Plastics to Oil a Viable Solution
    Free Energy: A Trip Down memory Lane

     I have been working and travelling  7 days a week hour days on the water energy project. I also am banned from posting from my home on my laptop due to some spam problems. But I miss writing too much so I am back with hopefully some informative articles.


    images (1)Well nothing seems to have broken through in the Free energy field during my absence. No Q mo Gens or a working QEG can be seen. I am still figuring out the exit strategy after all the builders around the world have expended their funds.

    HHO is raising its head again with Welton Myers replicating a Fast Freddy device. I am not sure what he replicated as no one including Fast Freddy every had anything running and verifiable. One thing I did do over several years was test many HHO claims and devices. The claims being made are normally highly exaggerated. HHO in some cases where poor quality fuel is used and in older engine application can get double digit savings. However over 90% of the device I was able to obtain the results for or test myself rarely yielded over 5%. On the emissions side I have seen carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbons dramatically reduced.

    Also absent are the water for fuel claims and the Stanly Myer technology developers. Despite claims of  “we will have something soon”, abuse to anyone who questions their efforts no device has surfaced yet. So its the same old same old.

    To the many inventors, researchers pursuing anything from magnetic motors to other energy options I salute you and encourage you to continue. Many are my friends. Next year I will be returning to solid state energy generator research as their are at least some areas still worthwhile pursuing there.

    I see Chava Energy as have been subjective to some unfavorable comments in many forums recently .Perhaps in the past they my have failed to deliver on the exotic energy ,however the technology they are pursuing now seems to be more realistic being wind power. I have not reviewed the claims or the wind technology but do wish them the best. I have some friends in Chava but must admit some of the people there are not on my Xmas Card list. I have some big clashes with a couple of their scientist/engineers and personally have not had any thing to do with them officially for some years. Lets see how this pans out.

    Many other claims and deadlines have been missed recently, I suggest for a comprehensive coverage of those technologies go to Free Energy News or Peswiki. When reviewing the last few weeks ask your self have any of these claims over the last decade or more materialized?

    In the meantime see what we can find some good technologies.

    Kind Regards






    Plastics to Oil a Viable Solution
    Free Energy: A Trip Down memory Lane
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