You can now sell solar power to your neighbors

    This will be my last story before I undergo surgery, so hopefully I will be back soon. I selected this story as it reflects how far we have gone in a short time from centralist power generation and billing, to energy independence. We can now have energy independence...
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    Thermal energy harvesting

    After the various arguments I've been making about being able to harvest thermal energy from the environment, it's looking like the US army agrees with me. US patent 9640698 was issued on May 2nd 2017 (if you want to download this as a .pdf, try patent2pdf and put in...
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    Nanocatalyst 10 Times as Effective as Pure Platinum in Fuel Cells

    A new type of nanocatalyst can result in the long-awaited commercial breakthrough for fuel cell cars. It is possible to significantly reduce the need for platinum, a precious and rare metal, by creating a nanoalloy using a new production technique

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    Chemical Looping Energy-on-Demand System

    Revolutionary redox system that produces and stores energy in the home I am still yet to be cut up so I am attempting to put up a few stories before I do. This one is interesting, but there is a consumable (always is when you get to the fine print) Imagine having a...
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    Renewable Energy Generation Transcending Politics

    Transcending politics, change is coming. And for once, it’s all good.

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    Off-the-shelf, power-generating clothes are almost here

    UMass Amherst scientists introduce coating that turns fabrics into circuits A lightweight, comfortable jacket that can generate the power to light up a jogger at night may sound futuristic, but materials scientist Trisha Andrew at the University of Massachusetts...
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    Solar cells more efficient thanks to new material standing on edge

    Researchers from Lund University in Sweden and from Fudan University in China have successfully designed a new structural organization using the promising solar cell material perovskite. The study shows that solar cells increase in efficiency thanks to the material's...
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    Brillouin Energy Update on Funding and continued work

      Brillouin Energy has been working on low energy nuclear reactions aka cold fusion aka Controlled Electron Capture Reaction (CECR) process for many years. I found this article by Brian Wang and thought it was time we did an update:...
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    India Has Ambitious Solar Plans

    ABB Powers and Automates World’s largest Solar Power Project in India In early November 2016, the pollution level in New Delhi reached its worst levels in 17 years. A thick smog engulfed the city. Schools were closed, construction work stopped. People worried about...
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    Burbo (not Bubble!) farm enables 100% renewable energy for LEGO

    We all know LEGO, of course, the famous little plastic bricks and strips, widgets and whatnot that allow a child – or adult! – to construct all kinds of real-world engineering objects from them. As for me, I still remember building towers, cranes (that always...
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    Volunteers wanted

    Hi everyone, i am not sure what my future holds as I am going to soon be in hospital possibly to have a tumor removed. As such I may not be in a position for a few days or possibly weeks to post stories. If all goes well I might be up and about soon, but I have busy...
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    Fueling the future

    Research collaboration led by Pitt Engineering demonstrates potential environmental sustainability benefits in full life cycle assessment of second-generation biofuels Second-generation biofuel Numerous studies have raised critical concerns about the promise of corn...
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    The search for dark matter

    From deep underground to outer space, researchers supported by the DOE's Office of Science are working to understand this mysterious type of matter (So far, not a single experiment has yielded a definitive trace of dark matter.) At least a quarter of the universe is...
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    New approach to revolutionize the production of molecular hydrogen

    Growing concern about the energy crisis and the seriousness of environmental contamination urgently demand the development of renewable energy sources as feasible alternatives to diminishing fossil fuels. High energy density Owing to its high energy density and...
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    Boosting the value of renewable fuel could tip market in favor of biomass

    Technologies for converting non-edible biomass into chemicals and fuels traditionally made from petroleum exist aplenty. But when it comes to attracting commercial interest, these technologies compete financially with a petroleum-based production pipeline that has...
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    Pickup trucks are going electric

    A new electric pickup is coming from a Ohio-based manufacturer  as Tesla gears up to make its own version. Workhorse W-15 The advent of the Workhorse W-15  is entering a potentially strong market among service companies that operate fleets of pickups. Workhorse Group...

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