Japanese Scientists Invent floating ‘Firefly’ Light

    “Ultimately, my hope is that such tiny objects will have smartphone capabilities and be built to float about helping us in our everyday lives in smarter ways,” said the University of Tokyo professor, who hopes it will be commercially viable in five to 10 years.

    World’s first solar fuels reactor for night passes test

    Solar powered chemistry has one downfall -- reactions stop at night. Now scientists have a solution. A solar reactor that runs on air International solar thermal energy researchers have successfully tested CONTISOL, a solar reactor that runs on air, able to make any...

    Physicists Confirm The Existence of A New Superionic Form Of Water

    An original state, both solid and liquid at the same time: this is the latest news on a substance -water- so familiar to everyone but which appears to hold always fresh surprises for scientists. Its name is “superionic water”; it doesn’t exist on Earth but it could be abundant inside certain planets of the solar system such as Uranus and Neptune and on many of the exoplanets of more recent discovery.

    The Ongoing Battle Between Quantum And Classical Computers

    And the goalposts are shifting. “When it comes to saying where the supremacy threshold is, it depends on how good the best classical algorithms are,” said John Preskill, a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology. “As they get better, we have to move that boundary.”

    Palmreaders? Japan Team Builds Second Skin Message Display

    “Because this device can stretch, we now can paste a display on things with complex shapes, like skin,” Someya said.  It can be placed on the human body for a week without causing skin inflammation, and is light enough that users might eventually even forget they are wearing it.

    A New Form Of Light Could Power Next-Gen Quantum Computers

    When you throw certain elements together like hydrogen or oxygen, they can bond in pairs or even triplets, forming O2 (oxygen) or O3 (ozone), for instance. Shine two flashlights together, however and … crickets. The photons simply pass through each other like phantoms and there’s no reaction whatsoever. That’s because they have no mass or charge, though they can become highly energized in the form of X-rays or gamma rays.

    MIT’s Thermal Resonator Generates Electricity From The Air’s Daily Temperature Cycle

    The active component of the thermal resonator is a foam made up of copper or nickel that is infused with a phase-changing wax known as octadecane, which liquifies and solidifies at certain temperatures. The foamy mix is coated in a layer of graphene, which is an excellent thermal conductor.

    Converting heat into electricity with pencil and paper

    The thermoelectric effect is nothing new - it was discovered almost 200 years ago by Thomas J. Seebeck. If two different metals are brought together, then an electrical voltage can develop if one metal is warmer than the other. This effect allows residual heat to be...

    Iceland Expects to Use More Electricity Mining Bitcoin Than Powering Homes

    The Energy Gods have gone crazy. Footnote: I mined a cryptocurrency 4 years ago which I converted to bitcoin then cash. I stopped when the electricity costs exceeded the value of mined coins. Lucky I kept a few (they were worthless) however managed to cash them in...

    Super Wood Could Replace Steel

    This is a great story and more importantly saves energy in producing manufacturing and construction material. Most of all it is away to replace steel and other metals with a renewable resource rather than finite supplies. Wood more than ten times times stronger...

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