ANU team cracks solar thermal efficiency of 97% – a world record
    Another battery technology making a difference

    i am very reluctant to give any coverage to Kesche or his claims. However I have received a few emails requesting I do. Over many years he has never delivered on any energy technology, anti-gravity or other world saving technologies. He, and his organisation despite taking funds for free energy devices in a number manifestations, failed to deliver any working devices

    Anyone who claims he is the Messiah on earth also has to have their sanity questioned. Despite all of the above, there seems to be a never ending supply of new enthusiast and “True Believers”. Others leave after years of disillusionment or just having lost money, only to be replaced by a fresh supply of new recruits and gullible people . Even more disturbing are the number of YouTube and Facebook claims of working devices. None work and can not be independently verified. 

    This is the latest video and I am willing to bet any amount of money it is once again fake, like hundreds of free energy videos before hand. What motivates these people I am still not sure, other than saying they bring other inventors and researchers in the exotic or fee energy field into question.

    I will be labeled a “Naysayer, Big Oil Representative etc ” despite never being proved incorrect. The people surrounding these claims, and organisations act more as a cult rather than an institute to benefit humanity. They have no understanding of the science, measurement instrumentation and methodologies. They just spew out emotive claptrap and normally are conspiracy theorists.

    My challenge is to anyone, Name one Kesche technology or claim that ever panned out? Just like the QEG and other groups they have nothing that can be demonstrated to back the claims. (just send more money lol)

    Video 1


    You can read the discussion regards the above video at:

    This is a diagram of the system posted by a member of the Forum


    I can assure you there are at least 10 ways to fake a demonstration like in the video above. In fact it is not a very good attempt. From batteries, to cables coming up from the ground. I am speechless why anyone would give this the time of day. I am sure like all the other “free energy” cult like people over the last decade they will huff and puff, abuse, threaten me and others who dare question. They will when failure once again becomes obvious, disappear into the shadows until the next unsubstantiated claim can be linked and supported with whatever agenda they are running. Good luck to them.

    In the mean time the world progresses with cheaper solar, battery and other sustainable technologies now offering independence to those who want it. Maybe not in an economic way just yet, but the choice is there and the economies of scale are coming.

    The following video we posted earlier this year and I give it a lot more credibility than the one above video

    So knock yourselves out on this, I will not be bothering too often with Kesche, but I am for for people making a choice and they have a right to believe in anything they want. If they clam BS, ask for money, then its our moral duty to call them out.

    ANU team cracks solar thermal efficiency of 97% – a world record
    Another battery technology making a difference
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