    The E-Cat has been replicated—here’s the recipe!

    The ‘open science’ group, Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project, MFMP,  has announced that they have performed a true replication of the effect in Rossi’s energy device, the E-Cat. The group has also published a complete recipe of how to replicate the effect, adding a clear method for detecting a successful replication.



                                                Schematic view of MFMP’s reactor, called ‘glowstick’.


    In a letter to donors, MFMP’s writes:

    “What we will share is that the way in which we discovered it and the journey of analysis (…) makes it virtually impossible to say that Rossi does not have what he claims. It also shows that, whilst he may have been optimistic in how fast this would play out, he has been telling the truth, quite openly for years. Not only that, nature itself has been telling the same story and it told us too.”

    Video:  MFMP discussing the result

    Bob Greenyer, co-founder of the group, explained to me that the successful replication was based on all available information MFMP had got from from experienced LENR researchers Francesco Piantelli and Francesco Celani, and from the Russian scientist Alexander Parkhomov who also claims to have replicated Rossi’s effect, as well as openly shared information by Andrea Rossi himself.

    The main evidence for the effect in MFMP’s experiment is a combination of ‘excess heat’—i.e. thermal energy released from the reaction, beyond the input energy—and x-ray radiation—i.e. the same kind of low energy radiation used in medical radiography. Important is that the x-ray emissions were observed only together with excess heat.

    The character of the x-ray signal is, according to MFMP, the best way to detect that the replication is successful. The energy of the x-ray photons are between 0 and 300 keV (medical radiography typically uses x-rays between 5 and 150 keV), and there’s a brief but massive burst of x-rays when the reaction starts. This was observed also at the first semi-public demonstration of the E-Cat by Rossi in January 2011.

    The experiments by MFMP have been performed during the last three weeks, with a duration of about 20 hours of excess heat/x-rays on February 1-2. Everything is publicly documented at MFMP’s website, also the recipe, which essentially explains how to prepare the fuel consisting of nickel, lithium, hydrogen and aluminium, and how to run the experiment.

    The preparation is fairly complicated and probably requires significant practice to master. It must be underlined that attempts should only be undertaken by trained people and with all necessary safety measures in place.

    MFMP now plans to do follow-up experiments with the isotope Ni62 (an isotope is a special variety of any element, with the number indicating the number of nucleons in the atomic nucleus) which might enhance the effect.

    Here’s the complete letter to the donors from MFMP:

    Dear Donor,
    During ICCF-17 in South Korea, shortly following the sad death of Dr. Martin Fleischmann, it became abundantly clear to a group of fresh attendees that the old approach to science, combined with the ostracisation of the great minds that had worked in the face of ridicule, was not delivering on the promise of of what we immediately called, “The New Fire”.
    It also was clear that there was something to investigate and we were morally bound to do it.
    We said that people would not believe, until they could experience it as if they were doing themselves and so the idea of Live Open Science was born. That was not enough, it had to be an effort that was free from commercial or government interests and that result and so it had to be conducted by the people, for the people. Our journey was made possible by the courage of Francesco Celani and we thank him profusely.
    Your donations played a critical role in realising this vision, but you know that, what we know you will want to hear is what we have to share tomorrow.
    We have been running and analysing an experiment live over the past Month. First for us in this experiment were:
    – Parkhomov Baking of Ni(correctly done)
    – Pre Hydrogenation of Ni
    – Proper baking out of cell under vacuum
    – Parkhomov pressure
    – Piantelli de-oxygenation
    – Piantelli ‘loading’ + proper dwell times
    – Piantelli capture analogue
    – Use of free Lithium
    – Use of calibrated NaI
    – Cycles attempting to create nano Ni distillates (inspired by “Bang!” discovery of dissolved Ni)
    – Long Run
    You can see that there are steps in there that came about only because of activities that were made possible by donations. The critical visits to Piantelli and Parkhomov.
    Around the beginning of the month we saw what appeared to be up to a COP of 1.2, not earth shattering, but sustained and robust and in line with both observations by others and the Lugano report when adjusted for correct emissivity. Over the next weeks we tried various bookend calibrations which supported this finding.
    We have said that only two paths would satisfy us:
    Statistically significant Isotopic or elemental shifts from Fuel to Ash
    Statistically significant emissions commensurate, correlating, or anti correlating to excess heat
    We are happy to tell you that we believe we have satisfied our condition 2, yet of course we’d like to replicate ourselves. Actually, though, it goes much further than that. What we will share is that the way in which we discovered it and the journey of analysis that makes it virtually impossible to say that Rossi does not have what he claims. It also shows that, whilst he may have been optimistic in how fast this would play out, he has been telling the truth, quite openly for years. Not only that, nature itself has been telling the same story and it told us too.
    By the 16/02/2016 we had given up trying to destroy the *GlowStick* 5.2, part of a long lineage of []=Project Dog Bone=[] experiments. After the reactor was turned off, Alan shared the remainder of the data files from the NaI scintillator kindly donated by a project follower called Stephen (Thankyou Stephen, really).
    Project follower and open science legend, Ecco, first took a look at the data and found some anomalies – one SO striking that we thought there had been an equipment failure. We did not know the time that the anomalies occurred and had to wait until Alan woke to explain the time stamps so we could correlate it with the thermal and power data published live to HUGNet (Thankyou Ryan and Paul Hunt).
    To our extreme surprise, the onset of excess heat followed the massive anomaly in emissions and the minor anomalies were during and only during excess heat.
    This led us on a path of discovery, the sequence of which explains:
    The massive count signal discovered by Francesco Celani during Rossi’s first public demo
    How Rossi knew his reactor had started
    How the E-Cat generates excess heat
    How it self sustains
    How it can scale easily
    That it is safe
    It also showed us how replicators can know they have succeeded in triggering the New Fire and how to enhance the excess heat.
    Subsequent to this, we found out Rossi had travelled the same design journey and had publicly shared it in the past.
    The irony is – this was all being conducted live in the open, including discussions and graphing, whilst people were distracted with news of the end of the 1MW 1 year test. Same day…
    In the past week we have been checking, cross checking to verify and this morning we cleared our last serious doubt, again live, with shared data. Because this is already in the open we want people to know so that they can start replicating based on what works, moreover, the insight will allow people to immediately start improving on our results.
    Thank you for making this possible
    We did it
    We lit the New Fire Together!


