The Puzzle Of Quantum Reality

    But if quantum physics really applies at all scales, what’s the true answer to the measurement problem? What’s actually going on in the quantum world? Historically, the standard answer was to say that there is no measurement problem, because it’s meaningless to ask what’s going on when nobody’s looking.

    Kagome Metal: New Exotic Quantum Material Developed By Scientists

    Quantum mechanics is a fundamental theory that describes nature at the very smallest scales of atoms and subatomic particles. At such scales, objects display some very bizarre properties—for example, having the characteristics of a wave and a particle at the same time.

    Breakthrough To Wafer Scale Quantum Processors Using Silicon Isotope And Eventually Trillions Of Qubits

    “To progress towards a practical and useful quantum processor, it is now essential to scale up the qubit,” said Louis Hutin, a research engineer in CEA-Leti’s Silicon Components Division. “This development will have to address variability, reproducibility and electrostatic control quality for elementary quantum bricks, as is done routinely for standard microprocessors.”

    Scientists Separate Atoms With Smallest Sieve Ever

    Various processes in nuclear, medical and other research fields call for the separation of isotopes, a typically energy-intensive task. From the perspective of classical physics, hydrogen isotopes appear identical. But when their quantum nature is considered, their wave signatures are distinct.

    Lithium Metal Batteries Could Triple EV Ranges, And They’re Getting Closer

    Lithium is considered the best available battery anode material because it carries the highest theoretical capacity and lowest electrochemical potential of all known candidate elements. But the material has several drawbacks. Repeated charge and discharge cycles can cause microscopic structural changes that lead to internal short circuits, or merely to reduced battery life.

    New design produces true lithium-air battery 750 charge/discharge cycles

    A very wise friend of mine told me  As you have often noted, these better battery papers appear weekly. Then we never hear of them again because of an engineering problem, or a toxic/expensive ingredient. Lets hope this story pans out as they started from the ground...

    Site Downtime

    The site has been experiencing constant denial of service and brute force attacks. We apologize for any downtime this may have caused. We are working hard to resolve the issue.....tracing the source and even switching hosts. We hope to have things stable shortly.  --...

    First Bitcoin Mining Ban in the US

    I have written about why bitcoin will be eventually doomed as it requires an ever increasing amount of energy to sustain its operations. Now people in communities are starting to wake up and miners are no longer to be given a free ride for cheap electricity....

    aqueous organic redox flow batteries

    Utah State University chemists' efforts to develop alternative battery technology solutions are advancing and recent findings are highlighted in a renowned, international chemistry journal. Aqueous organic redox flow batteries Tianbiao Liu, assistant professor in...

    Indians Produce Boron Nanosheets As Thin As Graphene

    Researchers across the world have been trying to make such boron cousins of graphene. The technique developed by the research team at IIT Gandhinagar is not only inexpensive and simple in design, but also results in an aqueous colloid of these nanosheets, which means that a drop of water from this colloid would contain thousands of nanosheets swimming like micro-carpets.

    Substance Used In Decades Of Chemistry Calculations Does Not Actually Exist

    The scientists attempted to find evidence for the existence of S2 in such water-based solutions—as predicted by accepted chemistry calculations—using an advanced piece of equipment known at UWA known as a Raman spectrometer. This incredibly sensitive instrument is designed to detect the bonds between chemicals.

    Record-Breaking Nuclear Fusion Has Been Achieved On A Mini Scale Using Laser-Heated Nanowires

    They fired laser pulses at tiny, invisible wires—known as nanowires—which instantly created hot and dense plasma—one of the four fundamental states of matter that does not occur freely on Earth. This plasma created a chain reaction of fusion events

    Turbocharging fuel cells with a multifunctional catalyst

    Note from mark: This could be a real game changer, making fuel cell technology  more viable. Batteries have raced ahead of fuel cell technology for energy storage in recent years but this could restore the balance or make a leap forward. Many automotive manufacturers...

    Research gets closer to revolutionary battery: Hydrogen-bromine flow battery

    Hi all I am in Taiwan today, spent a few days in China. Left my computer power cord in the Philippines lol. Can post more stories now. The following story grabbed my attention as the photo looked like the old HHO generators I once built and many others used. Advanced...

    Sewing Atomic Lattices Seamlessly Together – Scientists Have Revealed A Technique

    The atomic seams are so tight, in fact, that when they looked up close using scanning electron microscopes, they saw that the larger of the two materials puckers a little around the joint.

    Quantum Computing Is Finally Here, And A Canadian Company Has A Plan To Bring It To The Masses

    The world clearly needs more powerful processors, as demand explodes for artificial intelligence workloads that require faster and more efficient chips than what’s currently available from Nvidia NVDA and AMD . But there’s a healthy amount of debate among researchers and scientists about whether quantum computers are useful for practical real-world applications

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    How One Quantum Particle Can Send Messages To Itself

    A paper published this month by Flavio Del Santo, Borivoje Dakić, and Philip Walther in Physical Review Letters, and a follow up demonstration posted on explains how. The technique relies on quantum superposition—the idea that unobserved quantum particles can be in more than one place at once.

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    Physicists Confirm The Existence of A New Superionic Form Of Water

    An original state, both solid and liquid at the same time: this is the latest news on a substance -water- so familiar to everyone but which appears to hold always fresh surprises for scientists. Its name is “superionic water”; it doesn’t exist on Earth but it could be abundant inside certain planets of the solar system such as Uranus and Neptune and on many of the exoplanets of more recent discovery.

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    The Ongoing Battle Between Quantum And Classical Computers

    And the goalposts are shifting. “When it comes to saying where the supremacy threshold is, it depends on how good the best classical algorithms are,” said John Preskill, a theoretical physicist at the California Institute of Technology. “As they get better, we have to move that boundary.”

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    A New Form Of Light Could Power Next-Gen Quantum Computers

    When you throw certain elements together like hydrogen or oxygen, they can bond in pairs or even triplets, forming O2 (oxygen) or O3 (ozone), for instance. Shine two flashlights together, however and … crickets. The photons simply pass through each other like phantoms and there’s no reaction whatsoever. That’s because they have no mass or charge, though they can become highly energized in the form of X-rays or gamma rays.

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