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    I received this email a few days ago and since we strive to be open minded to new concepts I thought it was worth while publishing. I always admire those with imagination, drive and passion for what they do. I am sure this will promote some discussion. My personal opinion is it is out of my range of reality. There is also a book being promoted here. I received the details of the book in anotehr email. I have not read it (and have not got time to). So treat this as an entertainment piece (like the arts section of a newspaper)

    clip_image002 (1)Aim: Obtaining Energy from the Earth’s Spin Force

    Buryl Payne, Ph. D.


    A rotational, or spin force, around the human body was first discovered centuries ago and has been rediscovered by others ever since then.¹,2

    I rediscovered it thirty years ago and found it to be present not only around the human body but, apparently all living organisms. I dedicated years of careful research to trying to understand this force; found that it was partially dependent upon solar activity, lunar phase, and human vitality. It is estimated to be about a million times as large in amplitude as the magnetic fields of body’s heart or brain. Careful experiments clearly showed that this force causes material objects to move.

    Its existence can be validated inexpensively and easily by anyone in an hour, with simple household materials and a few magnets (magnets make the effect larger). A frame, of any roughly circular shape, about 16 inches in diameter, when suspended by a light string, will oscillate a few degrees.

    The frame can be of any material; wood, plastic, or metal, of any size and hung from any height above the head greater than a few feet.

    In modern times Russian scientists found a similar rotational force to be present around inorganic materials when they were spun at high speeds. It seems much weaker around inorganic materials than organic. They called it ‘torsion’ energy. 3,4

     Basic Science:

    This is a new type of force. It is not thermal, gravitational, electric, or magnetic. What is called ‘magnetism’ in Western-European culture may be a special case of a more general spin force. Tesla referred to a ‘higher octave of magnetism’ not generally known in his time.

    I have collected my experiments and observations together in a book called “The Spin Force”. It is available now as an e-book5. Articles by Russian scientists are available on the internet, although a collection in book form is not yet available3.

    Relationship of the Spin Force to Orthodox Science:

    Spin is a common property or aspect of all matter. In physics a postulated spin around subatomic particles is basic to the quantum theory. Spin is considered to be a two valued quantity, indicated in half units and an up or down parameter. Even light is said to have a spin.

    Atoms as a whole have a spin, as do molecules, and biological cells. It is a natural extension to find a mechanical spin around living organisms and especially the human body. Yet a human body does not normally show the presence of a large magnetic field like that around an iron magnet. If it did compasses would never accurately work in our presence. Spin is not magnetism, though it is related to it. We’ll leave this conundrum to other physicists.

    Most stellar objects spin. Interstellar molecules have been found with the property of spin. Asteroids spin, and at least two asteroids have been found which have satellites! Most of the planets spin. All the stars spin; the galaxies spin, and two astronomers maintain that the data shows the whole known universe spins.

    Converting the Spin Force to Usable Electric Power

    Since it moves matter, it probably can be transformed into electricity.

    While researching this spin force around the human body I realized that the spin force of the Earth might be tapped as an industrial power source, an alternative energy. The spin force is not necessarily the Earth’s rotation, but is a name for that which drives the Earth’s rotation. Bjoorn Vlistigk, an investigator in Denmark, built a giant apparatus, like the kind I used and claimed to generate up to 5,000 watts from it. He used this power generation to light a string of one hundred, 50-watt, light bulbs. 6


    There will be two approaches, blending into the one aim of extracting energy from the Earth’s spin force.

    I. Building devices as big as Bjorn Vlistigk’s model, exploring variations, and moving them as far towards the pole as feasible and near the equator to maximize output.

    II. Working with a team to develop novel plans for action in related areas and with different devices to extract energy from the spin force.

    One of the greatest developments of the 20th century was a methodology to create new inventions. This is a group process developed by the company called Synectics, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For a short time I was Director of Training and research, further developing these techniques. While working at Synectics I gave the idea for the Granola bar to General Mills, developed and patented the first Biofeedback instrument (licensed to Radio Shack) and helped develop other inventions and new techniques. One time with a few friends, using this creativity method, we developed a technique for gravity control, but chose not to publicize it because of concerns that it would be used for military purposes.

    This wonderful creativity tool can be applied to develop new ideas, inventions, devices, instruments, techniques, business plans, political strategy or cooperation in any area. Since working for this company and learning the techniques, I have been so creative it’s almost a curse instead of a blessing. I am the inventor of a handful of bio-feedback and magnetic therapy machines and the author of books on these and other subjects. My limitations have always been in the area of product marketing (as I am educated as a scientist, not a businessman). A group using these creative processes has far more potential than any individual.

    For purposes of developing alternative energy a group would be formed. (Eight people is the ideal size).

    Presently, my team consists of my son and myself, so only six more people are desired, at least one of whom should be naive, perhaps not educated in science or at least physics. Younger people, even teenagers are often more creative than adults. Their minds have not been pre-crystallized by narrow education.

    Please give me any ideas you might have, no matter how crazy they sound.

    Email Address: buryl@buryl.com


    1A New Device which Detects and Measures an Energy Field Around the Human Body. American Journal of Acupuncture, Vol. 11, No. 4, Dec. 1983.

     2 The Biofield: A Different Type of Magnetism? Nexus, Vol. 15, No. 4, June-July 2008.

    3Alexander A. Shpilman  Spin Field Generator”. Unpublished, but available on the web.
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     6Associated Press article (author unknown), “Danish Scientist Harnesses “Human Energy” Field.” This is an article about Dr. Bjoorn Vlistigk, who reported obtaining 5,000 watts from a large bio-field meter.

    Email Address: buryl@buryl.com




    QEG " It's not up to us to prove the technology works" HopeGirl
    300 MPG VW Update
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