Particle Physics: ‘Mind-Bending’ Negative Mass Device Reveals New Way To Create Lasers

    The researchers outfitted the microcavity with a semiconductor made from two chemical elements, one that is metallic and one that is not. This particular semiconductor was about the width of an atom, which is more than a million times smaller than a human hair.

    Researchers Find A New Approach For Producing Hydrogen Gas Which Can Be Used To Develop Economical Green Fuel

    ydrogen gas generated from various organic transformations indicated the successful performance of the new catalyst. “After completion of the reaction, the catalyst can be recovered to reuse for further reactions, simply by using a magnet,” Garima Jaiswal, a member of the research team, told India Science Wire.

    New Rechargeable Batteries That Use Iron Instead Of Cobalt Could Be A Game Changer For Electric Cars

    It would be a dull month if a new rechargeable battery project didn’t make headlines amid all the excitement surrounding electric cars. This month’s indisputable winner is the lithium-ion battery that replaces cobalt with iron, and-rather surprisingly-works, at least according to the people who came up with the idea.

    Fisker’s Luxury Electric Car Might Be A Tesla Killer

    Fisker has launched its Emotion electric luxury saloon at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – and there’s a vegan option.  The long-awaited Tesla rival, with eye-catching looks and dramatic ‘butterfly’ doors, has a non-animal interior available for those who don’t want the premium leather interior of the show car.

    Intel Has 49 Qubit Superconducting Quantum Chip And A Neuromorphic Chip

    CEO Brian Krzanich calling it a major breakthrough in quantum computing and the next step to quantum supremacy (when quantum computers are faster than classical computers).  Intel has a neuromorphic computing chip.

    Triple Meltdown: How So Many Researchers Found A 20-Year-Old Chip Flaw At The Same Time

    “It was really, really scary,” Gruss says. “You don’t expect your private conversations to come out of a program with no permissions at all to access that data.” You thought you computer software to protect your computer could do the job?

    The Quantum Computing Apocalypse Is Imminent

    Taking advantage of the physical “spin” of quantum elements, a quantum computer will be able to process simultaneously the same data in different ways, enabling it to make projections and analyses much more quickly and efficiently than is now possible. Sppeds of computing will blast out of sight, hackeers will take advantage of this. How do we protect?

    A fossil fuel technology that doesn’t pollute

    This is the stuff that makes Trump have wet dreams Process can use coal, shale gas and biomass while consuming carbon dioxide. The technology consumes all the carbon dioxide it produces plus additional carbon dioxide The Ohio State University are developing...

    Alaskan microgrids offer energy resilience and independence

    Microgrids offer an enticing approach for local, sustainable energy generation by building flexibility into existing electrical grids Communities rely on microgrids The electrical grid in the contiguous United States is a behemoth of interconnected systems. If one...

    Thermoelectric power generation at room temperature: Coming soon?

    Happy New Year. I had a break to focus on family and am still frustrated with posting to this site. However I will do so as I do have many friends ( a few foes ) and the greatest respect for Simon and many of our commentators. I will have time latter in the month when...

    Physics: Record-Breaking Nanochip Reaches One-Thousandth of a Degree From Absolute Zero, ‘Magic’ Quantum Threshold

    “The combination of cooling systems allowed us to cool our chip down to below 3 millikelvin, and we are optimistic than we can use the same method to reach the magic 1 millikelvin limit,” Dominik Zumbühl, a physicist at the University of Basel, said in the press release.

    No Batteries. No Wires. No Friction. These Bike Lights Are Powered By Physics

    “When faced with Magnic Light for the first time, many believe that this is either a fake or a perpetual motion generator,” inventor Dirk Strothmann told Digital Trends. “Both aren’t true, but the underlying eddy current technology is so fascinating because the magnetic fields only appear when there is motion

    Physics: Scientists Rewrite Quantum Theory to Do the Impossible and Track ‘Secret’ Particles

    Think of Schrödinger’s cat, the standard paradox for illustrating this particular aspect of quantum theory. A cat in a closed box that also contains a vial of poison could be thought of as either alive or dead, so long as we can’t see inside the box, as National Geographic has explained. To see that the cat is not occupying both states simultaneously, but either one or the other, we need to directly observe it by looking inside the box.

    Researchers Find Potential Path To Repair Multiple Sclerosis-Damaged Nerves

     Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune, neurodegenerative disease, characterized by distinct disabilities affecting walking, vision, and cognition, to name a few. MS patients differ markedly from each other regarding which disability affects them the most.

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