Sunlight Generates Hydrogen in New Porous Silicon
    Expanding Energy Access key to solving global challenges


    Nothing makes me more angry and sad than people promising things they can not deliver, not to us but those in less fortunate communities. The following is highly opinionated (be warned)


    As the QEG folly plays out to its inevitable conclusion its really a question of how much time they can drag this out. In the past with people like Yilditz, the Pap Engine, Mike Brady (magnetic motor) it can drag on for months or even years. Historically not one free energy device has ever been demonstrated to work as claimed with independent verification, let alone reaching production. I expect to also to be declared a negative influence, demonic and etc etc as happened in the past with a number of hostile emails and even media coverage from the “we will prove you wrong brigade” (they have failed for close to a decade now)

    I am writing this because I feel both angry and sad at the false hope generated once again. I do not care about those who donated funds, wasted their time or otherwise. I am angry about leading the  Moroccans up the garden path who was promised one of these working devices. The money was donated to help them, but will they receive the working device? The obvious answer is no. They were also promised a new industry and employment to better their way of life. In reality the money raised may have been better spent on solar panels, pumps and batteries rather than “travel expenses”

    One thing is for certain they will not be getting a Free Energy Machine to provide electricity and and water pumping. Building up the hope of these people is morally devoid and basically disgusting. Its akin to promising medicine to sick people or food to the starving and never delivering.

    I have seen this before and feel equally angry every time. For example the promises made by another media outlet to the victims of flooding in India to be provided with  new free energy technology  (never verified)  and delivered by Keshe anti gravity technology. These people making these promises who say they have good intentions should first think about the desperate people they are letting down. (not even an apology offered just  finger pointing). Before publicly proclaiming your good intentions when it comes to deploying free energy devices, then given the history, people should seek proof of concept first.

    In the case of the QEG it was claimed they had a working device. Yet the silence is deafening right now as no videos, data or evidence has ever been produced to support the claims of this free energy machine. Sadly for the Chinese and Taiwain people who wasted their time, money and resources they will just have to put it down to experience. No doubt it will now be plagued with a variety of technical issues.

    I had no problem with the QEG project during the original crowd funding campaign. They clearly stated they thought they could do it but every one who donated knew the risk. It was worthwhile supporting, like many other projects at the time.. But making claims it is working and seeking funds to deploy devices to help the less fortunate is a scam.

    Quoting from HopeGirls Go fund me campaign :

    “The Fix the World Organization has reproduced Teslas design with a few modern twists to generate the same results.  Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for less than 1KW input, which it supplies to itself. Teams of engineers are forming in more countries than we can count to build QEG’s. Our first hands on experience is here in Taiwan with a group of engineers, many of which came from China who plan to bring the knowledge back to China. These “Men of China” have spent a small fortune and waited for a month just to get Visas to be here in Taiwan for QEG training. They have raised a large sum of money to begin QEG production in China. We were told from a high level contact that the QEG plans will be shared with 5,000 engineers in China who will be making as many innovations on the QEG as possible and open sourcing the plans for each one. Already we have seen plans for improvements and innovations to the QEG, the engineers of the world are taking full creative license on what can be done once you have achieved an over unity power source. Many are very excited.”

    “But our most exciting news is this…Using the funds raised in our campaign, FTW was able to donate a QEG to the village of Aouchtam in Morocco. The QEG will run a well and supply over 300 people with running water! In addition, the village will be creating their own QEG CICU to manufacture and distribute QEG’s to all of North Africa! For more info on this, please see this link:

    Funds raised $28,800

    Help Bring Energy and Hope to Morocco! (see above link)

    Created by Hope Moore on March 12, 2014

    We have some very exciting news to share and we need your help! Fix the World (FTW) and the One People Community (OPC) of Aouchtam Morocco have joined efforts to help a village in need. This is an altruistic and humanitarian effort to help transform an entire village of people that need it the most. Thanks to the success of our campaign, FTW has been able to donate a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) to the village! The generator will be used to pump water from the town well and supply 300 people with running water.

    In addition, The One People Community of Aouchtam is now acquiring the warehouse, the tools, the engineers, and the people necessary to create their own cottage industry community unit (CICU) for QEG manufacturing and production to supply North Africa with QEG’s. This will completely transform the economy of the entire village, who are now living in poverty. Less than 50% of the people living there have electricity.

    The QEG has been paid for by the beautiful friends and supporters of FTW, and true world change agents. The teams needed in Aouchtam are assembled. Everything is ready!