    Reader Comments

    Unfortunately MFMP has terribly overhyped this whole thing.
    All they have is a tiny signal and no confirmed excess heat. Not much ground to claim that they replicated the Rossi effect. Actually Rossi nor the Lugano-team have shown radiation measurements that match “The Signal” of MFMP, so how can you claim a replication anyway…

    I have great respect for the enthusiast MFMP guys and think they are doing a very good job in promoting open science, but they do not seem very focused on just replicating Lugano or Parkhomov to confirm or rebuke the excess heat measurements.
    But maybe that is my engineering background. Engineers are almost by definition far more goal driven than scientists, just compare Rossi with Piantelli.

    Shielding doesn’t stop radiation — it attenuates it by a fixed amount depending on the nature of the radiation and the shield. Here is a typical specification to decrease gamma radiation by a factor of one billion (ten to the ninth):

    “To reduce typical gamma rays by a factor of a billion, thicknesses of stop-gamma shield needs to be about 13.8 feet of water, about 6.6 feet of concrete, or about 1.3 feet of lead. Thick, dense shielding is necessary to protect against gamma rays. The higher the energy of the gamma ray, the thicker the shield must be. ”

    I do not think anything Rossi made operates by converting gamma rays to heat. I don’t know of anything that does work that way, do you? Nuclear reactors of the fission type generate heat directly from loss of mass during the splitting of an atom. What device do you know which generates heat by “thermalization”? You can educate me here — I don’t know much about nuclear physics except what I read.

    If Rossi reactors make gamma radiation, why doesn’t *some* of it get through. As noted above, attenuation is a ratio. It is not absolute. And modern radiation detectors are extremely sensitive.

    If you Google “thermalization of gamma”, the returns are almost entirely with reference to claims for Rossi.

    I think energy from thermalization of gamma radiation in Rossi devices is simply more bullpucky from Rossi. And now, he is recycling the silly idea of million unit a year robotized plants, promoting the newer and more efficient ecatX which has been sold, now, to some unknown customer. Customers, certificators and referees are always anonymous with Rossi. By the way, who was the NATO colonel ( “Domenico Fioravanti” was it?) who supposedly represented Rossi’s 2011 mystery customer for the megawatt “plant”?
    Four years later and nothing ever from him or the customer about the plant? Whatever happened to that customer who now supposedly has had four years to test the plant? You people who believe Rossi never wonder or ask about that? It’s all straight out of the playbook of the classic energy scam.

    Toyota's new electric car made from wood
    Miniaturized fuel cell that makes drones fly more than 1 hour
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