Solar Powered Rankin Cycle Engine
    Elon Musk On 100% Renewable Energy


    This week a received an email seeking my advice. The question was “should I wait for all the promised  “Free Energy Devices” or should I invest in some renewables now.

    So my reply was this link to the following video clip..

    [youtube xiSIQzwIPzQ]

    The answer is self evident. What  if we had waited and put on hold other renewable technologies waiting for Joe Cells, Papp Engines, Searle, Rossi, Yilditz, self running HHO engines, QMoGens, and the other hundreds of claims in the last few decades? The reality is that  no over unity or self running technology has been successfully demonstrated as a viable alternative to renewable energy.

    However the renewable energy sector is gaining momentum. The statistics demonstrate this momentum: for example 15 times more solar panels were installed in 2013 in the USA than in 2008.  Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk are the new energy and transport barons with investment money following. Governments, for example in the UK, are encouraging people to take part in a renewable energy revolution and seek energy independence. Countries like the Philippines are leading the way heading towards 100% renewable energy for the grid.

    Is there a future role for overunity devices.

    A very good and wise friend suggested seeking overunity devices is like chasing the wind. Should one come about, its potential impact may be limited.

    1. It will have to be competitive with existing technologies in capital and operational costs. The ROI will have to compete with wind and solar which is becoming increasingly more cost effective.

    2. If people have already made long term investments into other renewable energies for instance solar, why would they want to change and spend more money? Already it is feasible to power your house and charge your electric car from solar panels installed on your house.

    I look at the real world and see massive leaps forward in renewable energy uptake, electric cars and other environmental technologies. In many cases renewable energies have reached grid parity, and in some cases even lower than grid parity.. The reality is no overunity device exists or is even close to the market. Even if you look at LENR, there is very little progress and no one has come close to engineering an end solution.

    The Faithful

    The most amazing thing is the small but passionate following Free Energy has. Many of these  people have diverse motives and backgrounds as per the following:

    1. Some want to believe so hard they gloss over details like reality.

    2. A few befriend people like me or Sterling just in case we might stumble something and they can get a piece of the action

    3. Many are scam artists wanting to fleece the gullible

    4. Many are  genuine people wanting to make a difference to humanity and the environment

    5. Some are hobbyist and enthusiast who love the challenge

    6. A few are hard nosed skeptics trying to save a few people being fleeced by the scam artists

    7. Many are delusional and in some cases have personality disorders.

    8. Some believe they are on some kind of Divine mission (and those who question are from Satan)

    The list goes on.

    I find the behavior of many of the extremist disturbing, jumping from one free energy fix or claim to another. They never seem to learn  form the previous experience. They proclaim “this is it” over and over before awaiting any verification and data. It not unlike Groundhog Day. They tend to chastise and excommunicate anyone who dares challenge the belief system, not unlike cult behavior. They attempt to demonize the non believers. Sadly many people I know tolerate this behavior just in case they find something and they can cash in or use whatever for their own agendas. That is hypocrisy.


    There is only one truth and that becomes self evident eventually. People like myself try and expedite the process of getting to the truth, but I can see now how that creates conflict and tension. As another good friend emailed me today “In the Netherlands we have an old mariners saying, which implies that if one doesn’t want to recognize the facts then the quay will eventually turn the ship. Forcefully, that is.”

    Is there room in the public arena for logic, reason, analysis of data and methodologies in the Free Energy Circles? That would distract from peoples 10 minutes of fame and trying to fantasies about for filling their other agendas. Look at the number of conferences over the last decade. How man viable technologies came from any of these. Yet the talk fest continues.

    I was often the lone voice challenging people and technologies who make false and outrageous claims.  Many of my friends recently have made it abundantly clear that I should exit the arena and leave. I can see my attempts at accountability ruffles to many feathers. Someone else can put there hand up, my time is over. Good luck with that given the censorship that exists at other websites and forums.

    For the Future

    I am a strong supporter for further research into anomalies, energy research and harvesting the environmental energies. Many of my friends are inventors, experimenters and researchers or just have a enthusiasm for energy. They come from institutions, backyards and have varying degrees of expertise. Perhaps one day some will make a breakthrough but if not, they are enjoying the journey. They do not indulge in making claims until they have evidence to support it. However we do have a lot of theoretical discussions.

    As for the public commentary, this is my last post on free energy claims and stories. The cost to my family and the hypocrisy of others has convinced me of  It is not worth the effort to ask questions, and point out the obvious flaws in the claims. I will continue to write on new technologies, renewables and most importantly research into energy and energy storage.

    As for the over 100 technologies that failed my analysis and validations? All that analysis caused was a lot of grief for everyone involved. I have faith that in time the promoters of these scams and technologies will end up behind bars. (like Mike Bradey) Sadly as I have seen in the past many investors will lose their money. It is no longer my role to point out the bleeding obvious, perhaps people should learn from the hip pocket.

    I have discussed this with Ken the owner of the site and we both feel we should report on the real, the exotic and what is possible and probable. We do not want to give coverage to the latest Free Energy Scams. Others website do more than a adequate job promoting the scams and the deluded. .

    I am still open to express my opinion in private via email on the latest Free Energy Fads so feel free to write to me at markdansie@gmail,.com.

    Kind Regards

    Mark Dansie



    Solar Powered Rankin Cycle Engine
    Elon Musk On 100% Renewable Energy
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