Hendershot Fuelless Generator: Fact or Fiction?

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This is an old idea that keeps popping its head above water allowing the scam merchants access to a new generation of customers. Is there anything to this technology? To date no successful device exists that will be allowed to be independently and credibly tested.


download (37)I have posted the following video which I recommend you watch only the last few minutes. Then you might want to think about what the party trick is here. There are many variations and claims regarding this technology over the years.

Lester Hendershot (1899-1960) was the inventor of the Hendershot Fuelless Generator (1928). In the 1920’s Lester Hendershot was working on a new type of aviation compass. He claimed  he stumbled across a method of generating energy. His “Hendershot magnetic motor” drew attention of the press and attracted big name investors as Charles Lindberg.

Lester Hendershot did not leave any working design diagrams in his papers. Subsequently his son Mark Hendershot tried for several years to create a working implementation of the so-called “free energy generator”, before finally giving up.

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Press Reports from the Day

The following are press reports from the time. Its funny in many respects we often see the same type of reporting today. There is even a reference to the “Wheel Work of Nature”

Fuel Less motor Impresses Experts

New York Times (Sunday, February 26, 1928)

W.B. Stout Says, Invention Works Uncannily *** Washington Thinks It’s Important ~ Built On A Radio Principle ~ Armature Winding New — Invention Inspired By Young Son — Lindbergh Flies Here

Detroit, Mich, Feb. 25 — W.B. Stout, head of the Stout Air Lines and designer of the all-metal tri-motored Ford Monoplane, declared here today that he had seen what he characterized as an “impressive” demonstration of the Hendershot fuelless motor two weeks ago in Pittsburgh.

Lester J. Hendershot, the inventor, and his associate. D. Barr Peat, who is manager of the Bettis Field at McKeesport, demonstrated the motor secretly yesterday in a hangar at Selfridge Field. This block test was witnessed by Major Thomas G. Lanspier, Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh and others.

It was explained today that the model used in the demonstration was a much smaller machine than an actual working motor capable of developing enough power to lift and propel an airplane. Its designers claim for it that it runs on an electromagnetic principle, by which it draws its force directly from the earth’s field, and through the properties within the motor itself transforms these electric currents into power tha can be delivered efficiently at a propeller shaft.

Calls Demonstration Uncanny

“The demonstration was very impressive”, Mr. Stout said. “It was actually uncanny. I would like very much to see how a large model designed to develop power enough to lift an airplane would operate”.

Mr. Stout said the model he saw was about the size of the tiny motors used in vacuum cleaners. “I was told that the revolutionary feature was a hereto unknown manner of winding the armature”, [“He wove together a number of flat coils of wire”] Mr. Stout continued. “Hendershot said he had succeeded in winding it in such a way that it draws energy directly from electrical currents which exist constantly in the air or in the ground. Such sources of cheap and inexhaustible power, of course, never have been reached since Tesla. The small model appeared to operate exactly as Hendershot explained that it did”.

Neither Colonel Lindbergh nor Major Lanphier would express themselves at length on the test they witnessed yesterday. Major Lanphier admitted, however, that they were experimenting with it and referred all questions to Hendershot.

“He is the only one who knows all about it”, the Major said. “Lindbergh has nothing to do with it, although he saw it”.

William B. Mayo, chief engineer for the Ford Motor Company, was in conference with Major Lanphier, Hendershot and Peat at Major Lanphier’s quarters today.

Invention Result Of Dream

Hendershot Made First Fuelless Motor For His Son’s Toy Plane

The invention of the fuelless motor, tested at Detroit, was the result of a dream by its inventor, Lester Jennings Hendershot, who lives on “the street back of the railroad” in this town of about 3,000 inhabitants, 15 miles from Pittsburgh.

Although Hendershot was on his way from Selfridge Field today and is not expected home until tomorrow, his wife told of his conception of the machine and how the miniature model was constructed from the parts of a worn out radio which had been given to the inventor by his uncle.

