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    Photo:KSL News Video Sparks as the lightening strike the antenna of the SUV

    In Utah recently a family travelling in an SUV videoed lightning striking their car. One of the more interesting claims was their portable electronic devices all became fully charged. The story is one of a curiosity from one of the occupants wishing lightning would strike (and it did) to the sensations they felt.

    Is there anything to the instant battery recharging? Most likely not and may have been something imagined, however because of the element of doubt it could have I am sure it will trigger  investigation by some researchers into the possibility. I am sure this will be the topic of much debate in forum circles about the possibility of flash charging batteries. Still the story is worthy on its own. Not every day you get to see lightening striking a vehicle on the move with a happy ending.


    [youtube sracJkR6Pa8]

    Story Details

    A family was struck by lightning while driving in their car in southern Utah – and they caught the whole thing on camera.Taylor, Denham and Tanner Morlock were driving with their dad through torrential rain when Taylor remarked, ‘I hope we get hit by lightning.’Moments later, his wish was granted when their SUV’s antenna was struck by a bolt of lightning.

    The car’s antenna was completely burnt out and all the electrical gauges shut off. No one was injured, but the lightning bolt also blew three of the car’s tires and the family had to wait for a tow truck. The family told KSL that several of their cellphones and gaming devices in the car had dead batteries, but after the lighting strike, the electronics were all fully charged again.

    Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2388032/Captured-camera-The-moment-lightning-hits-car-boy-wishes-lightning-strike.html?ito=feeds-newsxml



    Turning the Tide on Fossil Fuels for Power Generation
    Clean Nuclear Is A Reality: Thorium
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