Hendershot Fuelless Generator: Fact or Fiction?

  • alpcns .

    Hummm. This story has some credibility because of the number of -presumably well-educated- people involved in testing the device. How it would operate is, despite the -cryptic- explanations given, a mystery, at least to me. I see no energy differential that would allow it to operate – let alone to 60 horsepower for the big model (which was constructed and tested, if I understand correctly).

    It’s also the age-old suppression story, of course. Patents, no patents, people appear and disappear, end up in hospitals or worse, and so forth. No MIB in those days I guess. Still, a somewhat interesting story.

    • Uglytroll

      After watching this video, I sent my buddy (HVAC guy) to Andrew Sherret’s (Industrial supply) to use his company account and purchase the components for me on the cheap (man copper is expensive these days!).
      I follow this video as a template, but was much more diligent and exacting in my measurements and construction.
      The end result was EXTREMELY surprising. I literally stood in complete awe. It actually works. However… the power output between in the first 2/3 of the slide is inconsistent at best. However… at roughly 3/4 extension… the power output levels and shows negligible if any fluctuation.
      I was able to power fourteen 100 watt lightbulbs. Adding a 15th caused the system to cyclically ‘brown out’.
      I am going to try experimenting with different sized coils, and may even experiment utilizing Rodin coils.

      • Frank

        I accidentially found a pdf related to this video: http://www.itawk.com/html/documents/Hendershot_Fuelless_Generator.pdf. At least you don’t need to watch the video this way. They don’t seem to tell the voltage requirements of the capacitors. What did you use Uglytroll?

      • freegen

        I like to learn more – what is the voltage of the capacitors that you used? please give more info thanks

      • Dare Diamond

        Uglytroll, could you please list the all the names of the components you used directly as well as the name of the store you bought them?
        May I see some pictures of your self-built unit too?

      • Jiri Bakala

        Hi, I am a documentary filmmaker living in Kelowna and I just stumbled upon your comments regarding the Hendershot generator. I have been interested in it for a while and now seeing that someone made it work right in my part of the world is quite exciting. Would you, please, get in touch with me? I’d love to discuss it further – whether for a possible documentary or just out of personal curiosity. My email is info (at) ascentfilms (dot) com – thank you.

      • PlayGhost

        Uglytroll, is there any news regarding your concept?

  • alpcns .

    You’re correct Mark – the video is, for lack of a better word, excruciating. Handling and fastening of every nut, bolt, solder joint, coil winding (sloooowww) et cetera is filmed. I guess that is one way to make it a “impressive” 2 hour instruction video. Overall a sloppy technique and construction, also. The music is extremely irritating as well since it’s restarting every time.

    I ended up skipping blocks since it was too much to bear.

    Indeed the very end of the video is where it becomes “interesting” (I call BS on it). I cannot see how that contraption can work casu quo where the energy comes from. In fact the video looks suspiciously like something coming from WITTS ministries or something similar. Even the board with lights looks familiar. Also “remarkable” is the fact that the lights not always react (get dimmer or brighter) at the same positions of that “control” thing with the magnet. It is almost as if somebody off-camera is tracking his motion and controlling the lights with a rheostat.

    Can you confirm if that video is from WITTS?

  • Simon Derricutt

    I can’t see how it can work either, but hey we have a video that proves it does…. I’d therefore expect to see the maker of that video running his house on it at least. If it were me, that would certainly be the case. My friends would also want some built, and let’s face it it doesn’t look that expensive to make in material costs or time. Spreading out from my house there would be a circle of people no longer paying an electricity bill. I’m sort of guessing that’s not the case for this one, though, and it’s going to be difficult to find anyone running one. Given that the person/group that put it up was Svet and Lyubov, maybe it’s going to be hard anyway to find out where they are. Since also that video has been out for around 6 months and has had over 80,000 views, it’s pretty likely that they haven’t succeeded in persuading their friends and neighbours to spend the hours building one, either.

    As I’ve said before, if it were a real result then it would be obvious from the local reactions, and getting witnesses would be really easy. 6 months later, they’d be all over the place, so the lack of other news on this has to be evidence that there is a problem in making it work.

    One cynical explanation is that Hendershot committed suicide because he’d realised he couldn’t continue to fool people. According to Randi, scientists are quite easy to fool using standard magic tricks. With various historical figures (for example Keeley) the fraud wasn’t proved until after death of the inventor. In this case, the demo that was witnessed was of the order of a couple of hundred watts – sufficiently small to have a hidden cable or power source hidden somewhere. Looks like the big motor didn’t actually run before witnesses, though it was claimed as running. Again, despite the number of people involved, there aren’t any drawings or plans extant. Somewhat strange for investors not to ask for a design before handing over money, or to not insist on one pretty early. Could be that they decided not to tell people so they didn’t get laughed at….

    This was not intended to be a cynical demolition of the idea that this could work, but again it seems all traces seem to be covered and all we have ended with is a story with no solid data to see. Nope, I really don’t believe the video….

  • TR M

    Wrong Hendershot! Darn, and here I was thinking Gary got tired of waiting to get one at Walmart and just went ahead and made one.

  • alpcns .

    I’m sure many here would love to hear some details of your construction and test methodology. Can you post some details – perhaps also some pictures and diagrams?

  • Simon Derricutt

    Despite your pen-name, I’ve put you on the whitelist in case you want to follow alpcns’ suggestion and post details. Please do….

    • Uglytroll

      LOL… my screen name was developed long before ‘Troll’ had a negative internet connotation.
      The unit I built is currently at my friend’s farm in Kamloops. Will be going back up there in 2 or 3 weeks. I will take photos and meter readings and post them.

      • Julio Handal

        Interested and looking forward to your return from the farm…

      • S.Higgins

        I just finished my version with changes my brother made with no results. I would like to discuss some ideas with you-thanks. dudeola@ymail.com

      • ravi gajjar

        please share details on ravigajjarelectronicsengineer@gmail.com thank you

  • mark dansie

    would be good to get some data and meter readings, Ken, Simon and many of our readers would be more than happy to assist.

  • georgethorvat

    I have to admit to being a little confused as to how something like this could be kept under wraps for all these years if it “actually” works. It’s one thing to miraculously light a 100 watt light bulb but with 747 watts needed just to create one horsepower; then how big would one have to be to create 100 horsepower; which is actually nominal in a motor vehicle.

  • F S

    Shades of Joseph Newton and his anti gravity machine here.

  • Tom Crescent

    I am in Nova Scotia. I have an engineer friend who would help me
    to construct this device. Would you tell me what has been your most
    recent experience with this or similar devices?

    Would you be comfortable with direct communication with me (phone or email)?


  • hany

    i am from mississauga/ontario, and very interested in this experiment.
    i saw few video’s but there is few things missing,
    soldering the 2nd and 3rd coil with the 4 capacitors and the 2 transformers
    the transformers specs
    the capacitors voltage
    i will be appreciated if you can send me a detailed instruction and your advice

    please use my email to contact me directly
    thank you in advance

  • Dare Diamond

    I for one strongly believe that THERE IS FREE ENERGY BECAUSE THE SUN
    (a continuous burn gas, the source of other natural energies in the
    imperfection is limiting our abilities to perceive things easily.
    in all, there is no user manual of the Natural Universe. So to
    disbelieve things I have not personally tested is next to being FOOLISH!
    Human greediness is making us think nothing is free.

    resources extracted from the ground are there FREE serving a first
    Level Natural purpose. Do you no what this purpose is?

    Is there any human invention that uses no Natural Resources that are FREELY available in the earth beneath our feet?

    Outside the our planet there are Billion upon Billions of other planets
    hanging upon nothing. You call that space which is FREE to the extent
    that we humans utilize it too by sending space satellites that are as
    well Hanging upon nothing.

    Many who are saying this Hendershot
    does not work or cannot not work have not yet test it themselves or are
    employed by the Satanic World Big Boys who have interest in making
    humans suffer.

    I am yet to test it. And even when I do and it
    does not work, I can never rule out the GENUINE FACT THAT THERE IS FREE
    ENERGY because the SUN still exist. Think about it.

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