Ridding the oceans of plastics by turning the waste into valuable fuel
    Fuel Free Refrigeration Using Stored Thermal Energy

    Once again we have been handed and update on this story.

    With the ongoing court case a technical report on the technology was ordered by the court from an independent expert witness. The report was delivered (20 pages long link attached)

    The expert writes in his conclusion: (translated from German)

    On the basis of the available (possible) role of the beryllium magnets, the (stationary) energy balance of the process-based system is presented according to the available information in such a way that a smaller energy input is opposite to a larger energy output Without an energy storage being dissipated inside the system. This corresponds to the classical conception of a perpetual motion machine of the first kind, that is, of a machine that violates the first main point of thermodynamics by generating energy from nothing – a project to which the respected modern academic textbook of the physics of Tipler and Mosca (Op.cit.) States that “the physicists have long shown irrefutably that it is impossible.

    Full document (in German): http://www.boeser-wolf.eu/files/aukw/doc/gutachten-schmid.pdf

    Source: http://www.boeser-wolf.eu/?S=AuKW_Chronik&D=2017-03-31

    The court case continues on the 4th of April.

    Previous updates and story

    It is not often free energy or perpetual motion is on trial. We will keep updating this story as new information comes to hand. Many thanks to Matt to alerting us.

    Basically the Rosch people are trying to challenge a critic who called their free energy claims a scam. It may back fire on them as the Judge has called upon an expert independent witness. Gaia who also took deposits and in some cases full payment for the devices have never received a working product. They have only ever seen a working prototype in the Rosch headquarters (surprise, surprise surprise)

    According to a post by Matt:

    The saga still continues…Two days ago there was part two of the trial against Wolfgang Süß. This time there were present two Rosch CEOs in person, Detlef Dohmen and Mr. Gaedke. Wolfgang had as witnesses three people from GAIA, Roberto Reuter, Christoph Beiser and Horst Burgstaller. As you might remember, GAIA had been seriously fu**ed by Rosch with their 5kW Aukw. The trial was kind of funny. Dohmen was sweating like crazy when being asked, and his attorney felt the urge to remind the judge regularly that it’s not Rosch who is accused. When he was asked if there were any existing “KPPs” (Kinetic Power Plants) he said, yes, two 5MW plants are up and running. The question about where those plants are he answered with “somewhere on this planet”. Why doesn’t he say where exactly? He does not want his customers to be bothered with visitors. Nonsense as usual. One statement from GAIA’s Christoph Beiser, the so called technical director of GAIA, was “all we know is that it works inside the Rosch building, but it does not work in our premises”. Again there was no decision, part three will be happening on April 4th, when the expert will have done the examination. This time he was there but just listened to what was being said by either party.

    According to Wolfgang Süß (translated from German)

    Link:  http://www.boeser-wolf.eu/?S=AuKW_Chronik&D=2017-02-17

    Round 2 at LG Linz

    In a “running process” usually not too much is propagated, while the procedure moves, er, runs … or something similar.

    So it is also with the evil Wolf. But a few words were still allowed him for this chronicle. Yesterday, 3 witnesses were invited and they have, in my opinion, truthfully exclaimed. The Evil Wolf has excused those who have regarded him as a sort of “arch enemy” for so long, and whom he has not really “sweetened” the so-called hopeful life of the community. Roberto Reuter, Horst Burgstaller and Christoph Beiser have yesterday announced truthfully. The wolf does not care if someone is “for” or “against” him. Let the truth come to light. That and only that is important to him.

    For this he even accepted to sit on the “wrong” side of the courtroom.

    And for the first time the Evil Wolf has also passed the face of face to the CEO of Save the Planet AG. And one of the managing directors of ROSCH Innovations Deutschland GmbH.

    When the chairman of the board was asked how many plants were already delivered, he replied: Two. When asked where they were, he did not want to call the places. All he could get out of him was, “You are on this planet.”

    This so hopeful company, which wants to solve all the energy problems of humanity, hides its products. They wanted to “protect” their own customers. Before the evil wolf.

    This really has to be a really bad wolf, this evil wolf … how can one get as an inventor his Nobelpreis, if one must hide his inventions from mankind?

    The deadline for the third negotiating round was set for April 4 at 10 o’clock . Either again in the same room as yesterday (room 114) or in one of the completely new halls, which are just before completion. At this time, the report of the expert appointed by the court, who was present yesterday in the courtroom, should also be available.


