Keshe Foundation: He declares he is a new Mesihah

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On the eve when I am sent an Easter greetings declaring “ Your word means nothing. You are a liar by nature, like your pal, Satan” (guess who that came from?), I find this declaration by Keshe declaring himself as the Messiah even more disturbing.  (thanks to our contributor Question Everything)




Show Me The Money

As promoters of free energy systems are increasingly put under scrutiny we see a growing trend away from reality, science and logic towards faith and cult like behavior. Recent examples like this Keshe declaration, HopeGirls adventures and others turning to Alphebetics share a common theme.  “Show me The Money”

1. HopeGirls uses numerous fund raisers mainly crowd funding and direct donation for open sourced “Free Energy Devices”

2. Keshe has the foundation with donations, books and video’s

3. Peswiki puts the hat out quote “I’m not going to quit this work and go get a “real” job. This is my calling. I’m staying put..”

4. Then the independent crowd funders https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/freee-free-energy-for-everybody

As the years pass by not one of the free energy technologies promoted or declared as real by these promoters has ever resulted in one watt of energy being produced to benefit mankind. As it becomes more obvious to them they will never actually be able to demonstrate a working device they turn to faith alone. This way they are not accountable for performance. As HopeGirl quotes “we are not in the business proving” That is up to the scientist and engineers. Critics and skeptics can be swept aside as “non believers” and of course…the money can keep on flowing.

Those who chose to support these people and organisations I say good luck and I respect your choice. I would encourage you to look for more legitimate and tangible projects based on science or results that can be verified. There are many inventors who are legitimate, passionate and have a need for support. Look at peoples track records in the past and use that as a guide. 

Happy Easter

Original Story

The Keshe foundation for a number of years has promised to deliver advanced technologies for the benefit of humanity. In reality it has failed not only to deliver any of these technologies, but has never had any independent verification they even exist. I have no hesitation in predicting none of the following announcements will amount to anything.

download (49)2014: The Year that the new Technology will change the course of humanity and it will bring untold changes.
At Keshe Foundation, we make 2014, the year that advanced technologies will be mass-released to public that they can show their power to create conditions that change through all layers of human society will be achieved.
We shall put an end to hunger and wars, through the release of everything in our possession, this be it scientifically, or technically to every man, be it scientists or world governments around the world in equal measure.In 2014, the Keshe Foundation through its Institute shall deliver to mankind as a whole the technology, which the mankind has been waiting and praying for from the beginning of time.

Unknown Technology Until Now

With delivery of an advance technology, unknown up to now, we shall put an end to hunger, wars.
We shall make sure that all men will have enough to attain sustenance and shelter that; there shall be no need for suffering.
We give and facilitate the release of technology to the men of greed that they can produce enough gold and precious metals that they could wish for, that eventually they will shy away even to show any interest in possessing such materials.

In opening the space in 2014 in its true sense, we would bring in more precious materials and sciences unknown to man that these new materials and knowledge will be used for forging tools of lasting peace on this planet.
The 2014 will be the beginning of the new era, the point of change for the humanity from what has been the same on this planet from the time of Adam.

We make one promise to the world leaders and that is, change your and your nations ways or your citizens shall change it for you through the delivery and application of the new technology and its use.

No man shall and from this year on will be allowed to take up arms to fight and no man shall be left hungry and homeless on this planet because of wars.

Use your arm manufacturing factories to deliver homes and food to the humanity, which up to now you have being developing tools of war in them, and you have instigated, unwanted wars because of them.As the man who has the knowledge of universe at his disposal, I shall use every knowledge and power available to me to bring these factories, which you have erected for making tools of war and their products to standstill with stroke of a pen.

Then we wonder who shall disobey as is in the books of god that “one shall not kill.”The promises of the change, as has been in the Holly books of the past, which the man has been waiting for centuries for shall be fulfilled.

Our program for this year is set to be. We shall put an end first and foremost to the problem at Fukushima in January.

In February, we make all efforts to create the environment to stop the production of arms across the world, through release of technologies, which makes the present advance aircraft, missiles, and nuclear weapons irrelevant and ancient.

