Electric Eel Inspires Bio-Friendly Power Source, What Happens Next May Shock You •December 14, 2017

    Electric eels generate voltage through long stacks of thin cells that run end-on-end through their bodies. Called electrocytes, these cells create electricity by allowing sodium ions to rush into one end and potassium ions out the other, all at the same time.

    Breakthroughs Could Make Commercial Laser Nuclear Fusion Through Billion Times Improvements In Yield

    A research paper claims experimentally confirmed reaction gains one billion times higher than the classical values, placing it far ahead any DT fusion approaches. Lasers are being demonstrated as more and more important in scientific research and in the access to new processes.

    A new kind of fusion, known as quark fusion

    Physicists have confirmed the existence of a doubly charmed baryon, opening the door to an entirely new kind of fusion, known as quark fusion. The following article appeared in a question and answer format in the Christian Science Monitor...

    Major advance in cold fusion touted as energy solution: Bullshit

    The following is a letter to the editor of the Daily Times. It appears Rossi has raised his head again. After years of deceiving many and always being debunked it appears a new generation of fools can be found. Why am I so sure? To quote "It is important to recognize...

    Angat Christmas Thank You

    Thank you to all of you who helped us reach our goal for our Angat Christmas appeal.  We raised the full amount and more. The excess funds will go to expand the education program.  We wish you all a happy Christmas and you should  feel proud you were part of making a...

    Battery research could triple range of electric vehicles

    I thought our readers might be missing the battery stories.  They even copy each others headlines now days. The good news is a lot of people are researching chasing the holy grail of battery technology. Triple the range of electric vehicles. New research at the...

    Using electrostatic fields to manipulate plants and animals

    One of our readers sent me this link to an article featured at REX Research. He suggested a few of us could experiment with this. having a Van De Graaf and Wimshurst  generator in my lab this would be easy to do. The question is should we? "Primeval Code" reactivated:...

    Holography- Based 3D Printing Produces Objects In Seconds Instead of Hours

    new holographic printing technique makes it possible to create the entire thing at once — in as little as a second or two, quickly producing the desired structure.

    Bristol scientists turn beer into fuel

    This could be a waste of beer in my opinion. Perhaps they should turn fuel into beer?  Chemists at the University of Bristol have made the first steps towards making sustainable petrol using beer as a key ingredient. It is commonly accepted that there is an urgent...

    Researchers 3D-print WiFi-connected Objects That Don’t Need Power – The Objects Contain Antennas That Reflect Surrounding WiFi Signals.

    “But the big challenge is how do you communicate wirelessly with WiFi using only plastic? That’s something that no one has been able to do before.”  To do this, the team used things like 3D-printed springs, gears and switches that could be used to translate motion into antenna-transmitted information.

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