Hone heat collector
    New metallic glass bounces

    The Tuscon is an electric car with a fuel cell fed by compressed hydrogen.  You can lease it in California for  $440 a month and Hyundai will pay for three years of H fuel.


    The Hyundai is basically an electric car with a fuel cell fed by compressed hydrogen in place of a lithium-ion battery. A pair of tanks hold 5.6 kilograms of hydrogen at 69,000 kilopascals (10,000 psi). It flows into a fuel cell, where electrons are stripped from hydrogen atoms, creating ions that flow one way as electricity flows the other way, powering an electric motor. Then the ions combine with oxygen in the air to form water vapor—the only emission.

    The Tucson drives like any electric car, only slower than most. Figure more than 10 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour (62 miles per hour). That’s what you get when a 99-kilowatt (134-horsepower) AC motor must move about 2 metric tons of SUV.

    The advantages of hydrogen include good, old-fashioned fill-ups, taking not much longer than a gasoline stop, and also a reasonable driving range of 426 km (265 miles), according to Hyundai.

    As for the “where,” there are fewer than 10 public hydrogen stations in California. However, the state plans to invest $47 million to open another 28 stations and to bring that number up to 100 over a decade.


    Deal for the  2016 Tucson Fuel Cell

    $499/month ($440 after government rebate)

    • • Free Fuel
    • • Free Concierge Maintenance
    • • HOV Lane Access

    36-month lease, $2,999 due at lease signing. Excludes fees and taxes.

    At this time the vehicle is only available for lease. In addition, there is no purchase option at the end of the lease.



    Hone heat collector
    New metallic glass bounces
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