Smart toys without the batteries

    The greatest challenge in entertaining young children is keeping their toys powered up. Now, one group reports in the journal ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering that they are one step closer to battery-free interactive games. Researchers must have a way to...
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    New Hydrocarbon Fuel Cells With High Efficiency and Low Cost

    Editors Note:  Fuel cells have a great future also.  So let's give them a round of applause.  Agcat   The commercialization of the 'natural gas fuel cell' has finally come to the fore, thanks to the recent development of electrode materials that maintain...
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    Quantum Simulator With 51 Qbits is Largest Ever

    Editors Note:  It was said t could not be done...ask the Wright Brothers...ooops they are gone but look at what they started.  Agcat   A team in the US has created a simulator with 51 quantum bits – the largest of its kind so far. Mikhail Lukin at Harvard...
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    KPP Rosch Innovations: The saga of free energy on trial ends for now.

    We have been covering the court case and the Rosch innovations Free Energy Claims for years. This is in the form of a buoyancy machine. I have an interest as I have been threatened along with many others who write on sites (like etc)  about having us...
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    World’s Brightest Laser Could Pave Way for Lower-Radiation X-Rays

    Editors Note:  There is much research done in the area of light.  This light use has side affects that are seen to be beneficial.  There is yet more that will come about light and it's use in many fields of research and development.  Agcat   The world's brightest...
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    Making lab equipment on the cheap

    Laboratory equipment is one of the largest cost factors in research. However, many experiments can be performed with good results using self-assembled setups involving 3-D printed components and self-programmed electronics. Many of our readers are inventors often with...
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    Lawbreaking Particles May Point to a Previously Unknown Force in the Universe

    Editors Note:  Particle Physics and nanotechnology and what will come next.  What will come next will be mind boggling.  Agcat   For decades physicists have sought signs of misbehaving particles—evidence of subtle cracks in the “Standard Model” of particle...
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    Solar: Rooftop concentrating photovoltaic wins over silicon in outdoor testing

    A concentrating photovoltaic system with embedded microtracking can produce over 50 percent more energy per day than standard silicon solar cells in a head-to-head competition, according to a team of engineers who field tested a prototype unit over two sunny days last...
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    Team develops fast, cheap method to make supercapacitor electrodes

    UW team develops fast, cheap method to make supercapacitor electrodes for electric cars, high-powered lasers Cost and speed Supercapacitors are an aptly named type of device that can store and deliver energy faster than conventional batteries. They are in high demand...
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    Using the Right Testing Equipment Robert Murray Smith

    The number one failure I have found for energy inventions and claims is how they have measured the performance of their claim. This has been been a very big criticism of Robert Murray Smith for man years from many critics. We all know he is a rather clever man with a...
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    HHO (Hydrogen) Injection in Diesels….The Truth

    I have been receiving a lot of emails lately about HHO in recent weeks. I spent a great deal of my time in this field over about 10 years. I felt it was time to republish this article I wrote 4 years ago. Results of testing diesel engines with Hydrogen and HHO...
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    Fluorine Lends White Graphene New Qualities

    Editors Note: Graphene, one of the latest miracle materials that has been found.  We can add this apparently to a fast growing list of breakthrough items.  Agcat July 14 (UPI) -- With just a bit of fluorine, white graphene becomes a wide-bandgap semiconductor with...
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    What if you could grow biofuels on land nobody wants, using just seawater and sunlight, and produce food at the same time?

    We often try and find solutions looking at things is a singular way. For instance producing bio fuels can consume food production resources, water and given the energy used to harvest and process, not all that carbon friendly. The following is genius in it is a whole...
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    We are getting closer to renewable crude oil production.

    The following article is from a post by our regular contributor Stephane. It deserves its own headline. Crude oil production becoming personal & networked A significant technology advancement 30 years ago was about...
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    40 KPH electric hydrofoil surfboard set to launch in September

    This is one of those products that does not serve humanity but falls in the self indulgent category of "I want one of these" The power of the eFoil electric hydrofoil surfboard is controlled by a wireless hand controller and the rider's "body English," with the...
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    The Case for Airborne Wind Energy

    The technology of Airborne Wind Energy AWE has progressed  recently as many developers prepare to sell them. Will they really take off? A new report has been released regarding these devices titled  "Airborne Wind Energy" 2017-2027.  You can get a copy for a few...

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