UCLA physicists discover 'apparent departure from the laws of thermodynamics'
    Nuclear puzzle may be clue to fifth force

    Thank you to Vic and many others that send me some interesting links and emails. I covered this story a few years ago and with 50,000 deposits being taken they are hopefully finally near production. Ialso have a guilty pleasure of imagining Simon driving one of these or Andre in the traffic in a rather over crowded Asian city.


    Credit; Business Insider

    The Elio Mission

    The following was taken mainly from the website and a story from Business Insider. My only fear is it has been many years under development, they have a lot of deposits and I am not sure how far away they are from production. According to the company: To provide a fun-to-drive, super-economical personal transportation alternative, based on a list of consumer focused “must-haves” that keep our vehicles affordable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

    We are committed to the American dream, creating American jobs, and bringing American automotive ingenuity to every vehicle we build.

    Technical Features include:

    • Elio Safety Management System that includes three airbags, unibody, and Anti-Lock Braking System
    • Fuel-injected, SOHC gas-powered, Variable Valve Lift, 3 cyl., .9 liter, liquid-cooled, automotive engine
    • Front Engine / Front-Wheel Drive
    • 8-Gallon Tank / Targeted 84 MPG (Highway)
    • Standard 5-speed manual or available automatic transmission
    • Parking brake
    • Top speed over 100 MPH
    • 0-60 speed in 9.6 seconds
    • 55 HP and 55 LB-FT of torque
    • Traction Control, Stability Control
    • 12:1 Compression
    • Regular Unleaded Fuel
    • Tire Sizes: Front: 135/80 R15 Rear: 175/65 R15

    Exterior measurements:

    • Overall Length: 160.5″
    • Front Wheel Track: 66.8″ (center rim to center rim)
    • Wheelbase: 110″ (center of front wheels to center of rear wheel)
    • Overall Height: 54.2″
    • Ground Clearance: 5.75”

    Interior measurements, seats 2 in tandem:

    • Headroom: Driver 39.8” Passenger 36.4”
    • Seat width: Driver 20.6” Passenger 25.3”
    • Interior Shoulder Width: 26.8”
    • Front seat Legroom: 42.7”
    • Rear seat Legroom: 33.1”
    • Trunk Size: 27” x 14” x 10”

    Standard Convenience Features include:

    • Air Conditioning / Heater
    • AM/FM stereo radio
    • Power windows
    • Power door lock
    • Cruise control
    • Disc brakes
    • 3 yr / 36,000 mile warranty
    • Pep Boys anticipated to be “Official Service Center” for service and warranty work
    • Plus hundreds of options like leather seating, stereo upgrades, etc.


    • Rocket Silver, Sour Apple, Creamsicle, Red Hot, True Blue, Licorice, and Marshmallow (what ever happened to red, Green or Blue?)




    A tour of the Elio Motors plant in Shreveport, LA








    UCLA physicists discover 'apparent departure from the laws of thermodynamics'
    Nuclear puzzle may be clue to fifth force
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