Mark Dansie

    Mark Dansie


    Mark Dansie, a world renowned evaluator of energy technology is currently a  partner in an energy research company. 

    They have been developing several new energy concepts and applying new and existing energy technologies to applications that will benefit humanity and  the environment. 
    In the last 7 years Mark has traveled the world evaluating many new and free technology claims. He specializes in magnetic motor and HHO gas evaluations, but has reviewed many other technologies. He is a speaker at several energy conferences and is often sought out by media for commentary and interviews. His catch cry is “show me the data” as he is a believer in scientific methodology when evaluating claims. Previously, Mark studied Industrial design Adelaide School of Arts, Managed  several commercial businesses at an Australian University including the Press, Communications and Internet company. Mark was also CEO of a regional public housing company in Australia. 


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