The New Year from Simon
    Free Energy for Dummies

    In the past within free energy circles lot of bold predictions were made. Another year passes and we still have no evidence of any working free energy devices and many claims have gone by the wayside. I decided to write this article after reading an email from Simon from late in 2015 that proved to be very prophetic.

    ” I will predict that in January 2016 there will be yet another delay on delivery from Rosch and GAIA, and that no working machine will ever be delivered. They can’t deliver it because it does not work and the first delivered machine will prove that absolutely. Deliveries will thus be delayed until there are no more orders coming in, and then they’ll disappear with the money.”

    2016 A bad year for free energy claims and reporting 

    We also saw many other free energy devices fall like the “U-Plug Device, the Steorn “OCube” and who could forget the Russian free energy flashlight. The Q-Gen people are still making a few bucks form promoting their possibility (long way from the past claims of a working free energy device)  We also witnessed the demise of Free energy News, the imprisonment of Sterling for other heinous crimes, and Stuart Campbell’s vanishing act.

    Link to the end of Steorn:

    The interest in free energy devices and claims has diminished magnitudes over the last decade as hundreds of devices and scams were exposed or failed to materialize. There are still pockets of the true believers who continue to experiment and good luck to all of them. Experiments and the knowledge gained from them are a good thing, just be careful what is being claimed. I am surprised every now and then when a bogus free energy videos appear and they get hundreds of thousands of hits. Recently one I featured in my previous article had 500,000 plus hits, go figure.

    Free energy definitions

    I want to point out at this stage I am not against free energy, I am the biggest supporter of it. Its all about the definition. I see free energy is a a mechanism which enables us to harvest a fuel source that nature provides us with that is renewable. This includes thermal, wind, gravity (storage) and solar. The only failing with other so called free energy devices is the claim they create energy rather than harvest it. Some claim to harvest it from zero point energy. Recent theories being developed on gravity , and the lack of any zero point energy being detect suggest that zero point energy may not exist at all. We have to wait for that one to pan out.

    Energy Harvesting

    The good news is other free energy harvesting devices including wind turbines and solar cells are going gang busters. Not only are the installations accelerating, but the prices are coming down where in many instances it is cheaper to use these energy harvesting technologies rather than burn fossil fuels.

    A turning point came in the electric car industry when Tesla  received deposits form 350,000 people for a new electric car in less than a week. The industry has taken note with major motor vehicle manufactures shifting gears and turning research, development and production towards electric cars.

    Storage technologies

    We are still missing the final slam dunk. Cheap and practical energy storage. Battery and other energy storage research has accelerated at a blistering pace, however nothing practical has emerged in the market place yet that would spell the end to the gasoline cars and or grid electric power. There are several key factors.

    a. Capital Cost: The cost of both grid storage and electric vehicle batteries needs to come below $100 USD per kilowatt of storage capacity. At this point electric cars will be cheaper to purchase than gasoline cars and a solar panel battery combination will be cheaper than grid connect.

    b. Life Span: The life of the storage devices needs to be at least 15 years for grid connect or 3000 charges for an electric vehicle

    c.  Weight: In the case of electric vehicles weight and volume densities need to improve vs power output

    Despite this, adding solar to your house in many countries still pays massive dividends in the savings that will be made.

    I am very optimistic in the next five years that we will see many storage breakthroughs.

    As for other energy technologies like nuclear fusion etc., I think a lot of patience will be required.

    Have a Great New Year


    The New Year from Simon
    Free Energy for Dummies
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