A phone that charges in seconds?
    NASA Tests Suggest Physics Defying Space Engine Works

    Over many years I followed, researched,experimented with, and tested many devices world wide that claimed they could produce hydrogen or a combination of hydrogen and oxygen (often referred to as HHO) from water that defied known physics. The purpose of doing this was to achieve an efficiency that would allow the gases produced to power either a fuel cell or gas powered generator, and have enough left over to do some meaningful work. In other words a water as the primary fuel source .


    To date no one has ever succeeded in doing this and all previous claims have proven fraudulent. Many myths and  legends exist especially on the internet, but nothing has ever been presented that could withstand independent testing or scrutiny. This does not mean however it can not be done. Inn order to do so, known laws of science will have to be broken.

    Although interest has died in this area after dozens of claims failed to materialize  or test correctly, many experimenters still pursue the dream of having a water powered engine, generator or vehicle. I am not critical of them, in fact have supported a  few of them financially in the past. However I do challenge those making false claims.

    In the past the people often making the claims were not trying to deceive anyone. They often made incorrect measurements or drew false conclusions. There were those however who did make false claims. many being prosecuted , others escaping with the money.

    The following grabbed my attention recently from an Australian inventor/ experimenter who goes by the name of Tin Man (Brad)in many energy forums. He has produced the following videos which may be of interest to many of you. I wish him the best and you can draw your own conclusions.

    The discussion can be found at: http://overunity.com/16992/tinmans-over-faraday-hv-hho-production/msg496026/#new

    Video 1: Introduction

    “A tutorial On a process to Break The Faraday Limit, Gas Production way over what was once thought possible ”

    Video 2: Faraday’s Limit

    “Faraday’s limit is an MMW of 9.28 We intend on breaking this limit by 230%+

    Faraday’s limit was set using low voltage-high direct current.
    We will be using high voltage-low pulsed current,with a coil shorting circuit to obtain resonance between the cell and source(inductors primary).

    This second video is of the cell reassembled after a good clean.
    The first and second video provide all information about the cells design,and how all current leakage points where insulated as much as possible.”


    Video 3: The cell up and running

    “We first set some bench marks for the cell,and find out what type of efficiency the cell has on both straight and pulsed DC.
    I am still to make the displacement measuring part of the DUT,and so,in this video we are using a recalibrated o2 flow meter.The pill in the flow meter has been changed to suit HHO gas flow.”




    A phone that charges in seconds?
    NASA Tests Suggest Physics Defying Space Engine Works
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