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Powerful hybrid storage system combines advantages of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors

On receiving in our comments section the following from Michael Watson, I felt it was worthwhile updating the story again.

These guys are scam artists and dangerous. Stay FAR AWAY from them. A friend of mine who owned several commercial properties in Massachusetts was approached by them in 2016 via a local distributor. He almost bit after their sales pitch. They promised him the joule box was fully insured, had a full warranty and could be installed in under 90 days. They claimed three of these boxes could power a massive commercial property site. The sales reps also told him Ecogen had the technology up and running in several countries including Jamaica, Israel, Canada and Brazil. They kept pushing my friend to buy five joule boxes outright or finance through a leasing company located in Canada. When he asked for references, they falsely presented one of their employees as an independent evaluator (a LinkedIn check revealed that!). When he inquired about a PPA they started to balk. When my friend asked for documentation showing the device was fully insured and under a warranty, they started to play games and never produced documentation. Then they started to try to argue there was no need for either a warranty or insurance. He walked away as fast as he could. My friend now believes they were going to scam him by selling a non existent product. ( I think they were also trying to engage in some form of wire fraud via the leasing company.) It’s only a matter of time before the Feds come knocking on their door…

We have covered this before. The original stories:

NetZero Power Generators or Déjà Vu? Update


The Claim

ECO-GEN Energy has developed the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator which will change the world forever.  ECO-GEN has exclusive, patent/pending technology to produce clean green energy with the JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator that is more efficient than anything else on the market today.  Rather than a rooftop full of solar panels that takes away from the design and beauty of the property we install 4-8 solar panels and a metal box that is approximately 8′ L  X  6′ W  X  6′ H. Unlike typical solar systems that only produce energy 6 hours a day at best, our generator produces energy 24/7/365.  What used to be a monthly expense for the homeowner now becomes an income generator with Net Metering.

My Reaction

BS (This is an abbreviation)

The Video

This would have to be one of the funniest videos I have come across trying to describe how they can turn 200 watts into one HP (745 watts) If you could do that it would be a simple matter of powering another generator to provide the source power and effectively close loop it with 400 to 500 watts to spare after losses. They have difficulty in doing this (Suprise, Suprise, Suprise)

The terminology and explanation of the science is at best comical and in reality delusional. Fast forward to the 7 minute mark of the video and listen.


The Product

The JB-60:  A 60 kW JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator system that produces + 525,600 annual kWh of electricity.  The JB-60 is usually installed with 3 solar panels.  This unit is usually installed for commercial facilities.

Any units can be connected together in a “string” to generate more power.  As an example, 10 of the JB-60 units would produce + 5,256,000 annual kWh if connected at the same location.

Our JouleBox™ Hybrid Generator annual production is estimated by multiplying the size 60 times 24  hours per day, times 365 days per year to get annual kWh.  Example: 60 X  24  X 365 = 525,600 at the rated 80% power factor.  Maximum output is 657,000 kWh annually @ 100% PF.  When you compare the Hybrid Solar Generator to solar only systems that produce energy only 5-6 average hours per day, it is clear to see the Hybrid Solar Generator is the superior choice.

Understanding The Technology

9 Proven Technologies have been combined to generate electricity 24/7/365.

1. Solar Panels are used to qualify for Incentives. Solar Panels can be replaced with natural Wind  Turbines if wind incentives are preferred. Neither are needed for exports that do not have government incentives.

2. Aluminum Magnetic Flywheels run continuously to produce Low Voltage, High Amperage Electricity.

3. Lithium Ion Battery Brick with patented Serial and Parallel wiring to Charge and Discharge constantly.

4. Ultra high efficiency Blowers are powered off the Lithium Ion Battery Brick to provide manufactured wind 24/7/365.

5. Vortex Reduction Chamber (VRC). Manufactured wind is sent through a VRC to increase Force with reduced energy because of the effects of Wind Cubing in Rotational Energy.

6. The Power Torque Transfer Turbine transfers maximum Force with less energy which turn the generators.

7. High Efficiency Generators for greater durability and reliability. We use electronic controllers to maximize efficiency and maintain a constant RPM.

8. Power Q – controls the power quality output to sync with the grid and maintain proper harmonics. Each system is configured with the right voltage and Hz to connect to the grid without any power surges that could damage equipment.

9. GPS monitoring. Each unit is licensed for a location and is continuously monitored so that all controls and software are tamper proof.

We have protected the Intellectual Property (IP) with layers of use patents, copyrights and other IP. The software is burned into the chips which eliminates the risk of reverse engineering. All units are GPS equipped with licensing agreements for installation at a specified location. Location modification is allowed under the licensing agreement with notification. Any attempts to tamper with the equipment will destroy the equipment and void any warranties.


Eco-Gen’s website looks to be organised to operate as a US-based scam, with instructions how to purchase and use their product in conjunction with a small solar installation, getting the US government to pay the bulk of the cost.  Even O’Doherty has said publicly that solar is inappropriate technology for the Daintree.
The Eco-Gen website and location is also the home of other businesses that seem to have generated lots of complaints, including SunAmerica Solar, SunX Solar, Solar Soma Energy, and First Solar Inc.  It has all the usual scammer-type language vague explanations of what the technology actually does, fanciful claims of clean, green, low-cost energy, claims of “numerous” patents that can’t be found anywhere, and other bullshit.

A recent attempt to gain permisson to hook the system to the Grin in North Queensland Australia recieved this reply from the local grid power company Ergon. “answer was an emphatic “NO”.  They cautiously referred to the technology as “unproven”.


Definitely looks like a scam. At best it seems to be an attempt to scam the govt green energy support mechanisms by tacking a couple of token solar panels onto a fossil fuel gas generator. At worst it is scamming the buyer as well by charging them lots of money for said gas generator. If it is just the former then you can bet the authorities will catch up with any loophole before long. Invest in proper renewable energy instead. Anything hidden in a box is always suspect. All the BS about protecting their intellectual rights is just that. No decent company would put out a product without getting the patents etc properly in place first as, if it were any good, competitors would immediately pull one apart and file patents themselves.


Fair enough – thanks for everyone’s efforts in researching this. It sounds like the bottom line is that it is supposed to be a solar panel driving a fan, driving a wind turbine, to multiply power. That makes it overunity, a violation of the laws of physics, a scam, and a topic inappropriate for PF. Alaskajoe, I hope we helped.




Free Energy "charge mobile phone with a potato" and other videos
Powerful hybrid storage system combines advantages of lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors