Philippines Typhoon Update 10,000 Killed
    £5 million boost for energy storage innovation


    Lady Gaga unveils battery-powered ‘flying dress’

    With all the talk recently at Revolution-Green of aviation, flying vehicles and jet packs this came out of left field. Apart from the novelty value it was used to promote innovation and a message from the least expected place form the

    In a message to young fans around the world, Lady Gaga said:

    “Harness your creativity, harness your invention, and know that you are valuable.”

    lady-gaga-artpop-album-release-artrave-eventThe dress, which she dubbed Volantis, may only have risen a few feet off the ground and propelled her perhaps 20 feet before alighting. But no matter, Gaga was, well, gaga, letting out a joyous screech after her “flight” in a warehouse at the decidedly unglamorous Brooklyn Navy Yard.

    The battery-powered dress has six booms in a hex formation.The 27-year-old New York entertainer said later that this was “maybe a small step for Volantis” — as she calls the metal dress — but “a big-time step” for Lady Gaga.

    “Volantis is essentially a vehicle,” she told the crowd, standing in front of the floral-shaped craft topping a curvy, female silhouette that acts as a fiberoptic body piece.It has multiple motors with a calculated payload — Gaga herself.


    She created it as a symbol of the future and its youth.

    “I wanted to make today about something even more important to me, and that something is the youth of the world,” Gaga said. “Their minds are just so boundless. They’re just so inspiring.”  It rose to about 70 inches, “but we’re still testing it,” said designer Nancy Tilbury, creative director of London-based Studio XO that worked with engineers and Lady Gaga on the creation.

    “It’s feminine technology, there’s a certain elegance to it,” Tilbury told The Associated Press.

    Editors note; I have not much to say on this, but felt it was was newsworthy for a number of reasons. Its also a lot of fun


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    Philippines Typhoon Update 10,000 Killed
    £5 million boost for energy storage innovation
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