Water desalination without electricity
    Doubt cast on recent study claiming to have unraveled the last mystery of electromagnetism

    netjournalPart 1

    Thanks to Uli for this heads-up. Since we can’t put up files in comments and can only put in a picture, I’m putting up this .pdf in an article for comments.

    This article is just as full of belief as PESN’s main articles on the subject, and this time there’s a professor who states that it works and explains exactly why. The said professor is an emeritus professor in IT as far as I can tell, and has been theorising on Aether science for a while. Despite saying it can work, he doesn’t seem to have built one and proved it.

    I know a couple of people who have actually tried to honestly build one and see if it works. One was Aaron Willis (formerly of PESN) and he found that it didn’t even though he wanted it to. He wrote up his experience with some ideas of how it could work, but his subsequent articles that would have given more actual measurements never got published.


    Here’s the file Uli sent me – it’s in German and there are 18 pages in all, and my translation skills are not up to giving you a good translation anyway.


    However, the really interesting thing I noticed was that on page 6 of the file (marked as page 8 on the page) they say that GAIA will sell you a turnkey-ready system for 29000 euros. I hadn’t seen that offer before, having seen only kits on offer that the buyer had to build themselves. This is a net price, and you need to add VAT on top. Still, they are charging around 15,590 euros to assemble it for you which is a lot of money for a bit of bolting stuff together. The interesting thing about this is that if they offer a turnkey system then they also have to guarantee that it works and can be sued if it doesn’t. You can’t blame the kit-builder for getting it wrong or say it’s only for experimental use and not for generating real power. I feel a bit sorry for the Gaia members who believe it works and are going to get somewhat stuffed with the legal problems.

    The explanation by Professor Alfred Evert has some ideas on how it works and how to optimise the output. Obviously he hasn’t actually tested the ideas out, since he’d find that buoyancy (like all gravity engines except tidal engines) does not produce free work. There’s no energy loop, so the only work you can get out is the work you put in (minus the losses). Physics is an experimental subject, and all ideas (no matter how reasonable or strange) need to be checked against reality. Build one and show us the data. It’s pretty simple really.

    I should note that this Net Journal article was published in the May/June edition so this is a little out of date, but then again deliveries weren’t going to be before around now anyway even if Gaia could make it work. As far as I can tell Gaia (at least the people on the ground there) still think it will work but are having problems with the battery discharging more the more power they draw. Getting it working the way they expect will undoubtedly take more time than they have….

    Part 2

    Defamation Cases

    I (Mark Dansie) thought I would build on this story a little further. (hope that is ok Simon)

    Back earlier when we started reporting on this scam, there were many threats made to any website or person that did not comply to the beliefs or dare question. Stuart from PESN made it very clear legal action would be taken and sites would be shut down, starting in Germany.

    One of the most vocal or critical sites was the Boeser wolf.  :

    Link:  http://www.boeser-wolf.eu/?S=AuKW_Chronik&D=2015-09-04

    The following post recently appeared showing how this move backfired in trying to shut down this site in particular. This is translated from German

    “Today the big bad wolf has once again flabbergasted. He vigorously rubbed their eyes in disbelief, because in his post was a letter from the prosecutor’s office of Linz. He was notified that a case against him has been set. The strange thing about it was that he knew nothing of this process!

    Both the Safe the Planet AG in Amriswil in Switzerland as well as the Rosh Innovations Germany GmbH had reported him for alleged defamation.

    The prosecutor, however, has issued a “admixture” the following explanation:

    . Subject factual part of the lawyer Christoph Miczek from 05.08.2015, ha arrived on 10/08/2015, against Wolfgang SÜß on suspicion of defamation and other offenses relating to the public allegations to “lift power plant Save The Planet AG and Rosh Innovations Germany GmbH company – terminating the proceeding on legal grounds because of the offense of defamation was not objectively and realized there otherwise possibly not acted of its own motion to be pursued private prosecution offenses. “

    So that was the next shot that backfired, dear friends of the energy out of nowhere. I can even understand that their so responsive that you turn your skins see them swim … Now you have so much energy invested in your fraud – and nothing comes out of it. Yes, times are changing. Nowadays one can no longer so easy to sell miracle vials as his time in the Wild West ... and even the credulous Gaier slowly die out … who know that they have gone into the trap crooks and just looking for a Stragie as with come out as little loss of face out of this thing.”

    As you can see that at least in this case the action failed. There are no doubt many other cases pending or in process.

    The best way to prove all the skeptics wrong and end media criticism is to have something third party tested, published in a journal or peer reviewed. However this has never been the case.


    It has been reported in at least one forum, the all mystery: http://www.allmystery.de/themen/gw113123-1795 that refunds have been successfully sort from the some Gaia members. The good news is the money (after threats of legal action) have been refunded in full. Although still speculative it has also been suggested that the numbers on order are now sub 200.

    The site has over 1800 pages of comments and takes hours to read,but is very entertaining.

    I do hope Stuart comes forwarded with an update. At present no Gaia member has received their ordered device or any reports of a working device been made available for members to examine.

    It can take time for these situations to fully unravel, and they way they unravel is normally a defining silence or in the case of the QEG a lot of noise about paid trolls and a reinvention of their own historical claims and statements.

    I am sure in due course the German legal system will catch up as they did with Mike Brady and a few others.


    Update from Peacelovewoodstock from 17th September:

    1: His google-translated first part of the file: netjournal-googletranslate  and the source in text format rather than photo format in case you find a better translator: NET0515S4-8



    Water desalination without electricity
    Doubt cast on recent study claiming to have unraveled the last mystery of electromagnetism
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