Watt Hours, Calculating E-bike Range
    Free Energy Illusion

     The answer is no, however it would be a very boring world if we did not have Eric Dollard. I know he has inspired many, disappointed others. He is an original thinker and has performed some interesting work with early earthquake warning technology. 

    images (75)He has  passion and  some out of the box theories on energy ( not free energy , but power). I do not personally subscribe to his theories but I prefer people to make up there own minds. This video is one of the better no holds barred documentaries I have seen without the hype and is Eric as Eric. The producers introduce the video with “We traveled to Tonopah, Nevada to meet mysterious scientist Eric Dollard.  Proponents of Dollard claim he holds the secret to free energy, while others say he is just another in a long line of Tesla wannabes. Either way he’s raised over 100 thousand crowd-funded dollars to fund his controversial projects. We found out more.”

    The video gives some an insights into his way of thinking on a number of subjects. From Tesla to conspiracy theories. He tells  stories of his past experiences and relationships.. He also outlines future plans. He has more than a few skeletons in the closet.


    In light of the comments we are receiving its worthwhile highlighting a few.

    Simon: My own attitude to Eric Dollard is based only on the evidence he’s shown. It seems to me that he said he could prove hs theories if he hadn’t lost his lab, but when someone went out and got him one he didn’t do anything with it. It’s poetic justice when a bluff is called, but I feel sorry for the people that financed him. They did indeed put their money behind their convictions and got shafted. For Eric Dollard, it’s more comfortable to have claims he hasn’t the money to prove right than to actually build them and prove them wrong.

    Alpcns: I heard he has some interesting ideas, here and there, but personally I gave up when he was talking online about observing / creating entire galaxies in a large power transmitter vacuum tube. And no, I am not joking.

    WhiteHatHelper: total scam artists and both insane. I hope David gets his life back and zombie guy sues their pants off.

    This guy is a total scam artist who has scammed 7 others before us and is on the hunt again. Here is some testimony from his past victims. We seriously need to end this fraud and expose him.  Eric Dollard is one of the most notorious charlatans in all of  “alternative science”.


    [youtube EBSqvQwqIsk]

    Watt Hours, Calculating E-bike Range
    Free Energy Illusion
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