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    atlantic-garbage-patch_13280_600x450The Environmental Protection Agency announced its approval for a 77 megawatt EFW Plant in Puerto Rico.When commissioned the plant will turn more than 2000 tons of garbage daily into electricity for more than 76,000 homes on the island. It will also create more than a thousand jobs.

    This is the first of many articles I will be writing about energy and the environment. My name is Fely Julian and I live in the Philippines. My role with Revolution-Green is to develop and manage social media. I also post the daily news updates from other news services (Breaking News). English is my third language so please be tolerant on any grammar mistakes I make. Ken, Mark and the rest of the team will assist .


    This story immediately appealed to me as it makes good sense in an island community like my own.  The benefits include:

    • Creates employment in poor communities
    • Reduces landfill and associated toxic leaching
    • Economic benefits by reducing petroleum imports
    • Increases the recycling rate of garbage
    • Recycles waste metals, glass and other materials

    The most surprising benefit is that burning rubbish actually reduces carbon to the atmosphere at a rate of 1 ton per 1 ton burnt. One of the many reasons given in an EPA report include the elimination of methane gas through rotting vegetation. This seems to defy logic.

    This does not solve the world energy crisis, or all the environmental issues. It is a sensible and economically viable stepping stone. While other solutions are being developed, steps should be taken now to work better with what we have.

    Further information is available from: Thinkprogress.org


    Power on a Beam of Light
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