Several years ago the vision of a machine which would operate from “earth currents” came to Hendershot in a dream, according to his wife, but it was not until last November that he actually started working on it.

His 4-year old boy had built a small airplane at that time and was considerably chagrined because it would not operate. The father was disturbed too, so he told his son he would build an airplane which would work. The result of that was the fuelless machine.When the miniature motor model had been constructed, Hendershot built a small airplane and placed the machine in it. A switch was turned and immediately the propeller began to move. The machie was not connected to any electrical current, but was running on is own accord from “earth currents”.

For several weeks the little motor and the airplane rested upon a small table in the living room of the Hendershot home, which faces an unpaved street near the railroad tracks. One day D. Barr Peat of Bettis Field, the air mail port near McKeesport, Pa., visited the Hendershot home to see the model.He immediately became enthusiastic and a few weeks later he and Hendershot were at Selfridge Field where permission was been granted to build a model large enough to operate an airplane.

Hendershot, who is only 29 years old, was born in Hyndmann, Pa. His schooling has not been extensive, although he spent a few months several years ago at Cornell University, where he took a few courses in mechanics. He has not been employed at any particular task and has been known as a “freelance” worker. He has been a fireman and an engineer on the railroad, has worked in the mills near Pittsburgh, has inspected concrete and done electrical work. During the war he was a bugler with a machine gun company, but did not get overseas.


According to his mother, he has always been interested in mechanics and when a child he would insist upon taking his playthings apart.And that desire has not escaped him a man, for even now he takes his own son’s playthings apart to “see how they work”.

It required only a few weeks for him to construct the miniature model of his fuelless motor, although he worked day and night during that time. He had a crude workbench in the cellar of his home, which was placed near the furnace, where it was warm. Early in the morning he would be there, tinkering about, and late at night he still could be found there.

Hendershot’s idea was that the earth currents which make the aurora borealis in the skies could be harnessed by man and made to produce power that would operate an engine.The youthful inventor has no other inventions to his credit.

Hendershot’s fuelless motor works somewhat on the principle of a compass

Lester J. Hendershot first came to Bettis airplane field in McKeesport between two and three years ago, and soon afterward brought one of his motor models to the officers of the field for inspection.

The fuelless motor works somewhat on the principle of a compass, and the original model would always operate when pointing north or south, as does the compass, but would not move when pointed east or west.

Young Hendershot worked nearly two years to overcome this defect, and finally he brought a motor to the Bettis field that appeared to be working perfectly. This motor was installed in a small model airplane and the plane flew, but owing to the failure to rig it properly, it crashed to the ground during one of the experiments.Constantly improving the motor, Hendershot finally interested D. Barr Peat, manager of the Bettis Field, in his invention.After a short time several capitalist were interested, and a few weeks ago the motor was taken to Detroit by Hendershot and Peat for an exhibition.

While no person at the field was in position to say authoritatively, it was stated that the capitalists who become interested in the Hendershot motor have about completed their arrangements for the purchase of the invention, or for controlling its production.

The fuelless motor, it is said, appears to have tremendous power and easily made between 1500 and 2000 revolutions per minute on several occasions while being tested at the field. Pilots and mechanics believe it to be the greatest invention of the age, and all appear sure it will be a practical success as an airship motor.It was stated at the field that the inspection of the motor by Colonel Lindberghwas made in the interests of the capitalists who were arranging to purchase the invention.

The Hendershot Fuelless Motor Is A Generator

New York Times (February 27, 1928):

The Hendershot “Fuelless motor” is not a motor at all but a generator, according to Major Thomas G. lanphier, commandant at Selfridge Field, Mich., where he with Lester J. Hendershot, the inventor, and D. Barr Peat, have been quietly working on an experimental model.

Major Lanphier said he first became interested in the Hendershot electrical machine several weeks ago through Peat; that in common with others he thought at first it was more or less “bunk” but after seeing it work he became interested.

