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    I am addicted to bring more battery stories. Perhaps one day we will see something come into production. The latest is by a press release. We have covered this previously


    ElectriPlast redefines bipolar plate design based on a plate core made of highly conductive loaded resins and with metal/lead covered surfaces,” says Slobodan “Bob” Pavlovic, VP Engineering of ElectriPlast Corp, who directs material research, product development and design initiatives for the company. “The molding process for our bipolar battery allows us to produce a nearly unlimited number of 3D shapes and sizes which allow the bipolar plate and integral structures to be executed in any desired embodiment and the inherent conductivity of ElectriPlast eliminates the need for conductive vias or other means to connect electrically two sides of the plate.” The plates are lightweight and easy to assemble into the bipolar battery package, they can also be made as a ‘drop-in’ replacement for some existing quasi bipolar plates. Bipolar technology eliminates the use of top lead to connect the plates, thereby reducing weight by over 50%. These unique characteristics allow the technology to be applied in other sectors such as motorcycles, golf carts and forklifts. However, the applications for bipolar plates are not limited to transportation, as the bipolar technology can be used in stationary applications including flow batteries that are being developed to improving grid efficiency and for fuel cells for baseload power.

    Integral and The Ultimate Battery Co. Enter Into Definitive MOU

    EVANSVILLE, Ind., July 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Integral Technologies, Inc. (“Integral” or the “Company”) (OTC-QB: ITKG) announced today that Integral and The Ultimate Battery Co. (“Ultimate”) have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (the “MOU”) that outlines the sale and license of Integral’s ElectriPlast bipolar battery plate technology (the “Technology”) to Ultimate.

    “Based on our due diligence and market research, the Technology represents a paradigm shift which generates substantial improvements in energy storage at all levels, from simplifying mass production and reducing costs, while being safer and more environmentally friendly,” stated Maurizio Cunningham-Brown, CEO of Ultimate.

    “With the potential to ultimately double energy densities for all battery chemistries, this partnership will benefit both our companies, as well as the industry, the environment and consumers globally.  We are pleased that Ultimate will be working to further boost performance improvements in all areas – size, weight, capacity, power, cost and reliability.  We believe that Ultimate’s position within the industry and ability to deliver will lead to early adoption of the new technology,” says Doug Bathauer, CEO of Integral.

    Specifically, the MOU between Integral and Ultimate governs the basis for a definitive agreement such that Integral will license the Technology to Ultimate and, subject to certain conditions, sell its yet to be formed subsidiary that will hold the Technology, to Ultimate, in return for which Integral will receive $4,000,000 and 20% of the outstanding shares of Ultimate.  Integral will also be the exclusive supplier of conductive plastic to Ultimate and receive up to $50 million in licensing fees based on Ultimate’s revenues.  A representative of Integral will also be appointed to the board of directors of Ultimate.

    “We consider this to be a world changing technology and we’re excited about the possibilities.  The technical breakthroughs that have been made by the ElectriPlast engineering team, led by Slobodan Pavlovic, VP of Engineering and Mo Zeidan, CTO have been extraordinary.  New products generated from the technology will provide power storage solutions that work much more effectively and economically, benefitting nearly every application requiring battery power, including electric wheelchairs, drones, airplanes, golf carts, and UPS (uninterruptable power supply).  One of our primary interests is for automotive applications where this new technology will significantly increase travel ranges making electric vehicles a practical reality for more people” saysBrian Stark, CFO, of Ultimate.

    Both parties are working in good faith towards closing of the transaction described by the MOU which is subject to among other things definitive documentation and execution of agreed terms. The parties anticipate the transactions described by this MOU will be consummated but in the event that certain conditions as defined by the MOU are not fully met, then all of the terms described in the MOU may not be fully executed.

    About The Ultimate Battery Co.

    Pioneers in the energy storage and battery space, the company was specifically formed to advance and commercialize new technologies in the power storage sector, ensuring maximal energy densities while significantly reducing weight and cost. The Principals of the Ultimate Battery Co. have completed hundreds of end-to-end, business-to-business transactions with the largest manufacturers in the world. A unique combination of experience, technology skills, and relationships come together to build and execute highly customized, multi-faceted commercialization and development strategies.


    The Ultimate Battery Co.

    SOURCE Integral Technologies, Inc.

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    Brilliant Light Power Inc. Update
    South Korea Gets Aggressive With EV
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