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Electric Scooter Is Made of Hemp and Glue


Photo by : Waarmakers Holland

The Be.e scooter, was developed by Dutch Van.eko, in conjunction with InHolland, NPSP composites and Waarmakers.   The first bio-based e-scooter can go from 0-50 kph in seven seconds, has a 60-90km range, and its 2000-cycle battery can be fully charged using a standard 220V outlet in under four hours.

The Be.e has a monocoque body; a unique construction in which the object’s external skin supports the load, similar to an eggshell, eliminating the need for a frame and the usual numerous plastic panels. The body made of hemp and flax fibers that have been impregnated with a biologically derived resin. Despite its unusual exterior, it’s safe to ride and robust enough to survive life in the city, all while maintaining plenty of environmental street cred.

[vimeo 69316313]

Full Specifications

E-scooter specsMax Speed55km/h (legal 45km/h, can be set to 25km/h)
Range55km (+60km @45km/h, +80 @25km/h)*
Weight95kg **
Permissable load180kg, 2 passenger @ 90kg
BrakesDisks Front and rear, by Jjuan
ControlsElectric by Domino
Size, outer dimensions in mm2200*850*1450 (height including windscreen)
Wheel size12″-3.50 Front, 13″-4.0 Rear
BatteryNom. Voltage48V (39V to 54V operating range)
Cacacity40Ah at 0.5C discharge or 20A discharge
Peak discharge90A for 120s
Operating temperature -10°C to 55°C
Cycle life2000 Cycles to 80% of original capacity at 100%DOD per cycle (1C discharge, 0.2C Charge)
Warrantee5 years or 50000km’s

Carbon Neutral Philosophy

Another advantage over most other manufacturing materials is that the materials come from natural, renewable and sustainable sources. It is important to note that all the materials we use in current industries of course come from natural resources. Even common plastics which are derived from crude oil where once a tree, a plant or an animal. However, it took over a million years to convert these organic origins into oil, to then manipulate the oil in refiners to make the base materials for current plastics.  So the materials used took just one harvesting season to be created.  These resources wil be made into a durable material and use it in a scooter that will be around for another 10 years or more before they return  to the resource cycle.

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Electric Aviation Takes Another Leap
Magnetic Monopoles, Unobtainium and Magnetic Motors