June Delivery

In June, we will deliver technologies, which can deliver sustenance’s to world population totally free of any cost through the release of new systems that can change air into sustainable food and energy supply without a need for farming land that no child will sleep with hunger.

By September, we will deliver the technology for every man to be protected from the natural elements like cold and rain without being dependent on other man handout of tents.We shall make delivery of clean water at any point on earth free of charge a reality by releasing the already developed technologies.By the end of December we will make sure, that there are no grounds for disruption for space travels on regular bases from all the nations on this planet that all shall harvest the reaches of the universe collectively and equally.

Those who have doubts about our work, be ready to become soldiers of the peace and unity before the end of this year.
M T Keshe

ED NOTE: No mention of delivering free energy generators they took deposits on

Source: http://forum.keshefoundation.org/forum/keshe-official/30510-2014-the-year-of-the-change-for-the-humanity

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  • alpcns .

    “…As the man who has the knowledge of [the] universe at his disposal…”

    The arrogance is really breathtaking. One really has to be a truly colossal narcissist to make a statement like that. The knowledge of the universe! That’s one heck of a statement to make – really unbelievable. Not only will Keshe and/or his institutes and minions achieve absolutely nothing, even if they wanted to, but this man to me really is the absolute pinnacle of everything that is wrong with these pseudo-scientists and self-appointed “geniuses” that the “free energy” field is beset with.

    The damage that personalities like this -and their practices- do to the well-meaning experimenters and (real) scientists and engineers is colossal. It is very hard not to use stronger language when talking about completely deluded scam artists like this.

    • Titvs

      Well said Alp… I remember this man once laughed at the new Orion project, calling it “the new NASA toys”… I wonder if he have done better than NASA already, or if is only selling pseudo-science books and doing 6 months intervals between failed deliveries and so called “presentations”.
      I’ve been following his circus from some time now and i’m 99.999% sure he has mental issues… Heck, even SA doesnt seem very interested anymore…

      • alpcns .

        Circus indeed… Personally I wouldn’t even entrust him to sell commemorative NASA coffee mugs in the KSC gift shop. As for SA, your (correct) observation says it all…

      • Richard

        When everybody laughs at Your claims, Sterling starts to doubt them and Your doctor denys to give You a higher dose of Your pills, the only way out is religion.
        Those who dont know are doomed to belive.
        The mental hospitals are full of Napoleons, self declared Messiahs so one more is no reason to think about

    • Chris

      I personally know this idiot. He is wanted in the UK for huge VAT fraud owing over £300k to the uk govt.

      In addition to a huge list of other businesses and landlords where he has duped many people.

      He has simply changed tack but in the same business … Of duping people.

      He has to be stopped….

  • Simon Derricutt

    I like the ED NOTE at the end, though. Unfortunately I can also predict that enough people will still believe him that he’ll be bugging us next year, too. I don’t see any of his ideas having any hope of working, though.

    He’s got two weeks left to fix Fukushima, too….

    • alpcns .

      Other than sending them Happy Meals I don’t think he can add anything useful to the efforts…

  • Anothercoilgun

    Great material for a psychological profiler course. Still, does not take a decree to see the mental health issue here.

  • Bruce M

    Any Keshe news is the ultimate time waster.
    He’s talking Fukushima to distract from a non showing free energy device. It’s getting obvious now.

  • catbauer24

    I can’t believe how closed-minded you are Mark for labeling this as ‘bunk’. It should be labeled under ‘scam’ :)

    • alpcns .

      I’m even more close-minded and better not say how I would have labeled it… 😉

    • Mark Dart Dansie

      I will see Ken about setting up a scam category

      • John Pate

        Yes. Kind of like spam filtering. If people want to amuse themselves with nonsense like this they can go to PESWiki.

  • Mark Euthanasius

    Keshe doesn’t seem tall enough to be a Kanamit.

  • johnBas5

    “…As the man who has the knowledge of [the] universe at his disposal…”

    Oh man, talking about delusions of grandeur.

