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    There is not always a story to do on free energy so I thought I would share some of the mail I receive. The latter one will be an interesting project and I look forward to it. PS I am out of hospital and receiving treatment, I will be back to normal soon and thanks for the emails.


    Letter 1

    conspiracy buster 12 (in response to some comments and an article)

    Youre seriously a complete moron. Listen to yourself.. I completed a sound machine called Pelex that works perfectly.. These original equations that have been changed work to a fraction of a decimal in comparison with my machine. This means that the results of the equations in comparison to the Pelex device are so close that the equations were true. So, Lorentz was the man I was talking about. And yes, he was financially persuaded by JP Morgan to change these equations to throw out any equation supporting overunity.

    This isn’t because it didn’t exist, it was to keep all investors away from funding Tesla at all costs. Morgan not only feared Tesla, he despised what Tesla did with his money and originally thought he could trust him until he found out his real intentions. Tesla had zero money and could have never bought electricity to transmit and give away free through an aerial transmission. As science thinks, it was an attempt to distribute power through the air, but as Dollard states and is true, Tesla would transmit the energy through the ground at greater speeds than even science would show is possible.

    That is how Pelex works. It’s called the Phase Conjugate Mirror that allows multiple mirror copies of the original energy to be released and induced back to the system with as much multiplication and amplification as we wish, amplifying the amperage as a mag amp, but magnetically manipulating the transformer coils by creating a core that cheats the flow of the flux, allowing a lower voltage and higher amperage to mix with a higher voltage and lower amperage.. The result being a very low input of wattage that releases a very high level of wattage in the thousands of watts before the waveform distortion is high enough to disable anything.

    The beauty of the device is that the energy is changed from conventional to a safe form of cold electricity, then converts it again back to conventional electricity of a very powerful high amperage output, capable of driving the low side of a utility distribution transformer , making the ability to transmit by high voltage of 7970 volts, then, can be distributed and multiplied over and over to eliminate long distance transmission lines. I could power every customer on my road with ease, and it can be done with 5.6 watts, enough to output a couple hundred thousand watts. I don’t care what you or anybody else says.

    I am not the only person doing this, Tewari is doing the same, just on a lower level, and, other motor designers, especially the European and Russians do not suppress this.. This is because they are smart and know there is a reason for people to know. If they didn’t tell us all, we eventually will never be able to see the new plasma technologies. I am well into this already and know it is real and can’t continue to be suppressed if we ever wish to see what the world is using already outside of the US. It is still secret in our country because our government officials are making money hand over fist with it. Once the greed ends, maybe we will have a chance to see the new technologies become public, but in other countries like Iran, Russia and other places, anti-gravity is being used and not hidden as it is here.

    How do you think images of evidence of human visits to Mars have been shown for the past few years? They aren’t fake.. we just haven’t been told the whole truth.. This is why Vladimir Putin has put every bit of his energy into making sure the Russian video, The real Men In Black is released so the whole world knows. The energy systems are there, and suppression can’t keep going on for years otherwise once the technology gets here and is used in our country, the energy systems will shut off as the blackout in the 70’s was caused. Antigravitational systems near high powered forces amperage driven systems to fail. Period, the end. They are way more powerful and they take every bit of energy from them to sustain their function. This is why you see videos of their ability to draw the energy from the sun and many other energy systems. They go near the powerlines, they suck up the energy instantaneously.

    You can see all comments on this post here:

    My response to the above letter

    Just show me the data not the hype It is possible to distribute energy through the air by wireless or induction. They use these technologies today. However you still need a source of energy and there s no overunity.. Not sure what your argument is there. Tesla was his own worst enemy when it came to business and did not even listen to his own business advisors, he could have died a very wealthy man if he did rather than allowing people using his patents for free.

    Kind Regards

    Letter 2

    Peter Horne

    Hi Mark,

    Some time ago, I posted some hand drawings of a bubble powered turbine generator that would have been a couple of percent more efficient than the KPP ‘paternoster’.

    You offered to make a post if I came up with an improved version. Well, I’ve come up with someting that will likely get past most folks.

    My ideas are based on sound science and established physics. I take advantage of gravity, buoyancy, quantum entanglement, surface charges, electron depletion and a couple of other more mundane things.

    The basic mechanisms are an inclined plane(in screw form), a simple battery battery using a simple a simple electrolite, an air(helium in this case) pump, a large tube(ala KPP) to hold the working mechanisms and and external electric generator driven directly via a belt with no silly transmission to break.

    This time, I would like to present the project in a few posts so that we can have our members and guests weigh in and help iron out any issues. Goodness knows, I’m not the knowledgeable one like Simon or Mark E was but I think this would be an excellent intellectual activity for the group.

    I doubt my idea would ever produce a single joule of energy more than what goes into it but like Simon often says, if we try something nobody has tried before; who knows what might come of it.


    I really look forward to this and all things are worth while trying even just to find out why they do not work

    Lopifit - a treadmill on wheels
    Collaboration required by Hafsteinn
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