“I saw the first model which Hendershot built hooked up to a small electric motor of the type used to operate a sewing machine. It not only ran the motor but it burned it out”, Major Lanphier said.

Why this generator acts as it does, where the energy comes from that transforms it into power, Major Lanphier was not prepared to say beyond quoting Hendershot. It is the inventor’s theory that his machine draws its energy from the earth’s magnetic field. While unwilling to describe it in detail until pending patents have been received, Major Lanphier told a little about it. The first model consisted of a ring magnet less than three inches in diameter. Around the magnet were coils rigged as only Hendershot knows how to rig them, and another set of coils pass through the center of the ring.

“With this contrivance we burned out the sewing machine motor and we also kept a 6 watt lamp going with it for 26 hours”, he said.

The larger model which has not yet been hooked to a motor that will deliver power to a crankshaft, Major Lanphier himself helped build. “We put it together out of stuff we picked up at the field and with it we lighted two 110 watt lamps”, Major Lanphier said. The second model is built around a ring magnet, the outside diameter of which is seven inches and the inside diameter six inches.

It was suggested that perhaps the Hendershot engine was “stealing” power from some big radio broadcasting station.
“We thought of that”, Lanphier said, “but we ran it for 26 hours when stations were going and when they were not and we got the same results”.

May Seek Motor Patent

New York Times (November 12, 1928):

M. C. Kelly to Ask Five Scientists to Test Hendershot Device

Representative M. Clyde Kelly of Pennsylvania, it became known here today, plans to seek a Congressional patent for the “fuelless” motor of Lester J. Hendershot of West Elizabeth, Pa., if five scientists approve the invention as practical. A Congressional patent gives the patentee full protection for 17 years.
Hendershot’s invention, which he describes as a “magnetic induction” motor, was first announced in March. At that time in some quarters it was regarded with skepticism.

The motor, according to its inventor, is without visible means of power. It obtains its initial impulse, Hendershot maintains, from a precharged magnetic core, and its secondary and greatest power impulse by magnetic induction from the earth.

Hendershot today said several of his motors had been built here, and that one, which developed 60 horsepower, had been in operation for two weeks without recharging the magnetic core.


Hendershot “Explains Magnet In Fuelless Motor”

New York Times (February 28, 1928):

Hendershot Says Shifting Its Field To east And West Causes Rotary Motion ~ Winding Of Magnet Secret ~
Inventor Asserts Engine Weighs But 4 Ounces Per Horsepower

Mildly indignant because the manner in which his fuelless motor gains its power had been misrepresented in dispatches from Detroit and Washington, Lester J. Hendershot today stated there was nothing mysterious about his motor, that the force that energizes it is the “same force that pulls the needle of the compass, and there is nothing mysterious about that”.

The fuel less motor was not his objective, he explained, at the time he began his experiments some three years ago, when he first became interested in aviation.

“I soon learned that the ultimate development o aviation depended upon the discovery or invention of an absolutely true and reliable compass”, he explained. “The ordinary magnetic compass does not point to the true north — it points to the magnetic north, and varies from the true north to a different extent at almost every point on the earth’s surface.

“There is another compass, the magnetic induction compass, that indicates true north. But it must be set before each flight, and is not always reliable. “I found that with a pre-magnetized core I could set up a magnetic field that would indicate true north, but I didn’t know just how to utilize that in the compass I set out to find.

“In continuing my experiments, I learned that by cutting the same line of magnetic force north and south, I had an indicator of the true north, and that by cutting the magnetic field east and west, I could develop a rotary motion.

I now have a motor built on that principle that will rotate at a constant speed, a speed predetermined when the motor is built. It can be built for any desired speed, and a reliable constant speed motor is one of the greatest needs of aviation.