  • Chuck Kostrzewa

    Anyone who claims they can make life better for all, then sits on it, is speaking out the backend of thier ass!

  • alpcns .

    Well, it is almost the end of January, and no jubilant press release from Fukushima management has been forthcoming, reporting to a relieved and grateful world that the problems have been solved my mr. Keshe and his AARPG (advanced anti radiation potato gun).

    Maybe his true believers can start a kickstarter campaign so he can acquire a new one on Ebay. Maybe made of metal instead of plastic, since that “somehow” connects better to the “wheelwork of nature”.

    • humblemechanic

      Aha, but the year is still young! The true sceptics could start a KICK ASS campaign.

  • Titvs
    • Simon Derricutt

      I suppose that counts as the end of January. I’m not good at watching videos though – I got around 5 minutes in before getting too annoyed. I could read the details easily in that time so why wait 10 times as long to get the information…. Interesting reading the comments, though. They have to be censoring the ones that aren’t gushingly grateful, so there’s no point in me putting any comments on.

      • ngepro

        Simon, are you implying that your comment would not be “gushingly grateful”? YOU? What is the world coming to?

      • humblemechanic

        Keshe’s brazenness is truly magnificent. It surpasses those I had heard in Hungary in the early
        to mid-fifties. At those “consciousness raising” meetings we had to attend, the party functionary
        heaped praise on our worthy Leader (Rakosi) who is guided by the Great Stalin and exhorted us to be
        prepared for the inevitable struggle to liberate the West from the capitalist yoke, since the capitalists
        and their running dogs and lackeys will not give up their privileges voluntarily. Those “cadres” knew
        that we know that he knows that we know he is lying but they brazened it out easily: they had the
        power to arrest us. In 1953 as a schoolboy I have witnessed a truly great performance by one of our
        teachers, (a young woman who sported a quite acceptable size of derriere) who announced to us
        that the great benefactor of the proletariat of the world Josif Vissarionovich Dzsugasvili Stalin has
        died; then she burst in to tears and wept inconsolably. We had to learn the full names of the leaders
        of the Great Struggle, like Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin etc., failure to recite on demand resulted in
        the cane on the knuckles. To this day I can give a quite revolutionary rendition (in a Boris Godunov
        basso) of the first few bars of the Soviet anthem, in Hungarian or Russian.
        I think Keshe would have prospered in those times, like Michurin and Lysenko.

        • alpcns .

          Young women sporting quite acceptable derrieres doubtlessly are of the highest importance and interest, and should be consoled at the slightest hint of displeasure. In fact it should be required by law.

          All kidding aside – I am in awe of your brilliantly told experiences with the socialist paradise. Would love to hear your basso performance of the Soviet national anthem 😉

          • humblemechanic

            Alps, I sadly note the decline of the derriere: no woman possessing a decent derriere,
            that is being broader across the hips than the shoulder, can attain prominence nowadays.
            What with popular writers and commentators saying “she has legs reaching up to her
            armpits” your suggestion of some sort of legal compulsion is futile: the fundament has no
            future, not, at least in popular culture. These pundits, they know not what is good for them,
            they can’t tell good from bad. Well struck with years now, I try to remedy the situation and
            act as a rear guard but sadly, the chances to fondle fundament are practically non-existent.
            I sorrow and grieve.
            That performance I have described, way back in the last century, didn’t fool anyone in the
            in the class. Nevertheless, the thought of offering some condolences and perhaps consolation
            crossed my loins but no way I could have matched her crocodile tears; anything else and she
            could have pulled rank or worse, with dire consequences for me,she was a tutor and I a mere
            schoolboy not yet 14. Remembering the occasion now, with hindsight, if I had burst into any of
            the several revolutionary dirges we had to learn (just about all of them suited basso profundo)
            I perhaps could have been a contender for the status of “teachers’ pet”

          • alpcns .

            I share your heartfelt sorrow and grief, dear friend and fellow derriere connoisseur. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for showing me that I’m not alone in these most poignant observations. I, too, have been demoted to rear guard – also due to wear and tear by the cruel sword of time. The delightful and noble art of fondling fundament requires, after all, considerable skill and dexterity. Ah, woe is me.

