Mercedes Owner Daimler Drives Electric Truck Push With Multi-Million Dollar Investment In StoreDot

    Mercedes Benz is not only driving the electric truck push but has definite plans that they are acting upon to push the electric car market. there will be difficulties yet to be overcome but they are not a defeating point as nothing yet has deterred large companies from making break through after break through. Now there is a five minut battery recharge time and it has been proven

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    World’s first electric dump truck uses gravity power to recharge

    I thought we might continue with the gravity theme. This is project is very innovative and shows how gravity can be put to use  " the electric dumper truck will even harvest more electricity while traveling downhill than it needs for the ascent" A collection...
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    Gravitational waves may oscillate, just like neutrinos

    I thought it timely given the debate in our comments section to run a story on Gravity and one of the latest theories. Perhaps wayne may care to comment on how this relates to his theories on how gravity works? Using data from the first-ever gravitational waves...
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    The PLIMP airship

    With the lift of a plane, with the control of a helicopter and the buoyancy of a blimp,  you have the  PLIMP Airship. A patented plane-blimp hybrid, the PLIMP Airship features dynamic wings―enabling it to hover, dip, ascend, bank, or spin. I really like this concept...
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    Novel lithium electrodes coated with indium could be the basis for more powerful, longer-lasting, rechargeable batteries.

    I am back from my break. Many thanks to Agcat, Andre and Simon for posting some fascinating technology stories. I will start with a battery story (I can hear the groans already)  Agcat is nearly 80 years old and I hope to have a mind as active as his at that age. The...
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    3D-Printed Alloys Could Lead To Lighter Planes That Fly Further

    Thank you Agcat for this story. I updated it with a video (thanks CTTT) Editors Note:  Lighter aircraft and other products through 3D metal printing.  This has been expected for many years, now it arrives, will our products we use cost less from this advance? - Agcat...
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    Physicists Make Major Breakthrough On Einstein’s Photoelectric Effect

    Editors Note:  Eienstein, experts are working on his theories still and finding juicy items of interest - Agcat Physicists Make Major Breakthrough On Einstein's Photoelectric Effect - On Einstein's Photoelectric Effect - When Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize in...
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    Japanese Scientists Aim To Turn Ocean Wave Energy Into Electricity – Ocean Power Turbines

    Editors Note:  a lot of articles have appeared over the years about under ocean surface, wave turbines harnessing the power of the ocean waves and tides.  Take a look - Agcat Japanese Scientists Aim To Turn Ocean Wave Energy Into Electricity - Sept. - Ocean Power...
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    Cassini: gone down in a blaze of glory

    Cassini was one of the most remarkable scientific missions

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    Scientists Create Synthetic Muscle That Can Lift 1,000 Times Its Own Weight

    3D printing used to create a rubber like the rubber-like synthetic muscle that expands and contracts like its biological counterpart. Creatin more human like robots is predicted to be possible.

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    Nano Discovery Could Halt Counterfeiters

    Will this stop the fake money business of crooks?  Time will tell.  Nothing to date has stopped making false currency,  Counterfeiters have always been very resourceful in the past, let’s see what they do with this challenge?

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    The ‘Tesla of Buses’ Just Set A Range Record That Could Spell The End For Diesel Buses

    The ‘Tesla of Buses’ Just Set A Range Record That Could Spell The End For Diesel Buses – Tesla of Buses-just-set-range-record-spell-end-diesel-buses/

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    Self-Healing Catalysts Make It Easier To Store Solar Energy With Water

    Self-Healing Catalysts Make It Easier To Store Solar Energy With Water – self-healing-catalysts-make-easier-store-solar-energy-water

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    Step Towards Better ‘Beyond Lithium’ Batteries – Lithium Batteries Have They Been Superseded?

    ep Towards Better ‘Beyond Lithium’ Batteries – Lithium Batteries Have Been Superceded? – Revolution-Green
    Slug lithium batteries be superseded?

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    A New Microscope Can Quickly Generate 3D Images Of Living Organisms

    A New Microscope Can Quickly Generate 3D Images Of Living Organisms – new-microscope-can-quickly-generate-3d-images-living-organisms making life like views possible

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    Power on a Beam of Light

        Lockheed Martin Performs First Ever Outdoor Flight Test Of Laser Powered UAS Lockheed Martin, the contractor most known for it's role in the development of US 5th generation Jets such as the F-22 Raptor, has achieved a exciting breakthrough in wireless...

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    [jbox] Physics Today A premium magazine looking at the cutting edge of energy research [/jbox] [jbox] Renewable Energy World As the name suggests a great source of stories on alternative energy

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    [jbox] Global Breakthrough Energy Conference Best conference in the world to do with alternative energy , health and thinking [/jbox] [jbox] Teslatek Conference (Extra Ordinary Technology) Annual event in USA with some interesting speakers...

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    [jbox] Smart Scarecrow Weekly show casing scientist, engineers and experimenters with lot of break through energy news [/jbox] [jbox] Green Energy TV Large collection of videos on all things green

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