    We have an urgent need to help pay for the travel expenses to get the QEG consulting team to Morocco. The trip will take place in April, but we need the funds to book the tickets NOW or else the price will go up and we may not be able to go. Anything that you can contribute quickly will help us get to Morocco so that we can ensure running water for the village and a successful CICU startup. This is just the beginning; we are creating our beautiful golden age on Earth by making a difference for people who need it most.
    $6,460 needed for traveling Expenses for 3 people:
    Airfare $5,000 3 Round Trip tickets US-Tangiers with Baggage.
    Accommodations $400 Shared rental arrangement 3 people for 2.5 weeks
    Meals $250 Meals at ($10-12) a day for 14 days
    Car Rental/ Taxi $210 Rental Car for 7 days at $30 a day
    Gofundme fees $600
    Total: $6,460
    Thank you so much for you help! We can’t do this without you and a new spirit of service to humanity! Amount Raised $7900


    The above are just two of Hope Girls campaign, there have been failed ones in the past. But questions have to be asked.

    1. Given the QEG does not work, will the money donated be used for solar electricity and pumping devices to assist these people?

    2. Who audits how the money is spent?

    3. Why make these promises when you have never had a free energy device ever running producing more energy out than in?

    4. If you did where is the evidence, the data and thrid party verification?

    5. How do the Chinese and Taiwan engineers and investors feel now ?

    Spin Doctors

    The spin doctors will now come on board. We will be given a variety of technical excuses then the finger pointing will start. The truth is people have been misled. Not only everyone donating, but the poor people who have been promised this technology. And we will hear now the spin doctors exclaiming “they had the right intentions ,but”. Do not be fooled, this is about ego, greed and vanity. Reality, reason, logic and science was never allowed to be part of this project. We will also start seeing all the failed attempts appearing on YouTube (see end of article). It is always amusing to see the reasons for failure they come up with.

    I am equally disappointed by other groups, who as usual without any evidence or proof also jumped on the wagon. The onus is not on anyone to prove its not real, the burden of proof is on those making the claims. Look at the last twelve months. Where are all the QMoGen claims, the Papp Engines and Yilditz etc etc? Not one single device can be demonstrated showing overunity, self running or any other excess power. Many proclaimed benefits to humanity when in reality people were trying to line their own pockets.

    There are thousands of legitimate inventors, researchers and enthusiast working on exotic technologies. I have no issue with anyone seeking funds for their projects. I applaud them and support them in every way I can.  I do have a problem when they make promises they can not keep or claims that can not be supported. Explaining the theory, fund raising is all good and worthy of support. Using false statements, lies and clever Spin is not

    Personal Insight

    I normally am private about my family and my work with people in third world countries, only sharing photos and stories with friends. I am only sharing this now so we can avoid  “What have you ever done” and “what gives you the right to criticize”. I also hope it will give you an idea why I am very angry at these false prophets using the less fortunate as smoke screen to their true intentions.

    Recently my daughters were here from Australia. I took them up to a remote area of the Philippines where some of my friends from the Dumagat tribe live. They have bamboo huts, no electricity, suffer from poverty and are inspiring. The following are some insights into the life of the tribe sourced from :

    The angat people

    My daughters, friends and Fely withsome of the wonderful people from Angat

    “Poverty is the major problem that the Dumagat group faces. Families can rarely afford to buy food that is sufficient for a day. Second problem is the supply of electricity. The Dumagats just use lamp or flash light that their municipality gives them.
    Poor shelter and housing is another problem of the Dumagats. If there is a typhoon, they are worried for their houses since those were only built using light materials like bamboo and pulpy leaf of plants like the coconut. Though they do not experience flood, they are afraid that their houses will be blown by strong winds.
    Next is the schooling adversities. Since poverty is the major problem, the education of the Dumagats is severely affected. With no money, there is no education. Often times a Dumagat had to stop studying because of financial instability.

    Source of Livelihood 
    Several of the Dumagats work as fisherman like the parents of Analyn. They leave the house at night and will come back in the morning of the following day. Brigido Salongga and his eldest son work as carriers of fish. According to him, one cooler of fish costs ten pesos ( 25cents usd). Frequently, they manage to carry 40 to 50 coolers of fish everyday, but the money that has been paid to them will be divided to five or more persons. Only 50 to 100 pesos will be taken home a day. Meanwhile, Rosalya Calderon, 47, and a resident of Angat for almost 20 years, works as scavenger of garbage. Sometimes she also sells rattan and bamboo to earn money to buy food. Since her husband cannot work due to certain illness, she considers herself as the breadwinner of their family, which is very hard since she has eight children.
    Education Status
    Though the government gives the Dumagat tribe an access in system and program in Angat, the children have very limited opportunities for basic education. Most of them cannot go to school but instead work in order contribute to the family income and ration.