            Finally, thank you “mille fois” for giving me a good, long, hearty laugh. That really did me good. What a brilliant observer and writer you are. I love it. My hat off to you, Sir.

    • alpcns .

      I managed to watch for roughly 20 long, agonizing minutes before blowing too many fuses and getting really, really annoyed. At a certain point he says something like his being able to create matter (“materials”, in space, of course) from magnetic energy and gravitational fields. Of course only in space as his foundation is a space company, not for Earth, he says. Or something. Its like the ramblings of a madman, it just doesn’t make any sense.

      Not unlike some other rambling fools I know, he favors the word “technology”, even when there is none, not even a concept of anything. But Keshe did it: a nuclear remediation “technology” from caustic soda and rusty nails nano-particulate soup. “very simple”, as he loves to say. A farmer can do it with chicken wire.

      If I was German I would say something like “Lieber Gott im Himmel”. God must have a very special sense of humor, that’s for sure. Why else would he/she/it allow so many complete idiots to roam this planet?

      Keshe is in the wrong job. He should have been some kind of cult leader, not pretending to be a scientist. Come to think of it – he IS a cult leader and nothing else.

      • Titvs

        Well Alp, you endured much more than me. I stopped at minute 8, give or take, when he says copper cannot rust… :-p
        But its nice he has a “food replicator” that only operates in space, and thats understandable because It’s installed on my Galaxy Class starship orbiting the planet… Didnt you make a deposit for one?
        They are great. You just speak “Earl Grey Tea, Hot” and PUFF, magnetic energy and gravitational fields work their magic.

        • alpcns .

          Galaxy class huh. I can only afford a Prius class tugboat, I’m afraid. But… powered by QMoGens, of course.

          I sure hope those replicators won’t replicate Keshe himself. One is more than sufficient 😉

        • humblemechanic

          Titvs. you noted that Keshe has a food replicator?. It must be that he continues the
          Lagado labs project (Gulliver’s Travels in the country of Lagado) which was an attempt
          to turn ordure back into food again. Keshe (and his Foundation) is certainly of the right calibre
          to have brought that project to fruition. I have practically no video and sound capability on
          my limited ISP and computer ( and generally take a dim view of things tele-visual) but from
          his picture it looks like he is sampling the ingredients at every stage, like the good scientist he is.
          I say to him; bon appetite monsieur Keshe and “silflay hraka u embrer ra. (this last bit is in the
          lapine language).

  • QuestionEverything

    Rick “MrfixitRick” Crammond, probably the most ardent Keshe supporter during the last years, is angry because there are so few donations for Keshe’s cause:


  • QuestionEverything

    Keshe’s newest “Spaceship” delusions:

    “The projected inaugural flight of the shiny new Spaceship will be
    scheduled by the end of this year. The flight will allow for up to 500
    people on board”

    ( https://www.facebook.com/NEWYECHnews/posts/10152369428922009 )

    • ngepro

      Once again Visitors to Earth such as I are discriminated against; unless this discrimination is stopped immediately, the consequences will be dire! We, not Keshe, have the means and desire to follow up on our threats. If you think that KF has power, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  • QuestionEverything

    Keshe declared himself the Messiah today (no, I’m not joking). He stated it clearly and unequivocally in today’s (irregular) Knowledge Seekers Workshop and you can read it in his new open letter (see about in the middle of first page “… I as the Messiah …”):


    Furthermore he published a summons of the Belgian police concerning fraud, illegal practice of medicine and human experiments:


    • Simon Derricutt

      QE – and he continued in the next paragraph with “I, as the creator…” which certainly imputes godlike qualities. It’s a shame none of his world-saving technologies actually work – you’d think that if he created the world at least he’d know how it worked. Maybe his income is dropping off as people get tired of waiting for delivery, and he thinks he’d do better as the head of a new religion – it worked well for Moon, after all.

      • humblemechanic

        Simon, I have noted Keshe’s magnificent brazenness a while ago but expected
        him to go the other way. And now this, the metamorphosis of Keshe. Did hE slip
        up with some clause in the contract or just let Keshe go as unworthy of hiM?
        I will h-mail my mentor for clarification.