The main secret of Mr. Hendershot’s invention, his Friend Barr Peat declares, is the method of winding a magnet in the motor so that it will rotate in the opposite direction than the earth revolves. He says there is no heat, because magnetic forces are cold and the motor is stopped only by breaking the magnetic field in the windings. The magnet in the motor, he thinks, probably would have to be recharged after about 2000 hours of operation.

Mr. Hendershot declares that one of his motors, complete and ready to be installed in an airplane would weigh little more than four ounces for every horsepower it developed, while the best of the gas engines now built weighs about two pounds per horsepower.

Mr. Hendershot says that altitude would not affect the efficient operation of his motor, for the magnetic influence of the earth has been found to remain the same as high as man has ever reached.

He said that the same principle which made his original model operate only when it was placed in one direction, north and south, will be developed so that it will provide a compass that will always indicate true north.

Other Background information

His life threatened

On 9 March 1928, the same paper’s Washington correspondent reported that Hendershot was lying in serious condition in the District of Columbia’s Emergency Hospital, where he had been taken after receiving a severe electric shock from his motor while demonstrating it to patent attorneys.

After his recovery, Hendershot disappeared from public view for more than thirty years, resurfacing only once in 1945, when he sent a letter to the Free Press from the Standard Ship Company’s U. S. Navy Office in San Pedro, California. The letter accused scientists who had earlier belittled his efforts of now repeating his statements word for word. At the end of 1960, Hendershot’s device, now called a “magnatronic generator,” became the object of a research grant proposal made to the U. S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research.

The submission was made by Force Research, a group of some twenty Californians who, to quote the proposal, were,

“united in one centrally administered body to correlate their findings on experiments and problems which otherwise have been unsolved.”

Organized by Lloyd E.Cannon, a retired department head at the Weyerhauser Lumber Company, it included the controller of Capitol Records in Hollywood, the owner of the Precision Tool and Clock Company in Pasadena, an oil tycoon from Long Beach, a research engineer at the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Labs in Sierra Madre, the president of McCaffrey Research Corporation in Palm Springs, and Dr. Daniel Fry, who a few years earlier had written about his incredible contact with an Unidentified Flying Object in his classic, The White Sands Incident.

Fry was to be project manager, Hendershot project engineer, for the development of the magnatronic generator for which the group sought $150,000 from the navy. The proposal provided the names of twenty-two persons (including businessmen, attorneys, contractors, publishers, and engineers) who had witnessed the generator in action, including a Colonel Lanphier, now retired.

The generator was reported to have lit a 100-watt lamp with “induced radio frequency energy. ” A Federal Communications Commission engineer who investigated the locale of the experiment told his superiors that he could find “no condition which could account for such a phenomenon,” and Bernard Linden, the engineer in charge of the FCC’s Los Angeles office, wrote to one of the experiment’s witnesses, Dr. Robert Fondiller, a New York engineer, for information on the apparatus used “when observing the above condition. ”

The Force Research project came to an end in 1961, when Lester Jennings Hendershot, his dream of providing the world with free energy still unrealized, committed suicide. One year before Hendershot’s death, a book, The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats, was privately printed in Salt Lake City by its author, T. Henry Moray, Doctor of Electrical Engineering, who had earned his degree at the University of Uppsala in Sweden while on a stint as a missionary for the Mormon Church.

The inventor states that he took first inspiration from a statement made by Tesla in an 1892 lecture:

Ere many generations pass, our machinery win be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static, our hopes are in vain; if kinetic – and this we know it is, for certain – then it is a mere question of time when men win succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheel work of nature.

Source: http://fuel-efficient-vehicles.org/energy-news/?page_id=1166

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  • alpcns .

    Hummm. This story has some credibility because of the number of -presumably well-educated- people involved in testing the device. How it would operate is, despite the -cryptic- explanations given, a mystery, at least to me. I see no energy differential that would allow it to operate – let alone to 60 horsepower for the big model (which was constructed and tested, if I understand correctly).

