420 Energy Storage Projects Worldwide Total 123 GWh
    Priza Technologies: Energy From The Vacuum


     I was going to write a story ” What Ever Happened To?” However I fell asleep after reading hundreds of pages depositions from the SEC case regarding John Rohner’s Papp Engine Technology. So I thought, given I am brain dead, why not throw it open to our readers.

    Is there a topic or point of view you want discussed? Place a comment here with your suggestion and/or email me markdansie@gmail.com. It can be a renewable technology, an overunity claim or anything you like. I will get the whole team to assist in the response.

    Over t he years I have investigated many types of devices including magnetic motors, self looped generators and even Joe Cells. I am happy to draw on those experiences. We have a team of excellent advisers who will also put put in their 10 cents. So if you really want to know about something and too scared to ask here is your chance.

    Alien Encounters

    I received a few emails this week saying I was not open minded enough to be reporting on all things associated with Free energy and overunity. So I thought I would share a recent encounter MJ (our IT specialist) pictured right, and myself  had  with an Alien in the Philippines. I have provide photographic evidence below so it is real. You will note the special yellow gravity boots and what is not shown is his wings like a bumble bee.

    MJ and i were given a rare opportunity to question the Alien.

    1.  Where did you come from?   A. No answer
    2.  What religion do Aliens follow? A  No Answer
    3. Had he met with any one from NASA?  A No Answer
    4. I asked if he had any Free Energy Devices? A yes...but latter we found out he misunderstood that to mean free samples and gave us a coloring book and a balloon each

    He then proceeded to hand Mj and myself French Fries and other foods a a good will gesture.

    It was also observed that young children were attracted to the Alien and squealed with delight, a bit like babies reactions to the Keppe Fan

    Jolly Bee 2

    420 Energy Storage Projects Worldwide Total 123 GWh
    Priza Technologies: Energy From The Vacuum
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