        • Simon Derricutt

          Louis – Here I’d expect simple delusion rather than divine (or otherwise) intervention. Apart from some comedic relief, it’s not worth doing anything about Keshe. It still surprises me that he has followers, and that he get any donations at all.

          • humblemechanic

            Thank you Simon, it’s all clear now. I don’t have to h-mail hiM.

  • Richard

    I am glad to find a technical orientatetd site about so called free energy.
    My first contacts were via PESN and I was shocked about censorship and pseudo religoues standards.
    To compare a critical but fact based person with satan speaks on its own, nothing to add.
    Dear Mr. Dansie, continue with your science based approach and ignore such fanatic voices.

  • Richard

    May be we see a contest between Sterling and Keshe?
    Who ruins his (rest) reputation first.
    As Keshe made a BIG move, I expect Sterling to answer with a Numerologie coup de grace.

  • Disillusioned Guest

    This all sounds too familiar…he has a space ship orbiting earth and it will only take 500 people. Wonder what the pre-flight beverage will be?

    Sounds like his ‘god gene’ has turned on and is running rampant like cancer through his brain 😉

    • Simon Derricutt

      DG – the drink will of course be Ambrosia. In the UK, that is of course Rice Pudding, but it is nice….

  • Tarak

    In this story there is more BS is this than a 100 bulls could put out in a year, at least there BS could be used to generate power.

  • Disillusioned Guest

    Mark, I would take SD’s comment about Satan as just another sloppy use of the language. I’m sure he meant that the ‘Devil is in the Details’ which you are always bringing forth. LOL

    • Mark Dansie

      that put a smile on my face over breakfast lol

  • Asterix

    Well, this year, Easter Sunday does fall on 420 or “Stoner Day”… Maybe Keshe’s been celebrating in advance.

    Reminds me of Rev. Sun Myung Moon–clearly a self-delusional nutcase that millions followed blindly. He also declared himself to be the Messiah.

  • Mark Dansie

    In my early days of research into Energy I was gullible and believed just about everything told to me, so its been a long journey. I think when you blow your first few thousand its very sobering supporting the snake oil sale-men. The turning point for me was seeing many people being sucked in to a “magnetic motor project” They lost their savings and hard earned money. There is no room for faith when making claims about energy.
    I will continue the search but lower expectations.
    Kind Regards

    • Simon Derricutt

      When we start off looking at the claims, it’s a reasonable thing to think that people will tell the truth. What possible gains do they have if they claim a free energy machine that doesn’t work? As soon as you test it you find out it doesn’t work as claimed. Turns out that they gain quite a bit of money from people who believe them without ever seeing one running.

      One thing the ongoing LENR saga has taught us, though, is that some energy-releasing mechanisms take such specific circumstances that we can build 10 seemingly-identical devices and maybe one will work well and another can show a bit of gain, and the rest may be tested for a long time and show no spark of a reaction. The previous yardstick of a scientific experiment, where if something works you can replicate it anywhere else and get the same results, is no longer a measure of truth. With LENR, it’s possible that we’ll find the specific parameters we didn’t know about (so didn’t control) and get to that point of replicability, but with other free-energy devices there may have been a serendipitous coming-together of circumstances that made a particular setup work at some time and give an anomalous result.

      Some of the crazy ideas may therefore be based in truth. Given the presence (at about 1/6000) in normal Hydrogen of the more-easily-fused Deuterium, and the probabilistic nature of the Boltzmann tail of energy-distribution in a gas, putting a high-energy pulse into water may produce some extra energy. It could be that some combination of frequency, magnetic field and other parameters could improve the chances of that happening. We can’t write off the possibility that someone has found a way of getting the right set of parameters to do this, since we don’t know enough about subatomic properties in condensed matter – another thing LENR has shown us.

