15 minute charge time for EV taxi with 200 KLM Range
    Improving Thermoelectric Performance


    The market has clearly told us that electric vehicles must be operationally competitive, they must never run out of range, and they must cost less than diesel vehicles. This is what Teva Motors is delivering with an electric diesel hybrid truck 


    electric truck

    Teva Motors chief executive Asher Bennett standing beside a prototype electric truck

    This is one of those success stories that will open the floodgates in the next five years from the mainstream manufacturers. Using an electric diesel combination is a real winner. The real advantage is it is ready for market  now. If a better battery technology comes along in 3 years you can retrofit

    Now Asher Bennett, whose brother is Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett, founded a UK company based on his experience in the Israeli Navy.Last year he set up the electric truck company, Teva Motors, that employs a hybrid electric-diesel system inspired by the non-nuclear submarines.

    “The submarines, like our trucks, run on an electric battery. If it is low on charge, a diesel extended system will motor the electric battery,” explains Bennett, chief executive of Teva Motors.

    “Unlike other electric vehicles, there are no range limitations with this system.”


    Low Purchase Purchase Price

    The company’s trucks, which cost around £40,000 each, are motored by an electric battery for up to 100 miles. If the battery is low, the truck system will automatically switch to its 7.5 tonne Diesel Range Extended Electric Truck system, which will drive the electric motor.The more eco-friendly low emission system could save large and medium-sized delivery companies — from supermarkets to package couriers — money while reducing their carbon footprint.Though many alternative vehicle companies promote their system on its “green” merits, but Bennett is more pragmatic. “Customers are happy to go green, as long as it doesn’t cost them more,” he says.

    From the Website

    Traction provided by the electric motor 

    • The in-series electric motor offers environmental outperformance compared with a conventional diesel truck, with lower emissions – carbon, NOx and particulates – and lower noise
    • The battery is charged overnight, on lower-cost tariffs, using existing three-phase charging systems

    Diesel range extender addresses range concerns

    • A diesel engine recharges the battery on the move as required, addressing the ‘range anxiety’ issue faced by pure EV’s.
    • It provides a power boost at higher speeds, or when climbing hills, for example

    Sophisticated IT optimizes battery use

    • Teva’s proprietary Predictive Range Extender Management System ensures that the battery is charged at optimum points on the truck’s itinerary
    • This allows for significantly higher battery utilisation than is possible with pure EVs
    • It turn, this lowers the stress placed on the battery, helping to substantially increase battery life

    The Solution: Delivering a materially lower total cost of ownership than diesel trucks

    • Using low-cost overnight electricity and optimised battery use delivers substantial TCO savings
    • These are estimated to be 23% over the vehicle lifetime, with conservative assumptions about rising EV incentives and pollution charges


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    Real savings with real customers

    Often we hear the hype with new technologies and vehicles.. This company is putting deals together that will save companies money from day one

    The following is an example of this from a recent press release.

    3rd September 2013 Carrs Coatings has agreed to buy three trucks from Teva’s initial production, and provide Teva with access to operational data to support future development of the technology


    Teva Motors Ltd (“Teva”) is pleased to announce that Carrs Coatings Ltd (“Carrs”), a leading independent paints manufacturer and distributor, has committed to buy three of Teva’s initial production of trucks and to run them for a minimum of three years.  Carrs will use the vehicles as part of its core distribution fleet servicing its various locations in the West Midlands.

    Teva and Carrs have further agreed to collectively assemble real world fuel emissions data from the trucks and make it publicly available for analysis.  This will support the future development of the trucks and contribute to the development of the technology.

    Carr’s will initially test a prototype model for a few months in 2014, to allow input and feedback to improve the truck to be integrated into the production models.  Payment for the truck is based on standard leasing terms, and Carrs will pay Teva what they would have paid as standard diesel fuel and maintenance costs with a 10% discount (the source for comparison during the period will be Carrs’ other diesel trucks).  Carrs will benefit from a lower total cost of ownership than its current diesel trucks, and benefit from innovative technology and low emissions.

    Website: http://www.tevamotors.com/ 

    Source: http://www.thejc.com/business/business-features/113272/electric-motor-could-drive-down-cost-truck-market

    15 minute charge time for EV taxi with 200 KLM Range
    Improving Thermoelectric Performance
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