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    During my break from Revolution-Green I received a lot of correspondence regarding the QEG Hopegirl saga. I believe its time to call this for what it is “A Scam”. I call on James Robitaille to come forward and clearly state if he has a self running generator operational  anywhere in the world, or if he ever did.

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    I notice also they are offering the following consultancy service. Please note the first question one should ask “will this consulting service guarantee my device works

    QEG Consulting

    Do you need help with your QEG plans? FTW will be offering consulting services to assist with QEG and CICU start ups. James Robitaille, the QEG inventor will be available for technical consulting and Hope Girl will be available for business operations related consulting.


    Consultation via skype: For any questions related to the QEG that can be answered over phone or email.
    Cost: $300 for up to one hour, $5 per minute over one hour. Payment due at time of booking.
    On-site consulting for one week:On-site, hands-on training of engineers and business operators involved in local QEG production given by the Engineering Artist James Robitaille and HopeGirl. Learn how to assemble your QEGs to ensure that they work properly, and learn how to effectively sell them, distribute them, install them, and service them. Also, learn how to create sponsorship programs and crowdfunding campaigns to make them more affordable to members of your community.
    Cost: Please contact us for a quote including travel expenses. Must be booked 3 months in advance to ensure proper lead time for materials.

    Others Challenge Claims

    Another email was forwarded to me that is also doing the Free Energy rounds. (slightly edited)

    From: Marcus Reid []
    Sent: Monday, May 5, 2014 8:40 AM
    Subject: QEG

    Dear group members,

    may I make a general suggestion when it comes to new free energy devices such as the QEG. Free energy “hypes” are easily generated. We have that quite often. The last one was/is the QEG, which is promoted mainly by Hope Girl.

    From my experience it has turned out to be helpful to also investigate what the critics have to say. And inrelation with Hope Girl´s claims we have a situation, which is not harmless at all.

    Hope Girl has created the impression, that she has a self-running QEG. It was/is exactly this false claim, that has made many people believe, that the QEG is for real and therefore quite a few people, also from poor countries, have spend their last money to buy QEG parts and to make travels to see the QEG. This has contributed to create difficult financial situations for some poor families. Thanks to her lie, Hope Girl has quite a good income and now it even turns out that she is deleting uncomfortable comments on the so called “open source” QEG discussion forum. This behavior is to keep up here false claims and must be interpreted as a full on criminal behavior. If this continues, the QEG situation will contribute to further destroy the whole new energy movement.

    I would like to point out, that there is not even a detailed working hypothesis as claimed by Robitaille. This means that the QEG may not be considered an open source project since there is no plan of a QEG that works. All there is, is a vision.

    In addition I would like to point out that there is not one verification of overunity. And Robitaille is making an assumption about the coefficient of performance by measuring the ambient voltage of 2000v and then the current of about 5 amps. He does not say if the 5 amps are under normal load or dead short… And to then come to the assumption of overunity is either exceptionally stupid or criminal. Besides that we have 400 Hz, which is known to be tricky.

    This hype is based upon Sir Timothy´s claim of his WITT´s overunity QEG. A person who I personally know is Marc Cuthbert, who bought the plans of WITT´s to rebuilt the 40kW closed-loop generator. All he got are a few phrases from the bible and a few engine building suggestions. Mr. Cuthbert was not able to replicate this QEG. Others have tried as well and also failed. If you look at WITT´s numerous testimonials you will not find one verification of a closed loop system. (Anyway, I did not see all testimonials but about 20 of them and most of the testimonials relate to totally different technologies.. which is also as weird as it can get)

    Here is the discussion forum by Stefan Hartmann who is located in Berlin and see comment below.

    The below I found on page 37 on this forum. I recommend to read this forum, since there are good comments

    You make valid points about the approach Fix The World is taking.  To improve my chances of posting a ‘proceed with caution warning’ to others on the QEG Forum I went out of my way to be diplomatic without compromising the points that should be objectively considered about the FTW QEG development thus far and the QEG Forum practices.  This re-enforces the fact that at the QEG Forum you can go out of the way to be thoughtful and reasonable and still be blocked and banned because the QEG Forum moderators are not open to an honest discussion and/or would rather keep their heads in the sand while keeping others there with them.

    I’ve listened to all of James Robitaille’s video and audio recordings about the QEG development, he is the only one able to provide technical updates.  I think he was convinced (or scammed) by WITTS and sincerely thinks that he can get the QEG to self run and provide excess power.  He has many years of technical and electronics experience but is out of his area of expertise.  He has openly admitted his failure to self run the QEG at home and admitted the failures he experienced in Taiwan.  He also openly admits that he is still learning and trying to figure out how the QEG works, although at the expense of others.  HopeGirl and some others are cheerleaders with absolutely no technical knowledge, so they are blindly following and are using deception to raise more funds.  Their actions contradict what James Robitaille openly states in technical sessions.  If you read through web sites and listen to broadcasts, HopeGirl and some others would have you believe that they already have a working QEG that self runs and will power a home, which is the opposite of what James Robitaille openly and clearly states.  Bottom line, I was banned from the  QEG Forum for trying to point out what James Robitaille has openly stated.

    Heads in the Sand

    I took this video from coverage at PESWIKI of the developments in Morocco. I think the video speaks for itself and once again demonstrates no data, evidence or anything else that would suggest  free or excess energy being generated” What concerns me is the false hope they have  given to these people of a promise they can not keep.

    [youtube BgNh1xyg_8w]

    There are few more dollars to be had in this adventure of grand delusion, all will go quiet soon. The only question that remains long term is if it will go away quietly or if the authorities get involved. One thing is for sure they have not contributed in any way to the legitimate development of Free Energy and brings the community into a poor light.




    Air-purifying billboard does the work of 1,200 trees
    Alcohol Powered Micro Fuel Cell
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