Trucks Go Electric with Power Electronics

    Without much fanfare, some of the world’s largest corporations have started to employ electric trucks.

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    Salt Could Supercharge Storage Batteries – Humble Salt Could Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Salt Could Supercharge Storage Batteries.  Humble salt could replace lithium-ion batteries as an energy storage source for a fifth of the cost, and without the ethical concerns. Should Salt Batteries get further development there is great things expected

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    Battery kits becoming mainstream

    DIY battery connection systems are getting affordable and interesting

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    A new miniature solution for storing renewable energy

    Novel two-dimensional, metal organic hybrids efficiently move charge, eventually storing renewable energy Metal-organic frameworks Scientists have long searched for the next generation of materials that can catalyze a revolution in renewable energy harvesting and...
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    Organic/inorganic sulfur may be key for safe rechargeable lithium batteries

    Back 5 years ago we had a proliferation of "free energy Stories". Today we only see the odd story posted normally by the latest scam. In its place we now have a proliferation of battery and energy storage stories. Its great what imagination, science and a bag load of...
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    The Papp Engine – Update on John Rohner.

    I thought the following comment posted was worthy of featuring an update on this story. I had met John and many of his family members when investigating this technology as an invited guest of a potential investor. We featured many stories on this and similar...
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    Air-breathing’ battery could cut costs of renewable energy storage

    MIT researchers have developed an "air-breathing" battery that could store electricity for very long durations for about one-fifth the cost of current technologies, with minimal location restraints and zero emissions. The battery could be used to make sporadic...
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    Low-cost battery from waste graphite

    Empa and ETH Zürich researchers have discovered promising approaches as to how we might produce batteries out of waste graphite and scrap metal. These may not be suitable for electric cars but would be great for home and grid applications A battery out of the most...
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    Game-Changing Yanmar 50 HP Turbo Diesel Outboard Motor Begins Production

    The Yanmar Dtorque 111 is lighter and more compact than petrol engines of similar capacity, has double the engine life, is much smoother, offers much better fuel consumption and running costs, produces significantly less toxic emissions, here is a chance to push diesel engines into use in polluted areas

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    Sodium may offer more cost-effective storage than lithium

    With materials constituting about one-quarter of a battery's price, the cost of lithium – about $15,000 a ton to mine and refine – looms large. That's why the Stanford team is basing its battery on widely available sodium-based electrode material that costs just $150...
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    An electric bus has travelled more than 1,000 miles on a single charge.

    An 40ft Catalyst E2 Max bus - designed by Californian company Proterra - went 1,102.2 miles on a testing ground in New Carlisle, Indiana.The previous record of 1,013.76 miles was set by a light-duty passenger electric vehicle 46 times lighter than the bus. Big battery...
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    Huge energy potential in open ocean wind farms in the North Atlantic

    In wintertime, North Atlantic wind farms could provide sufficient energy to meet all of civilization's current needs. Wind speeds are higher on average over ocean than over land There is considerable opportunity for generating wind power in the open ocean,...
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    Energy against the current on a quantum scale, without contradicting the laws of physics

    A piece of research in which the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country has participated confirms that merely observing a flow of energy or particles can change its direction   Watching, changes the state of the system This is the main result obtained by the...
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    Direct activation of CO2 and CH4 into liquid fuels and chemicals

    Researchers from the University of Liverpool have made a significant breakthrough in the direct conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) into liquid fuels and chemicals which could help industry to reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst producing valuable...
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    ‘Squirtable’ Elastic Surgical Glue Seals Wounds In 60 Seconds Emergency Treatments Could Be Transformed, Saving Lives

    ‘Squirtable’ Elastic Surgical Glue Seals Wounds In 60 Seconds Emergency Treatments Could Be Transformed, Saving Lives – A highly elastic and adhesive surgical glue that quickly seals wounds without the need for common staples or sutures could transform how surgeries are performed.  Biomedical engineers from the University of Sydney and the United States collaborated on the development of the potentially life-saving surgical glue, called MeTro.

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    Corkscrew Hydroelectric Generators

        Hydroelectric power generation has been around for decades. However, the the major con to building hydroelectric dams is the vast footprint they leave on our planet. While reservoirs serve other purposes than just power generation, there are only a...

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