A new dimension for solar energy
    New chemistries found for liquid batteries

    Green Ride was founded three years ago by a group of senior automotive engineers and designers and business management experts who realized the time has come for a fundamental change in urban mobility.

    This is expensive, but I am sure will appeal to the upward mobile inner city dweller. I like to look at it as the “Tesla” of electric scooters.

    Today’s modern urban residents become commuters rushing to meet their location-dynamic schedules. Convenient, safe and cost-effective transit is the key for individual freedom. These are the concepts that have motivated Green Ride in the creation of INU, this generation’s vehicle, which best represents the expectations of those who want to live their cities in a freedom never experienced before. Good engineering, style and portability.


    INU will launch next year in the U.S. and Europe, aimed at high-end consumers. INU is offered in three different models, which differ according to how much distance they can travel when fully charged: 20km 30km and 40km (while carrying an 80kg rider). All models are computer-limited to 25 km/h, to meet European safety standards. INU weighs 25kg, supports up to 120kg in weight, and has a Brushless hub-motor of 500W or 750W. It charges from 0% to 100% in about three hours and will retail at €2999, €3999 and €4999 respectively.

    You can use the INU as your main means of travel if you live in a city, or as a complimentary vehicle for a train commute. It is lightweight enough, portable and folds on command. That’s not a figure of speech – you can actually give it a voice command or a hand gesture or from your smartphone and it’ll fold.

    Green Ride’s INU is reinventing the personal vehicle category with a product that takes into account practicality, design and lifestyle. It is a contemporary product  Equipped with a phone dock, GPS and even GSM, the INU meets the highest standards of personal tech in vehicles. The INU’s designer has also worked for Italian car-design studio Pininfarina, so it looks just as amazing folded as it does in motio

    I am sure many of our readers will think this is an expensive scooter, but there again thousands buy Tesla cars each month which by any standards are not cheap. What I really like about these technologies is that may be for the upper end of the market initially, but the technology advancements will flow through to cheaper models in the future. You have to start somewhere.

    I am in contact with the founders and if any of you have any questions or suggestions I will pass this information on and publish the answers in a few days




    A new dimension for solar energy
    New chemistries found for liquid batteries
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