aqueous organic redox flow batteries

    Utah State University chemists' efforts to develop alternative battery technology solutions are advancing and recent findings are highlighted in a renowned, international chemistry journal. Aqueous organic redox flow batteries Tianbiao Liu, assistant professor in...

    Indians Produce Boron Nanosheets As Thin As Graphene

    Researchers across the world have been trying to make such boron cousins of graphene. The technique developed by the research team at IIT Gandhinagar is not only inexpensive and simple in design, but also results in an aqueous colloid of these nanosheets, which means that a drop of water from this colloid would contain thousands of nanosheets swimming like micro-carpets.

    Substance Used In Decades Of Chemistry Calculations Does Not Actually Exist

    The scientists attempted to find evidence for the existence of S2 in such water-based solutions—as predicted by accepted chemistry calculations—using an advanced piece of equipment known at UWA known as a Raman spectrometer. This incredibly sensitive instrument is designed to detect the bonds between chemicals.

    Record-Breaking Nuclear Fusion Has Been Achieved On A Mini Scale Using Laser-Heated Nanowires

    They fired laser pulses at tiny, invisible wires—known as nanowires—which instantly created hot and dense plasma—one of the four fundamental states of matter that does not occur freely on Earth. This plasma created a chain reaction of fusion events

    Turbocharging fuel cells with a multifunctional catalyst

    Note from mark: This could be a real game changer, making fuel cell technology  more viable. Batteries have raced ahead of fuel cell technology for energy storage in recent years but this could restore the balance or make a leap forward. Many automotive manufacturers...

    Research gets closer to revolutionary battery: Hydrogen-bromine flow battery

    Hi all I am in Taiwan today, spent a few days in China. Left my computer power cord in the Philippines lol. Can post more stories now. The following story grabbed my attention as the photo looked like the old HHO generators I once built and many others used. Advanced...

    Sewing Atomic Lattices Seamlessly Together – Scientists Have Revealed A Technique

    The atomic seams are so tight, in fact, that when they looked up close using scanning electron microscopes, they saw that the larger of the two materials puckers a little around the joint.

    By Converting Heat to focused Beams Of Light A New Solar Device Could Create Cheap And Continuous Power

    The key step in creating the device was the development of something called an absorber-emitter. It essentially acts as a light funnel above the solar cells. The absorbing layer is built from solid black carbon nanotubes that capture all the energy in sunlight and convert most of it into heat.

    A Coat Of Diamonds Could Make Implants More Bio-Compatible

    3D printing has helped create things like complex art and yachts, but some of the most life-changing applications have been made in biotech, where the relatively cheap process makes implants and bionic limbs accessible to those who may not otherwise have them.

    MIT and newly formed company launch novel approach to fusion power

    Goal is for research to produce a working pilot plant within 15 years !!!!!!! David Chandler | MIT News Office March 9, 2018 Advances in high-temperature superconductors Progress toward the long-sought dream of fusion power — potentially an inexhaustible and...

    New Imaging Technology Shows Laser Pulses Are Formed From Chaos

    “The results provide a very convenient laboratory example of what is known as a ‘dissipative soliton system’ which is a central concept in nonlinear science and also relevant to studies in other fields, such as biology, medicine and possibly even social sciences,” said John. M. Dudley, a researcher at the University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté.

    Water Filtration Breakthrough Using Metal-Organic Frameworks

    Agcat - Water Filtration Breakthrough Using Metal-Organic Frameworks.  With two billion people worldwide lacking access to clean and safe drinking water, new research may offer a breakthrough solution. Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), a next-generation material with...

    Engineers Develop Flexible Lithium Battery For Wearable Electronics

    The rapid development of flexible and wearable electronics is giving rise to an exciting range of applications, from smart watches and flexible displays — such as smart phones, tablets, and TV — to smart fabrics, smart glass, transdermal patches, sensors, and more. With this rise, demand has increased for high-performance flexible batteries.

    Google’s ​Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Our New Chip Might Soon Outperform A Supercomputer

    If a quantum processor is to run algorithms beyond the scope of classical simulations, a large number of qubits are required, along with low error rates on readout and logical operations, such as single and two-qubit gates.

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