Miniaturized fuel cell that makes drones fly more than 1 hour

    In the middle of the another funding campaign for the QEG, Hope Girl has posted a lengthy opinion piece about the free energy claims of Keshe. There is in my opinion a large degree of irony here. It seems the free energy arena can become quite the spectacle with the different players highly critical of each other. No need for skeptics .

    Quoting form HopeGirl Blog:

    Is Keshe the Biggest Free Energy Fraud in History?

    hopedownloadI recently just did a show covering Keshe tech. I wasn’t expecting this, but my simple inquiry led to a full-on investigation that lasted for a week. I had mountains of evidence thrown into my lap. I had to take this to another level and turn it into a public investigation report for the people. This article is my personal opinion and conclusion I have come to about Keshe based on my research.  In the investigation report itself I tried to leave out my opinion so that people can draw their own conclusions based on the evidence. This is my review and criticism of a product and observed business practices.

    I believe Keshe has scammed people out of millions of dollars over the course of several years by selling products or pre-orders of products that are never delivered, and don’t work.  Furthermore I conclude that he is endangering the health of thousands of innocent people who are contaminating themselves with “GANS” (a form of untested contaminated ormus which contains electrically conductive nano-particles) under Keshe’s instruction. GANS is a substance that is not tested to be safe and may link to a darker agenda aimed at poisoning and controlling the human population.

    Furthermore I am willing to collect measurements of “power in” and “power out” for devices that people have purchased from Keshe (not the homemade ones) so that we can collect a public record of results. I even made a form for it here: Measurement Submissions of Purchased Keshe Magrav Units

    Editors note: I wonder if HopeGirl is willing to do the same measurements for all the QEG’s built in the past

    The rest of her blog is available in the link provided

    Hope Girls latest Fund Raiser We have covered other crowd funding attempts before regarding the QEG. To date we are not aware of anyone having built a QEG device that can clearly demonstrate overunity or hast he ability to self run. In the past claims were made of already having a free energy device operational which latter was proved incorrect. Many replicator groups sprung up worldwide and have all but disappeared. In the latest fund raiser they have now modified their language no longer claiming overunity or self running. They use terms like this generator has the potential to power itself“. This is the latest claim according to the site.

    “The TeslaGen V1 mini QEG is a new open sourced co-development project intended on building a portable reluctance generator that can power loads between 700w-900w or more. This project is based around building, teaching and open sourcing instructions. This can help a wider array of DIY engineers learn formerly suppressed engineering skills based on the creation of electrical power through the phenomenon Nikola Tesla discovered, known as resonance and radiant energy. Some of the exciting key features of the TeslaGen v1 mini QEG are; lower price, smaller and lighter weight, CAD files made available, easier core winding, hot-swap rotor, easy experimentation with other popular “free energy” techniques.

    The TeslaGen v1 mini QEG is a smaller design than the original QEG, and can be used on its own or with the original QEG for easier and faster experimentation of this unique form of energy creation. It is a two phase, six-pole, dual resonant generator. It has a new separable stator to allow for easy winding and is capable of powering loads between 700w-900w (conservative).  Driven by a DC motor, and powered by your water, solar or wind installation, the TeslaGen v1 is built to provide available electricity during outages or off grid.  With further development, this generator has the potential to power itself. The construction is a simple, yet rugged combination of high strength plastic frame and support rods, and is made using widely available parts and fittings. All parts of this reluctance generator is CNC manufactured, and the Computer Aided Design files for these parts will be made available online through this project.

    Legal Action against TK

    For an open source group of humanitarians, HopeGirl and FTW are using rather aggressive tactics to silence critics and anyone who dare challenge or poke fun at their claims. This was a recent post by TK

    These people (FTW) have filed a “copyright strike” against me on YouTube for a 54-second video I made, before they fled to Morocco, which satirizes “HopeGirl’s” plea for more money in the cold of Pennsylvania winter — rather odd since they claimed to have a self running 10 kW prototype which could easily keep Jamie’s little fingers warm even in the Pennsylvania winter. I claimed Fair Use of the material I used, for educational, critical and satirical purposes. YouTube now has passed my personal information, address, etc. along to the FTW organization and they (FTW) have actually hired a lawyer, who has sent me a letter informing me that they are “reviewing” my video to see if there is a copyright violation involved. Apparently they intend to sue me over this video, which had all of perhaps 600 views and is less than a minute long.

    I can’t even show you the video because YouTube has taken it down, and has imposed some restrictions on my YT account.

    I sent a letter back to the lawyer pointing out the history of false claims coming from the FTW organization wrt the QEG device, the claims of “overunity” and “self running” and “power your house” and all the rest of that, along with some weblinks to the original Indiegogo campaign and the HopeGirl video above. I also said I would voluntarily agree to having the video taken down, since I fear retribution from these people, even though I believe my use of the material is covered by the Fair Use doctrine. I don’t know what will come of this all, but the fact that they have “lawyered up” is frightening and very stressful to me. I have no resources and am not in good health. And I am also in fear for my personal safety since the “FTW” people now know where I live. They are trying to ruin me since I have criticized them, but they haven’t gone after other critics in this way (yet).


    Miniaturized fuel cell that makes drones fly more than 1 hour
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