    Our Visits

    I regularly visit the tribe with my wife, a church group and some friends. We hire a Jeepnee and fill it full of rice, food, clothes and other provisons. We cook a meal, listen to their stories and learn. i am pleased to report many other church groups also provide much needed aid including the Mormons, Jehovah Witness and Catholics. The Chinese community has also offered a lot of help including building a small school.  My next trip up I am taking up a new motor for one of the boats that is used to get to even more remote regions. I am always inspired how resourceful they are and listening to their stories. It is also field research for the energy projects I am working on.

    The following was from a letter I sent  to friends in Jan. I have included some pictures of my wife, daughters and friends with the beautiful people from Angat Dam.

    housing angat


    Dear Friends

    ” I visited with a church group who have been assisting the local tribe over several years. We were there to celebrate the first anniversary of the church  and the first three weddings ever conducted there. In the past no weddings and no one even has a birth certificate.
    The country side is spectacular high in the mountains on a lake. Fely and I prepared  food packs which we distributed. These people are extremely poor, but happy and made me feel welcome as they felt it was a blessing I would visit them (before they knew about the food packs). Just handing out a small sack of provisions left some in tears. The cool thing is I am going back to fish with them which is a rare honor given we had to travel through 5 maned security gates to get there. It is no easy task for a foreigner to get into the security zones they live in. There is a fine balance  as to what level of interference we should make as they in many ways have more than us. However basic needs, education and health education goes a long way and is a fundamental human right.

    local Angat Child

    One of the Dumagat Tribe children (note the over sized shoes)

    The photo of the hut (above) is very typical of the housing in the area, most being single room bamboo construction and left over building materials. When a Typhoon hits they just rebuild them. They have no electricity except we had a gen set to run the PA why we were up there.You purchase the gasoline in coke bottles. I am motivated more than ever to create and distribute low cost energy solutions to these wonderful people.It was a great day as we had the Xmas party as well, I never laughed and cried so much.
    We will go back as we made some great friends that day, and most of all the children. ) Just $25 pays there annual school fees and many of the older people only had grade 1 elementary school if any at all. The clothing is all donated and one of the brides won the raffle (it was a free raffle) which was a $25 set of plastic draws. She cried for at least 10 minutes as it meant so much to her. We take a lot of things for granted. I am learning a lot of lessons here and hopefully can become a better human through these experiences. I am not suggesting anyone changes what they do or their values, just give some thought about how in the New Year we can make the world a better place.
    The lesson I am learning is we have a lot to learn of people who live simple lives, have few possessions but act as a community in supporting each other and are happy with what they have. They do not judge each other on possessions gathered, but rather the deeds and character of the person. All still have the child inside and the compassion of Angels.

    Far From Perfect

    Fely and Mark Dansie handing out soem goodieew

    Fely and Mark Dansie handing out some relief supplies

    I hope the insight into what I do in my spare time will give you some understanding why I get angry when I see false promises made to less fortunate people, and others profit form it. I am no angel, but the truth has no compromise, and the less fortunate should not be treated or used as collateral for people with other agendas.” I am far from perfect and piss a lot of people off and my actions are only small compared to others.  I do not however make promises I can not keep to these people.

    It is easy to make an armchair comment, but I can assure you as my daughters found it is the most rewarding experience just spending time with these people. I was so proud of my daughters who felt the best day they had in the Philippines was the day we visited the tribe. They were inspired and it gave them a perspective of what humanity is really about seeing people with little or no resources supporting each each other as a community.

    Hopefully from this story I achieved two things other than standing on my soap box. First is to make sure people are accountable when making promises to people less fortunate. The second is that I may inspire some people to become actively involved in visiting and helping others even in your own community.

    I may be known as “Darth Dansie” and am described as demonic and from evil, but I ask one final question from those people who chose to label me with such titles. “What have you done in person to assist people with direct contact, action and resources’?

    PS Should anyone wish to sponsor the education of a child or help out these people from Angat Dam please email me. .I will make sure I can direct you to those who can make sure any money or goods reach these people directly (100%). Its not about handouts but giving people resources to help themselves (they could use some solar panels, batteries and school supplies at the moment)

    My parting message to HopeGirl: you have a moral and ethical responsability to those less fortunate. Do not build up false hope based on your own agendas and delusions. We are all made accountable for our actions one way or another eventually, please take some responsibility for yours. It will be interesting to see what you present in The UK at the conference. PS I forgot to mention you will also start seeing all the failed replication attempts………and I can assure you do not build your hopes up that one will work.  Here is one of the latest failed attempts

    [youtube hKGSNFyfodY#t=91]

    Kind Regards

    Mark Dansie

    Sunlight Generates Hydrogen in New Porous Silicon
    Expanding Energy Access key to solving global challenges
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