    It’s also the age-old suppression story, of course. Patents, no patents, people appear and disappear, end up in hospitals or worse, and so forth. No MIB in those days I guess. Still, a somewhat interesting story.

    • Uglytroll

      After watching this video, I sent my buddy (HVAC guy) to Andrew Sherret’s (Industrial supply) to use his company account and purchase the components for me on the cheap (man copper is expensive these days!).
      I follow this video as a template, but was much more diligent and exacting in my measurements and construction.
      The end result was EXTREMELY surprising. I literally stood in complete awe. It actually works. However… the power output between in the first 2/3 of the slide is inconsistent at best. However… at roughly 3/4 extension… the power output levels and shows negligible if any fluctuation.
      I was able to power fourteen 100 watt lightbulbs. Adding a 15th caused the system to cyclically ‘brown out’.
      I am going to try experimenting with different sized coils, and may even experiment utilizing Rodin coils.

      • Frank

        I accidentially found a pdf related to this video: http://www.itawk.com/html/documents/Hendershot_Fuelless_Generator.pdf. At least you don’t need to watch the video this way. They don’t seem to tell the voltage requirements of the capacitors. What did you use Uglytroll?

      • freegen

        I like to learn more – what is the voltage of the capacitors that you used? please give more info thanks

      • Dare Diamond

        Uglytroll, could you please list the all the names of the components you used directly as well as the name of the store you bought them?
        May I see some pictures of your self-built unit too?

      • Jiri Bakala

        Hi, I am a documentary filmmaker living in Kelowna and I just stumbled upon your comments regarding the Hendershot generator. I have been interested in it for a while and now seeing that someone made it work right in my part of the world is quite exciting. Would you, please, get in touch with me? I’d love to discuss it further – whether for a possible documentary or just out of personal curiosity. My email is info (at) ascentfilms (dot) com – thank you.

      • PlayGhost

        Uglytroll, is there any news regarding your concept?

  • alpcns .

    You’re correct Mark – the video is, for lack of a better word, excruciating. Handling and fastening of every nut, bolt, solder joint, coil winding (sloooowww) et cetera is filmed. I guess that is one way to make it a “impressive” 2 hour instruction video. Overall a sloppy technique and construction, also. The music is extremely irritating as well since it’s restarting every time.

    I ended up skipping blocks since it was too much to bear.

    Indeed the very end of the video is where it becomes “interesting” (I call BS on it). I cannot see how that contraption can work casu quo where the energy comes from. In fact the video looks suspiciously like something coming from WITTS ministries or something similar. Even the board with lights looks familiar. Also “remarkable” is the fact that the lights not always react (get dimmer or brighter) at the same positions of that “control” thing with the magnet. It is almost as if somebody off-camera is tracking his motion and controlling the lights with a rheostat.

    Can you confirm if that video is from WITTS?

  • Simon Derricutt

    I can’t see how it can work either, but hey we have a video that proves it does…. I’d therefore expect to see the maker of that video running his house on it at least. If it were me, that would certainly be the case. My friends would also want some built, and let’s face it it doesn’t look that expensive to make in material costs or time. Spreading out from my house there would be a circle of people no longer paying an electricity bill. I’m sort of guessing that’s not the case for this one, though, and it’s going to be difficult to find anyone running one. Given that the person/group that put it up was Svet and Lyubov, maybe it’s going to be hard anyway to find out where they are. Since also that video has been out for around 6 months and has had over 80,000 views, it’s pretty likely that they haven’t succeeded in persuading their friends and neighbours to spend the hours building one, either.

    As I’ve said before, if it were a real result then it would be obvious from the local reactions, and getting witnesses would be really easy. 6 months later, they’d be all over the place, so the lack of other news on this has to be evidence that there is a problem in making it work.