      We can however ask for measurements of the anomalous gain. It may not happen all the time, and so there needs to be a lot of data from both successes and failures. Back to the well-tried scientific method and analysing the results. With BLP, for example, we have been told of the successes of their CIHT cells, but if you look at it closely you’ll find big gaps in the cell-numbering which implies that only about 1% of the cells they built worked. The data from the failed ones is important.

      Classical physics dealt with certainties – if you do this then that will happen. Modern physics is centred around probabilities – if you do this a million times then somewhere around 243 times one thing will happen, 56000 times another thing will happen, etc.. Look at the search for the Higgs boson for a feeling of the probabilistic nature and the use of statistics.

      In the search for free (or very cheap) energy, therefore, we need to look at what energy is available and what are the probabilities of being able to get it, and what we can do to increase the chances. Take note of the anomalies – things you didn’t expect to happen but were measured to happen.

      Some things very obviously aren’t worth the time experimenting unless you have a new idea that hasn’t been tested before – here I’d put gravity motors (unless you can make a gravity shield), motor/generator/flywheel combinations and the various magnetic or coil-based ideas. I don’t automatically disbelieve these things will work, but it’s pretty close to that – it needs very solid proof.

      It’s been said that we should keep an open mind, but not so open that our brains drop out. I think that the floors of a Keshe lecture-hall must be awash with grey matter.

  • humblemechanic

    Does Keshe mean manna will be falling from the sky in June? Or did he bring the
    Lagado Labs project to fruition? (see Gulliver’s Travels In the country of Lagado).
    As I said on this thread a while ago, bon appetite Monsieur Keshe. enjoy the fruit
    of your labours and “silflay hraka u embreer ra”, This last bit is in the Lapine language.

  • Chuck Kostrzewa

    Months ago I wrote to Sterling Allen to “come off the cross, some one else needs the wood” now we know who!

  • alpcns .

    I note, with some disappointment, that this “messiah” requires no less than prepayment for his miracles. And even after payment they still don’t work. Is there a thing such as divine warranty? I doubt it.

    I don’t think any further proof -if any was still needed- of Keshe’s utter, complete and total lunacy needs to be provided. The man has lost it completely now. Completely bonkers. Oh, and how’s Fukushima working out for ya, Mehran? Is the rusty nails-and-potato solution working?


    • Titvs

      Geezz, everyone should realise by now that Keshe doesnt play with “all the marbles” (heck, even the Preacher of Positive Belief – PPB – wrote a contained article…). But of course, there will be people that will follow this kind of persons even if they jump of a cliff as history as proven already. This kind of “followers” is well defined, they believe science is an opinion even if you scrub the evidence in their face; they believe we still dont know anything about the universe as if we still lived in the dark ages; people that refuse to vaccinate their children because it causes autism or is a population control mechanism (the same goes to chemtrails); that think resonance in your left toe will cure your hair loss; that think homeopathic medicine is the proven one to work altough it relies almost only on the placebo effect and everything else is big pharma bulliyng tactics; people that deny the moon landings; need i need to continue?
      The truth is, this new age movement based on the stupidification of the general population that lost all the ability to think rationally, mix pseudo-science with religion (i think this is a consequence of desperation because science is gradually making religion obsolete) and become preys to this con artists and it’s supporters and promoters (filled with intolerance and rage when you show them proven experimental data, calling you Satan and NWO conspirators); today represents a real threat to the search for knowledge and truth and should be fought everyday.
      Madness aside, Keshe continues to delay the “delivery” of his tech wich is based on perfect nonsense theories of constitution of matter. Matter that we know today its composition, through experimental observations and validation, but hey those are only mere opinions… :p

      • Mark Dansie

        I could not express the words better, thanks you for your comments

    • humblemechanic

      The next steps in Keshe’s “elevation” bound to be persecution and martyrdom.

  • Richard

    Shouldnt the Messiah be in Fukushima now to clean it from radioactivity?
    Would be a miracle that make me change my mind about Mr. Keshe but I guess he is too busy preparing himself for a longer vaccancy in the house for the very very nervous.

  • Titvs

    It seems there is a group from Netherlands trying to put up together a KF “reactor”:


    From my structural engineer point of view, it seems to be only a spinning ball… What do you guys think?