    Original Story

    The house of Cards

    One of the big ticket items Rosch and indeed Gaia have relied on recently was validation by a Company called DERKa. They are like TUV in being hired to measure and report of technologies.There is a letter floating around on some of the forums quoting DERKA and all does not seem well.It is translated from German. (thanks Matt for the update)

    1. Gaia can not give out refunds as the money is gone
    2. Now DERKA is not happy with their name being used in brach of an agreement


    Thank you for your e-mail that was forwarded to us by the DERKA branch hall. Please understand that we can only react due to holiday now.

    The client of you mentioned measurement report from 24.06.2016 shall not entitle to disseminate the report public sales and business partners. The excerpts use is prohibited and the use for advertising purposes is not contractually provided.

    The measurement report can be misunderstood by non-specialists and persons who do not know the scope of the assignment, for the incorrect usage. The report relates only to the individual measurements on a system and is not intended as a confirmation of the operation or the operating principle of the system.

    We are the irritations that have arisen here because of improper uses, taking the opportunity to examine our own processes and, where appropriate, to revise with the aim in the future to reduce the risk of misuse.

    Due to the suspicion of misuse of the report we have been prohibited from use with immediate effect.

    We also consider legal action against the use of the measurement report includes sales and business partners of the client.

    In addition, DEKRA has refunded to the prosecutor Stuttgart complaint against unknown for suspected fraud.





    (The above source is in a legal fight with Rosch over defamation)

    I have still failed to get a response from Stuart who has seemed to have vanished in recent weeks

    PS the following Photographs clearly illustrate the promotional Rolls demonstrating a sticker saying “DERKA Proofed


    rosh ffb0e0_Bildschirmfoto_2016-07-15_um_23.58.11

    Previous Updates

    Update again 

    Given Sterling is now not available for comment I am trying to seek Stuart to comment and verify the following post and update (Thanks Matt)

    July 17, 2016

    Update: The Austrian club “GAIA” that promoted and offered the 5kW bubbler has released a paper about a meeting at July 7th. 129 customers gathered to hear about the project. Summary: They give up on the Aukw because they do not get it to work, Rosch seems to have not delivered the original components (which does not necessarily mean that those would have worked anyway), the money from the down payments from customers is gone, GAIA seems to be almost bancrupt, they say they are not able to refund the money. They will now concentrate on developing other energy technologies (WTF?) and they are offering customers 60kW Rosch bubblers with a rebate (WTF?). In other words, the 5kW Aukw is dead.
    Rosch is alive however, they are still showing their 60kW KPP to potential customers and investors. Recently they had it measured by a renowned German company called DEKRA, which is kind of similar to “TÜV” (actually it was their German licensee who ordered the measurements). The report states that the unit ran autonomously and generated about 55kW excess energy, but it also mentions that all measuring points were fixed and given by Rosch, there was no examination of the KPP itself and no search for hidden cables. DEKRA has been informed and they seem to be not amused and will do a revision. Earlier this year Rosch applied for a patent for the bubbler (they claimed for years that they have a”patented technology”, finally they now have at least an application), but they did not apply for an official examination, this has now been done by a third party (which is a very active team from the German allmystery forum). The examination will most probably send the patent to the bin.

    Original story

    I am still smiling after viewing our video of the week regarding the KPP Rosch technology. There are some classic quotes for example “We are not getting more energy out than in we are just changing it” Thank you Matt for the link. We still await the first KPP generator to be delivered and independently confirmed from Gaia. In the mean time more distributors have been appointed and the question remains what happens next.

    nexusNexus has covered the Rosch technology in the latest addition of the magazine  The video accompanied the article. It was titled: “Le KPP génère de l’énergie en mouvement perpétuel !”  (The KPP generates energy in perpetual motion !}

    Link: http://www.nexus.fr/video/planete/le-kpp-genere-de-lenergie-en-mouvement-perpetuel/

    The video appears to have been shot in April and posted recently.

    Other News: In Matt’s words: “There are some news. We now have two official “licensees” of the Rosch “technology”. A Dutch company,www.zilverstroom.com, and a German company called “Die erste KPP GmbH”, www.kpp.one. As usual, they both have their problems with correct units and basic physical facts. 




    Ridding the oceans of plastics by turning the waste into valuable fuel
    Fuel Free Refrigeration Using Stored Thermal Energy
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