9 FOOTER & MEI have been speaking to Canadian Inventor Darrel Vandusen for over 6 years now. For over 30 years he has been trying to build a self running gravity wheel. He believes he can do it even today despite many failures, however the reality is none of his devices are currently self running.

    Passion and tenacity are the words that come to mind when talking to Darrel. We argue over his assumptions and reasons why he believes he will accomplish his goal. It has not always been smooth Running for him, he had received some money form an investor several years ago, associated with  the Bessler Wheel forums that led to some bad publicity and bad blood.

    TEST MACHINE & INVENTORToday his health does not allow him to keep building these devices or fixing up the existing ones. He also has no or little money to continue. In speaking to Darrel recently I basically asked where to now? “I would like to get myself into a position were I can safely offer this design to at lest one person from each country that is now in the United Nations. It would be nice to find some -one that would take this machine off my hands and move it forward. They could have an agreed open amount of time to do their own build and then make an offer. I am always at a loss for words when it comes to talking to the public. I do not think people that may have an interest in this machine would want to much information on the internet.

    I know something needs to be done to get this moving ahead”. 

    Like many other inventors working alone in isolation Darrell gets paranoid about giving out any information on his device. I somehow feel that is changing. The fear of being taken advantage of is real and in some cases for good reason. The down side is its very hard to get other input who may have the engineering and science solution. The collegiate experience can  often accelerate development programs.

    As with my previous article on the gravity machine from Brazil, I feel that science and its laws of conservation will defeat Darrell and any of the other developers of gravity devices. Since the 8th century no one has  succeeded.

    100_0476I do salute and take my hat of to Darrell for his commitment and motivation. Darrell is reaching out to see if anyone can continue his work, build replications or assist in any other way. I have enjoyed our many long conversations over the years. Although I do not share his viewpoint about the chances of succeeding, I do know it is not always about the outcome. The journey itself is often just as important. It would be a shame to see all the knowledge and experiments go to waste and I am sure there are other Gravity Wheel enthusiasts who may step up.

    For myself, I will pass as it does not meet my criteria to proceed. However I do hope I continue to talk to Darrell for many more years to come. We may be on opposite polarities but that does not mean respect for each others views and beliefs have to be sacrificed.

    Should anyone wish to contact Darrell his email is vandugegs@yahoo.ca

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