    • QuestionEverything

      The Belgian Geert Vranckx, the head of the group, is a veteran Keshe follower. He is a mechanics teacher and a skilled craftsman. His Keshe “reactor” is probably the most visually attractive, and many Keshe devotees set high hopes in his work.

      Rationally seen, this “reactor” is just a stainless steel sphere, internally coated with copper(II)oxide (CuO), vacuumed and subsequently filled with small amounts of gases like hydrogen, helium and argon. The sphere is driven by a small electric motor. I don’t see a reason why it should do anything else than just spinning. Therefore the conclusion of the video “The test was generally negative” seems not very surprising.

      There was a significant delay between the recording (April 5th) and the release (April 23rd) of the video. I assume that the group tried to achieve more interesting results in the meantime. Since they haven’t published anything since then, they probably failed.

      • Simon Derricutt

        QE – but it was very nicely made and set up. If the principle worked at all they would likely have seen something. It seems to me that Keshe swiped other (non-working) ideas, put a slight twist on them and claimed it was his. In this case, I think he was misinterpreting John Rohner, who in turn was misinterpreting Papp. Fairly obviously, it’s extremely hard to get energy out of a noble gas, and if you do then the radiation is going to be pretty high – not something you’d want to stand that close to.

        IIRC the Keshe reactor was supposed to produce electricity, not heat. Maybe the design got changed after Keshe looked at Dennis Cravens and decided he could do that as well. Oh well – it doesn’t work anyway. No surprise.

        These sorts of things make me sad, since a lot of good engineering effort and money have been wasted.

    • einsteindavinci

      Could it be that Keshe got the idea for the design after watching the movie Contact? This looks kind of similar to the so called wormhole device in the movie. It appears though that the only place you find wormholes here, would be inside Keshe’s head.

  • Dave

    I followed the PESN web site for some time and found it a useful source of info but honestly I cannot understand why Stirling continues to align himself with Keshe, that too to the point of excusing his latest revelation, which demonstrates him to be nothing more than a pseudo-scientific evangelist. And that is all the guy has demonstrated. For years he has promised free energy, free food and clean water but what has he delivered – a very dodgy lab experiment apparently showing a weight loss? Let us not forget this is the man who claimed to be the brains behind the flying saucer used to down a US drone, yet he cannot recreate 1% of what that would have required. When put on the spot Keshe invents conspiracy, safe in the knowledge that the anti-establishment theorists are there to support him. How convenient his data and models are stolen en-route to Mexico. Are you telling me he didn’t have duplicates? And when faced with an adversary who is not willing to stay quiet, Keshe turns the aggressor. What incarnation of God would resort to the derogatory insults written about Adrianus Van Elshout? You lost your court cases against him didn’t you Mr. Keshe because you could not provide the court with any evidence of what you claimed. Does that sound familiar? It should, because you have difficulty providing evidence of anything you claim, scientific or otherwise. So, without anything to show for years of donations from well-intentioned people, at the start of this year you make the most outlandish promises, culminating in the most outlandish claim of all, that you are the Messiah. Is that all you have left in your bag? Shame on you Keshe.

  • QuestionEverything

    Most readers here probably don’t need to be convinced that Keshe is nothing more than a story teller (to express it in a very polite way), but since Keshe’s drone story was mentioned in the post above, to which many Keshe devotees still cling as a major cornerstone of their faith, here’s an official documentation of the state-owned Iranian news organization Press TV about the capture of the US RQ-170 drone (including pictures of the transport of the downed drone):


    Another Keshe story debunked (not that it had any credibility to begin with).

  • Anothercoilgun

    Keshe will live on through QEG. Look how fast their cult is growing. Keshe kept and keeps his cult alive for a long time now. QEG will be the same way.

  • df NJ

    Zen Buddhist saying: He who says he knows doesn’t know. He who says he doesn’t know does know.

  • Axa-sender SA de CV

    Hey guys, have you visited this link about Keshe: http://www.energeticforum.com/renewable-energy/13583-facts-about-keshe.html
    it is very interesting :)