    One cynical explanation is that Hendershot committed suicide because he’d realised he couldn’t continue to fool people. According to Randi, scientists are quite easy to fool using standard magic tricks. With various historical figures (for example Keeley) the fraud wasn’t proved until after death of the inventor. In this case, the demo that was witnessed was of the order of a couple of hundred watts – sufficiently small to have a hidden cable or power source hidden somewhere. Looks like the big motor didn’t actually run before witnesses, though it was claimed as running. Again, despite the number of people involved, there aren’t any drawings or plans extant. Somewhat strange for investors not to ask for a design before handing over money, or to not insist on one pretty early. Could be that they decided not to tell people so they didn’t get laughed at….

    This was not intended to be a cynical demolition of the idea that this could work, but again it seems all traces seem to be covered and all we have ended with is a story with no solid data to see. Nope, I really don’t believe the video….

  • TR M

    Wrong Hendershot! Darn, and here I was thinking Gary got tired of waiting to get one at Walmart and just went ahead and made one.

  • alpcns .

    I’m sure many here would love to hear some details of your construction and test methodology. Can you post some details – perhaps also some pictures and diagrams?

  • Simon Derricutt

    Despite your pen-name, I’ve put you on the whitelist in case you want to follow alpcns’ suggestion and post details. Please do….

    • Uglytroll

      LOL… my screen name was developed long before ‘Troll’ had a negative internet connotation.
      The unit I built is currently at my friend’s farm in Kamloops. Will be going back up there in 2 or 3 weeks. I will take photos and meter readings and post them.

      • Julio Handal

        Interested and looking forward to your return from the farm…

      • S.Higgins

        I just finished my version with changes my brother made with no results. I would like to discuss some ideas with you-thanks. dudeola@ymail.com

      • ravi gajjar

        please share details on ravigajjarelectronicsengineer@gmail.com thank you

  • mark dansie

    would be good to get some data and meter readings, Ken, Simon and many of our readers would be more than happy to assist.

  • georgethorvat

    I have to admit to being a little confused as to how something like this could be kept under wraps for all these years if it “actually” works. It’s one thing to miraculously light a 100 watt light bulb but with 747 watts needed just to create one horsepower; then how big would one have to be to create 100 horsepower; which is actually nominal in a motor vehicle.

  • F S

    Shades of Joseph Newton and his anti gravity machine here.

  • Tom Crescent

    I am in Nova Scotia. I have an engineer friend who would help me
    to construct this device. Would you tell me what has been your most
    recent experience with this or similar devices?

    Would you be comfortable with direct communication with me (phone or email)?


  • hany

    i am from mississauga/ontario, and very interested in this experiment.
    i saw few video’s but there is few things missing,
    soldering the 2nd and 3rd coil with the 4 capacitors and the 2 transformers
    the transformers specs
    the capacitors voltage
    i will be appreciated if you can send me a detailed instruction and your advice

    please use my email to contact me directly
    thank you in advance

  • Dare Diamond

    I for one strongly believe that THERE IS FREE ENERGY BECAUSE THE SUN
    (a continuous burn gas, the source of other natural energies in the
    imperfection is limiting our abilities to perceive things easily.
    in all, there is no user manual of the Natural Universe. So to
    disbelieve things I have not personally tested is next to being FOOLISH!
    Human greediness is making us think nothing is free.

    resources extracted from the ground are there FREE serving a first
    Level Natural purpose. Do you no what this purpose is?

    Is there any human invention that uses no Natural Resources that are FREELY available in the earth beneath our feet?

    Outside the our planet there are Billion upon Billions of other planets
    hanging upon nothing. You call that space which is FREE to the extent
    that we humans utilize it too by sending space satellites that are as
    well Hanging upon nothing.

    Many who are saying this Hendershot
    does not work or cannot not work have not yet test it themselves or are
    employed by the Satanic World Big Boys who have interest in making
    humans suffer.

    I am yet to test it. And even when I do and it
    does not work, I can never rule out the GENUINE FACT THAT THERE IS FREE
    ENERGY because the SUN still exist. Think about it.