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    Leroy Essek alerted us to some updates on the JOI Website. There is still very little technical information. I felt it was worthwhile running the story again.

    Link: http://joiscientific.com/overview/

    Until I see the process, review data or understand the economics this will still remain a mystery. They appear to have some quality people involved and are a lot more professional than the Solar-Hydrogen trends three ring circus. I think this one is worth following for a while. One interesting aspect that has come to light it uses a commonly available feed stock. In the past aluminium has been used but the costs have been prohibitive. It will be interesting to find out what this feed stock is as that will ultimately determine the economics.

    This patent may have some clues of insights to the process, but this is yet to be confirmed if any of this is relevant as it is 6 years old. Since then I understand they have improved significantly.



    This press release is recent BUSINESS WIRE


    oi Scientific™ Inc., a clean energy company that produces hydrogen gas safely, affordably and with no carbon emissions, today announced the recent closing of its Series A Round funding. The company raised more than $5 million in the over-subscribed round.

    The funds will be used to advance the product development and commercialization of its proprietary Hydrogen 2.0™ technology. Hydrogen 2.0 is the world’s first on-demand hydrogen production process based on the clean and cost-effective extraction of hydrogen from water at the point-of-use.

    “Hydrogen has proven too costly and carbon-intensive to extract, and too expensive and cumbersome to safely transport and store. Until now, the production and use of hydrogen as a fuel have been neither practical nor very clean,” explained Traver Kennedy, Chairman and CEO of Joi Scientific. “Joi Scientific’s Hydrogen 2.0 technology is a new approach to make hydrogen a practical, clean and cost competitive energy source. It is no longer just an energy carrier.”

    Lead investor in Joi Scientific is Silicon Valley veteran Dean S. Woodman, who opened Merrill Lynch’s first satellite investment banking office in San Francisco in 1965 and co-founded investment bank Robertson Colman Stephens and Woodman in 1978. More recently, he was a co-founder and seed round investor of his son’s sports camera company, GoPro, Inc. Woodman has been joined by a number of private capital sources in Joi Scientific’s multi-million, Series-A funding.

    “As an impact investor, I seek to back organizations with potentially disruptive ideas that can fundamentally change the world,” states Dean Woodman, of Woodman Family Investments LLC, “Joi Scientific is a company that can change the world quite significantly. It is inevitable that hydrogen will be the fuel of the future, as it is abundant and clean. But to get there, we needed to solve the major challenges of delivering economical, on-site production—and Joi Scientific has done exactly that.”

    Additional information about Joi Scientific, the company’s technology and its customers will be available later in 2016. Learn more about the team behind Joi Scientific and Hydrogen 2.0 at www.joiscientific.com/the-team

    About Joi Scientific

    Joi Scientific was founded by a group of global business leaders, technologists and social entrepreneurs who believe that plentiful hydrogen holds the key to giving the world a viable, no-compromise energy alternative. The company’s Hydrogen 2.0 solution is the world’s first hydrogen production process that is on-demand, economically competitive, and environmentally neutral. The company is licensing its Hydrogen 2.0 technologies to a wide range of major power industries including electrical generation, heat generation, transportation, and specialty power. Joi Scientific is headquartered at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

    Twitter: @JoiScientific

    Joi Scientific™ and Hydrogen 2.0™ are trademarks of Joi Scientific, Inc. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners.


    James Kennedy, +44 (0)20 8392 4091
    Joi Scientific
    Vicky Harris, 954.557.8163

    Original Story

    Hundreds of companies over the years have claimed a breakthrough in hydrogen production. This is the latest from JOI Scientific from Florida.

    Thanks John for the story


    Hydrogen is the most abundant fuel on the planet. The trouble is it is normally bonded or locked to other elements. To break the bonds requires more energy that can be recovered (Electrolysis) or a consumable to chemically unlock the bond. As we saw with Solar trends earlier this year, many claims of low energy inputs fail to reveal the chemical reactions involved. The holy grail is to unlock the hydrogen with minimal energy and or consumables. To date this has not been achieved.

    The second problem is storage. The molecules are so small it leaks through anything being compounded by hydrogen being highly flammable. Not ideal for distribution. This problem is overcome with making hydrogen on demand at the point of use..

    JOI Scientific claims to be able to produce hydrogen on the spot with very little energy input.The energy is only used at the start the process and enough hydrogen is produced to sustain the reaction and produce surplus hydrogen. The big question are: they claim a small electrical input triggers a chemical reaction? What consumable is used in the chemical reaction?

    They are not revealing much information until 2016 about the process and are busy doing another funding round.

    One reason I published this story is the excellent video explaining the hydrogen.

    Other Media

    The following is a small excerpt from a story by Paul Brinkmann that  appeared in the Orlando Sentinel. he has an exclusive interview the company with some great insights


    “Stealth company claims hydrogen fuel breakthrough at Space Center

    Called Joi Scientific, the company claims to have found a revolutionary process to create hydrogen fuel from water – a new green source of energy.


    There is very little technical information here, we have to wait and see. I rank this as a chance as they have serious investors and a real scientific and engineering research team. They also raised money from companies that do due diligence. This is the complete opposite of the circus act that was called Solar Hydrogen trends that turned out to be a elementary  school science project.

    The key is the consumable that is used in the chemical reaction, the cost and how easy it is to reverse.


    Orbo O-Cube Update
    Video of the week: Free Energy Overunity BULL***T!
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